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The training course on symmetry and group theory has been closed. We would like to express our appreciations and respects to the lecturer, Prof. Massimo Nespolo.

Local Organizing Committee


Aim and Target

Training course on symmetry and group theory is lectured in Japanese and has reached its 11th edition. This year we offer for the second time an English version of the training course, for the benefit of foreign students and scientists working in Japan.

This course aims at providing a solid background in symmetry and group theory to students and scientists working on crystalline materials.

The course spans five full days. Exercises proposed during the whole course are integral part of the course: participants are requested to actively take part in solving the proposed exercises. Evening sessions are proposed for discussion, practicals, solution to the exercises, questions & answers. Didactic material is distributed before and during the lectures and also made available in electronic form.

Prerequisite: Participants are expected to be familiar with basic matrix algebra (product of matrices, calculation of determinant and trace).
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Schedul and Venue   


Jul. 10th (Mon) - 14th (Fri), 2023,
9:00-18:00(each day)

High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
(Oho 1-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0801,Japan)

4 go-kan (#4 Bldg.) Seminar Hall


Participation to the training course is free of charge, but no support for any daily expenses such as a travel fee, accommodation fee and meals, is provided.

*Participants can use the KEK Dormitory during the course, provided they apply in advance through the accommodation form. Single room is available either with bathroom (2,600/3,100 yen per night) or without bathroom (2,100 yen per night)

Opening of registration, Deadline and Regulations           

Registration will start : 10 a.m, on May 16th, 2023
*We will close as soon as we reach the capacity.

Capacity: approx. 35 people
*The English course has been fixed to be held, since now we have more than 6 applicants.


Prof. Massimo Nespolo,
Université de Lorraine, France (on behalf of MaThCryst)/The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI)

Local Organizing Committee in Tsukuba

Prof. Noriyuki Igarashi, KEK
Prof. Takashi Kamiyama, CSNS


The training course office:
Ms. Yoshimi Takahashi, KEK (Secretary)
Email: tyoshimi(at)post.kek.jp (please replace (at) with @)


This course is open to other universities at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI (Course name: Introduction to Symmetry and Space group ). Please submit the registration form, and follow the procedures below regarding credits.

1)SOKENDAI students

The training course office will coordinate and register for the course at the Hayama headquarters, so you do not need to apply for them yourself. Your student ID number is required on the registration form.
*If you have already registered it during the registration period in April, please indicate so in the remarks column.

Click here for assistance with student transportation expenses.

2)Graduate students other than SOKENDAI who wish to earn credits for this course

Please contact the Educational Affairs Section by 15:00 on June 9th (Fri.). As the series of procedures will take some time, we recommend your prompt inquiry.
(Note) Some universities may not be able to grant credits.

Educational Affairs Section (Hayama Headquarters)
E-mail:kyomu(at)ml.soken.ac.jp ←Please replace (at) with @


※This course is partly supported by RIGAKU Fund of CrSJ
(The Crystallographic Society of Japan).