Focusing Monochromatic/White X-ray Experimental Station
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This beamline was first constructed by Nippon Electric Corp. (NEC) and was kindly donated to the Photon factory. This beam line is composed of a double crystal monochromator and a focusing bent cylindrical mirror system. The shape and the position of the focus are independent from the energy of X-rays since a mirror focuses the X-ray beam. The horizontal acceptance of the beam line is ca. 3 mrad. Non-focused X-ray and white X-ray can be obtained by removing the focusing mirror and the monochromator.
Contact Person: NOMURA Masaharu (Photon Factory)
phone: +81-29-864-5633, FAX: +81-29-864-2801,

BL-9C diagram

Schematic view of BL-9C

Area of Research

The area of research of this experimental station is not limited. X-ray diffraction by using a six axes diffractometer, small/medium angle X-ray scattering experiments, and XAFS experiments are carried out recently. However, other experiments can be carried out if the experimenters prepare the equipments.

Light Source
Photon Flux at Sample

The available monochromator crystal lattice plane, the X-ray energy range, the X-ray energy resolution, and the photon flux are given below. The photon flux is measured under the electron energy of 2.5 GeV and stored current of 300 mA.
condition energy range resolutioniΔEj photon flux
Si(111) focused 4 - 16 keV ca. 2 eV at 9 keV ca. 7 x 1010 ph/s
Si(311) focused 6 - 23 keV ca. 1 eV at 9 keV ca. 9 x 109 ph/s
The typical focus size is 1 mm(H) x1 mm(v) (FWHM). The intensity and the energy resolution change as a function of the vertical opening of a slit placed after the monochromator. The mirror is coated with Rh and the designed critical energy is 23 keV. Higher energy X-rays above 23 keV or non-focussed monochromatic X-ray can be used by removing the mirror from the optical axis. The lower energy is limited by the Be windows installed in the beamline. White X-rays can be available when the monochromator crystal is removed.

Designed monochromatic beam height is ca. 1305 mm (with the focusing mirror) or ca. 1225 mm(without the focusing mirror) from the floor. The height of white X-ray beam is ca. 1200 mm. The size of the experimental hutch is 3.2 m (optical axis) x 3.2 m (width) x 2.5 m(height). The size of entrance to the hutch is 3 m (width) x 2.4 m (height).

Facilities in Experimental Station
Six axis diffractometer
BL-9C: HUBER Users are requested to adjust and control this instrument by themselves.

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