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Prerequisites and plan of the lectures

1.Lecture slides will be provided in advance (about one week before the start of the course)

The slides will not be distributed on site. Participants are recommended to have the slides handy (printed or electronically) during the lectures because they contain definitions that will be used for the exercises. Free to have the slides with them either in print or in electronic version. On-site download is also possible, but it is preferable to get the slides in advance.

<Comment from the lecturer> 
The list of symbols is provided as an accessory to the lecture. There is not need to study it in advance.
On the other hand, a revision of basic matrix algebra is mandatory. In particular, calculations with augmented matrices (matrix-vector pairs) will be performed repeatedly. The calculation are very simple but require the participants to be used with it. Experience shows that matrix calculations are very often a serious obstacle to the smooth advance of the lectures.

2. Exercises to be performed during the lectures

Slides that contain exercises to be done during the lectures will not be provided in advance. These files (about 150 pages) will be uploaded right after the class exercises.
Participants are requested to actively participate in the exercises.

3. Material

Material needed for the lectures is:
- a PC or tablet to download the solved exercises
- notebook, pen/pencil, pocket calculator.

Study ahead

<Comment from the lecturer> 
Simple calculations with matrices are performed frequently during the course. Although these calculations do not represent a real difficulty, someone who has never work with matrices will meet serious difficulties in following the flow of the lectures.

It is therefore absolutely mandatory to become confident with matrix calculation (multiplication, transposition, determinant, trace). Some online resources can help getting the necessary experience. For example, the following Wikipedia page contains more than enough information.


We draw participants’ attention of the fact that even if the method is understood, practice is necessary. Online resources for training are also available. A couple of examples below.



<Potentially useful material for download>
List of symbols



A list of useful references is available for personal study.