BL-14A Single Crystal Structure Analysis and Detector Development Station

Spokesperson :Shunji KISHIMOTO

1. Outline

    Vertically polarized X-rays of 5-80 keV can be used in this station. At energies lower than 18 keV, a focused beam is available with a Si(111) double crystal monochromator and a bent cylindrical mirror. The X-ray diffraction experiments, such as precise electron-density analysis are executed with a horizontal-type diffractometer installed in an experimental hutch. X-rays of energies higher than 18 keV are available with a Si(311) or a Si(553) monochromator in this station though the beam cannot be focused. Development of a new X-ray detector is also going on, using this wide energy range of X-ray beam. In the detector experiments, an optical bench for setting up a detector can be provided behind the diffractometer. In the summer of 2004, the optical components of the BL-14A were overhauled at rearrangement of the BL-14 beamline.


2. Performance

    Optics [1]

    Double-crystal monochromator (Si(111),(311),(553)),
    Bent cylindrical mirror (only with Si(111))

    Energy range

    Si111 : 5.1-18.5 keV
    Si311 : 9.9-35.4 keV
    Si553 : 23.0-82.7 keV

    Energy Resolution

    2x10-4 (Si(111))

    Beam Size

    < (H)2 x (V)1 mm (with Mirror),
    (H)5 x (V)35 mm (without Mirror, max.)

    Beam Intensity

    1x1011 photons/s/mm2 (Si(111) + Mirror, max.)







3. Horizontal-type Four-circle Diffractometer and Other Equipments

4. Examples of experiments

5. References

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