PF-AR Storage Ring

PF-AR(Advanced Ring for pulse X-rays), which was originally the booster synchrotron of TRISTAN electron-positron collider, is now operated as a dedicated synchrotron light source with the electron beam of 6.5 GeV. In PF-AR there are seven beam lines, AR-NE1, -NE3, -NE5, -NW2, -NW10, -NW12, and -NW14. AR-NE1 has an elliptically polarized multipole wiggler, while AR-NE3, -NW2, -NW12, and -NW14 have X-ray undulators. AR-NE5 and AR-NW10 accept synchrotron light from bending magnets in the normal cell.

PF-AR (6.5GeV) Beamlines


Typical one-day operation of the beam current I and lifetime tau.

History of the normalized average pressure Pav/I and the product of the current and the lifetime I-tau.