,Oho 1-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0801, Japan

[Press Release] 2014/5/16
Discovery of a New Crystal Structure Family of Oxide-Ion Conductors NdBaInO4
Structure Determination and Ion Diffusion Visualization by Neutron and Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Toward Development of Fuel Cells, Sensors, and Electronic Materials
What's New
[Announcement from PF] 2014/9/29
Photon Factory web pages were not accessible for a few days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
[IMSS Seminar] 2014/9/17
"Spin wave dispersion in the helical spin ordered system SrFeO3 and CaFeO3" from 13:30 on October 8th.
[IMSS Seminar] 2014/9/8
"Positron annihilation studies of materials using a Surko trap-based beam" from 10:00 on October 14th.
[Job Openings] 2014/9/1
KEK Accelerator Laboratory is seeking a few assistant professors, a few assistant professors [3 years of term] and a few postdoctoral fellows [2 years of term] [Deadline: December 24th].
[Job Opening] 2014/8/26
KEK Instutute of Materials Structure Science is seeking a professor to play a pivotal role in the Photon Factory (PF) in developing detectors for highly brilliant synchrotron radiation sources such as two-dimensional and/or fast-readout X-ray detectors [Deadline: December 4th].
[Job Opening] 2014/8/12
KEK Instutute of Materials Structure Science is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to play a role in promoting research on structural biology or x-ray detector at PF [Deadline: October 31st].
[Operation Schedule] 2014/7/30
Operation Schedule from September to December has been fixed. Please note that no user beam time is scheduled from January to March, 2015.
[Announcement for Users] 2014/7/28
Re: PF and PF-AR Operating Schedule in 2014
[Announcement for Users] 2014/6/27
Re: Integration of PF Activity Report (Users' Report) and Brief Report of the Program
[Announcement from PF] 2014/6/16
Timetable of local bus between Tsukuba Center and KEK changes from June 16, 2014.
[Announcement from KEK] 2014/5/13
"Introduction to KEK" has been uploaded at the KEK physics channel of YouTube.
[Press Release] 2014/4/22
Development of TRHEPD: the ultimate tool for surface structure analysis
[Announcement from KEK] 2014/3/28
Renewal of English WEB site of KEK
[Press Release] 2014/3/27
Discovery of a new magnetic ordering phase in an iron-based superconducting material
[Announcement from PF] 2014/3/5
New brochure of the Photon Factory has been released.
[Announcement from KEK] 2013/11/7
Addendum to KEK Roadmap 2013 (5 Year Plan) is released.
[Announcement from PF] 2013/1/7
Entrance doors of PF buildings will be locked except for weekday daytime (8:30-18:00).
[Announcement for Users] 2012/1/13
Please fill in the "Registration of radiation work in controlled area and application of radiation safety guidance" and bring it to the entrance to the PF experimental hall.


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