BL-11B Soft X-Ray Double-Crystal Monochromator Station

Spokesperson :Yoshinori KITAJIMA

1. Outline

BL-11B provides soft X rays in the energy range between 1.73 keV and 5.0 keV with a double-crystal monochromator from a bending-magnet source. As there are no Be windows in the optical path, BL-11B is suitable for EXAFS measurements of light elements such as Si, P, S, and Cl.
The monochromator and its control system have been replaced since the summer of 2009.
Layout of BL-11B
Fig. 1: Optics of BL-11B.

2. Performance

OpticsFocusing Mirror/Double-Crystal Monochromator [Si(111) or InSb(111)]
Energy Range2057 eV - 5000 eV [Si(111)] or 1724 eV - 3700 eV [InSb(111)]
Resolving PowerE/dE = ~5000 [Si(111)] or ~1600 [InSb(111)]
Spot Size~ 5 mm (H) x 2 mm (V)
Photon Fluxmaximum ~1011 photons/s

Example XANES Spectrum
Fig. 2: Typical sulfur K-edge XANES spectrum for Na2S2O3 [Si(111) monochromator].

Example EXAFS Spectrum
Fig. 3: Typical silicon K-edge EXAFS spectrum for a Si wafer [InSb(111) monochromator].

Example XANES Spectrum
Fig. 3: Typical titanium K-edge XANES spectrum for BaTiO3 powder [Si(220) monochromator].

3. Equipments

4. Remarks

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