AR-NE7A for X-ray imaging and X-Ray Diffraction Experiments at High Pressure

Contact person: Kazuyuki HYODO
Office: +81-29-864-6109

1. Introduction

After disassembly of NE5A, which was one of the oldest experimental station at the PF-AR, we have constructed a new bending magnet beamline, NE7 (BM), at the PF-AR NE experimental hall using the parts of beamline components of NE5A to begin experiments in 2009 on X-ray diffraction experiments under high pressure and temperature, and X-ray absorption-contrast imaging, such as micro-angiography, monochromatic X-ray CT and X-ray fluorescent CT.

The large experimental equipment, MAX III, for the high pressure and temperature experiments, was transferred from BL-14C2 to NE7A to install at the back of NE7A hutch, where available photon flux at 50 keV is approximately twice larger than that available at BL-14C2.

Users can use white X-rays or monochromatic X-rays, which energy range is from 25 keV to 55 keV, using a double crystal monochromator.

2. Perdormance of beamline

Figure 1 shows the plan view of NE7A at the PF-AR NE experimental hall. A double-crystal monochromator was installed to produce X-ray photons in the range of 25 keV to 60 keV. Figure 2-1 and 2-2 show the photographs of NE7A hutch. Table 1 shows the specification for experiments.

Figure 1. Plan view of NE7A

Figure 2-1. Photograph of NE7A hutch

Figure 2-2. Photograph of inside the NE7A hutch

Table 1. Specification for experiments.
Experimental Station
Beding magnet
X-ray beam size
3mm (V) by 80mm (H) at 20m
X-ray optics
Si(111) double-crystal
Several asymmetrical crystals are available to expand the vertical beam size.
Photon flux at 30keV
Spectral range
White X-rays
Monochromatic X-rays: 25-55keV
  • X-ray diffraction experiments under high-pressure and high-temperature
  • Micro-angiography
  • Monochromatic X-ray CT
  • Fluorescent X-ray CT
Maximum loads: 800 ton
Estimated maximum pressure: 30 GPa

Last modified : 5 Apr 2013