Soft X-ray radiation from APPLE-II type undulator will be available at BL-19. The beamline consists of two branches: A branch for scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM), and B branch for a free port. One can use a bulk soft X-ray XAS instrument or user-brought apparatus. Since the free-port space is very limited, please contact the beamline staff BEFORE submitting a proposal.

BL-19 is NOW UNDER COMMISSIONING. Commissioning using synchrotron radiation will be started on Nov. 2018. Proposals that will be active since 1st term 2019 will be accepted. However, beamline commissioning experiments will be the 1st priority, and the energy resolution, photon energy range, and polarization may be limited.

BL-19A: Scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM) [3]

BL-19B: Free port

Beamline staffs

BL-19: Kanta Ono (PHS: 4205) kanta.ono[@]
BL-19A (STXM)/B (free port): Yasuo Takeichi (PHS: 4909) yasuo.takeichi[@]


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