PF Storage Ring

The 2.5-GeV PF storage ring is a dedicated synchrotron radiation (SR) source which can supply highly-brilliant X-ray and VUV light to scientists in such fields as physics, chemistry, biology and medical science. There are 22 beamlines which are open to worldwide scientists, which includes 8 beamlines from insertion devices and 14 beamlines from bending magnets.

The spatial and temporal stability of the SR is most important for the light sources. In the Photon Factory storage ring, excellent beam stability and intensity have been achieved. It has the following unique features:

The PF storage ring was initially commissioned in 1982, and it was largely reconstructed in 1997 in order to obtain much lower beam emittance. Due to this improvement, the beam emittance was reduced from 130 to 36 nm*rad. (Note that the available minimum emittance is 27 nm*rad). The new PF storage ring was commissioned in October, 1997. The PF ring can now provide much brilliant synchrotron light.

The PF storage ring usually stores 2.5-GeV electron beams under multi-bunch operation. A part of the scheduled operation is made under single-bunch operation (50 mA) or under highbryd (50 mA + 400 mA) operation.

Parameters of the PF Storage ring

Beam energy 2.5 GeV (0.75 - 3.0 GeV)
Initial beam current 450 mA (achieved 770 mA)
Beam emittance (design value) 34.6 nm*rad (105 deg./cell optics)
Number of bending magnets 28
Number of rf accelerating cavities 4
rf frequency 500.1 MHz
Circumference 187 m
Number of insertion devices 8
Beam lifetime 30 - 35 h (at I=450mA)
Average ring pressure 6 x 10-8 Pa (at 400 mA)
Radiation loss per turn 400 keV
Stability of SR beam position beam drift is less than 20 micro m during the whole day
(at 20 m from SR source point)

See Photon Factory Activity Report 2010 "Outline of the Accelerators" for more details.

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