KEK-PF, Tsukuba, JAPAN



2nd AOFSRR will be held
on 1st & 2nd of Nov. 2007 in Taiwan.
Please refer to the web page for details.
Registration deadline is September 10, 2007.
Your participation is highly welcomed.



Since the first Asian Forum was held in 1996 aimed at the information exchange among the SR facilities in Asian region, it was held for several times and was found to be quite effective. During the time, circumstance on SR in this area has been moved. Existing facilities have been largely developed to produce exciting results in various fields, and Shanghai and Australia are now constructing their new 3rd generation facilities.

In this stage, we intended to establish the Asia/Oceania Forum for Synchrotron Radiation Research to obtain more fruitful results, taking the following points into account.

(a) From facility base to science base,

(b) Periodical and scheduled meeting,

(c) From Asia to Asia/Oceania,

(d) Establishment of the secretariat function.

The Forum is also aimed at the communication with other regional organizations or world wide societies of synchrotron radiation research.

The Forum will formally start from the kick-off meeting at the SRI06 conference at Daegue, Korea on May 28, 2006. The first scientific meeting of the Forum will be held at Tsukuba, Japan on November 24-25, 2006.

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