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Message from the Director

The Department of Materials Structure Science is a part of the School of High Energy Accelerator Science and is based at the Institute of Materials Structure Science, which is part of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization.

The Institute of Materials Structure Science is the only institute in the world where state-of-the-art research on material structure is conducted by comprehensively using four types of quantum beams (synchrotron radiation, neutrons, muons, and positrons), that are generated by accelerators. In the fields of materials science and life science, use of these beams expands creative and interdisciplinary research on material structures and the relationship between structure and function. In addition to basic and academic research, the institute conducts research for industries. Synchrotron radiation experiments are conducted at the Photon Factory (PF), which is the first exclusive source of X-ray radiation in Japan. Here, research expands with the functionality of the device and promotes the technological development of the source of synchrotron radiation for the future. The Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC), where the world’s highest-intensity beams of neutrons and muons are produced, began operation in 2009 and has since expanded the field of materials science.

Students in the Department of Materials Structure Science are instructed by researchers involved in the technological development, generation, and processing of the world’s most state-of-the-art beams; development of new experimental methodologies; and leading research by means of these beams. The main purpose of the depertment is to train students to be experts in and contribute to research in the field of materials science.

Many graduates who studied synchrotron radiation in this department went on to become core researchers in the PF, the SPring-8, and the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF), and those who studied neutrons and muons went on to become researchers who support J-PARC. In addition, many graduates went to other universities and laboratories at private companies where they conduct research using these quantum beams. The Department of Materials Structure Science encourages those who want to challenge themselves with research using state-of-the-art quantum beams and who want to explore the world to come join us.

KAWATA, Hiroshi
Director of Department of Materials Structure Science, SOKENDAI
Professor, The Institute of Materials Structure Science, High energy Acclerator Reseach Organization (KEK)