How to Use PF Publication Database

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[*] Registration of thesis [PDF] [WORD2003]

Q1 : The main part of my thesis is about the development of new samples and their characterization.  Although results obtained by the use of PF are included, it is only a small part of the paper. Should I send its report to the PF office?
A1 : If description of experimental results at PF is included in your thesis even if it is a small part of it, please download a form of "Report of Thesis" ([PDF] [WORD2003]), fill in the form and send it to We will register your thesis in the PF thesis database.

Q2 : Should I report theses written in any language such as Japanese?
A2 : Thesis written in any language should be reported using the “Report of Thesis” form. But please note that submitted information will be used in some English literatures such as Photon Factory Activity Report and other reports related to PF. Therefore English translations should be added on the form. If language used in theses is neither English nor Japanese, please check “other” and write the language on it.

Q3. My thesis includes outcome of work at PF which is not mentioned in my application. Should I submit a "Report of Thesis" about the thesis?
A3: It may raise questions for the meaning of proposal evaluation if such situation happens frequently. However, sometimes your research may extend to unexpected directions and may open new sciences, please report it submitting a form of "Report of Thesis".

Q4. Final results obtained at another facility were used for my thesis however a preliminary experiment was carried out at PF. Do I need to send a "Report of Thesis"?
A4 : Yes, please send a "Report of Thesis". If the preliminary experiment was effective in promoting your research but that was not mentioned in your thesis, send the report to us mentioning the situation in the space below. It is important to express the role of PF to produce the final results in your research. Please include it in acknowledgment when dealing with similar cases in the future.

Q5 : I would like to make sure if a thesis from my research group was registered in the PF thesis database. What should I do?
A5: Please send an email to