BL-2A Multiple Undulator beamline for Spectroscopic Analysis of Surface and HeteroInterface
BL-2B Photoelectron spectroscopy station for advanced functional materials

Hiroshi Kumigashiras
5584 (PHS: 4917)

New undulator beamline at the BL-2 section of the PF-ring is under construction.  The new beamline BL-2 has two types of undulators in tandem alignment; one is designed for VUV region (30 - 300 eV), the other for SX region (250 - 2000 eV).  Consequently, the relatively wide energy-range light with keeping high brilliance and high energy resolution will be available in this beamline by the combination of the two undulators and a variable-included-angle varied-line-spacing plane-grating monochromator.  Moreover, in BL-2B, an additional double-crystal monochrometer is built into this branch beamline to have the energy range of 2000 - 4000 eV available using wiggler mode of the SX undulator.

Old BL-2A and BL-2C beamlines were scrapped and new construction work started.  We will inform the status of the beamline construction and estimated time of initiating the user run in this homepage as the progress of the construction.


Last updated: 2015-04-03