Photon Factory Activity Report 2010


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HIGHLIGHTS [contents:pdf file (159KB)]

1. Atomic and Molecular Science
    1-1. Threshold Photoelectron Source for Ultra-Low-Energy Electron Collision Experiments [pdf file (248KB)]
    1-2. Properties of Hollow Molecules Probed by Single Photon Core Double Ionization[pdf file (62KB)]
2. Materials Science
    2-1. Formation of a NiO-Like Single Layer at the Surface of a Ni Thin Film[pdf file (75KB)]
    2-2. Intermediate Spin State in Cobalt Oxides Studied by Resonant X-Ray Scattering Technique [pdf file (202KB)]
    2-3. Two-Step Electron Transfer Coupled Spin Transition in a Cyanide Bridged Molecular Square [pdf file (156KB)]
    2-4. The First Crystallographic Study of Stepwise Neutral-Ionic Transitions [pdf file (260KB)]
    2-5. Structural and Electronic Properties of a Metal-Organic Mixed-Valence Nanotube [pdf file (239KB)]
    2-6. Picosecond Time-Resolved X-Ray Structural Study of gHidden Stateh in a Manganite Thin Film [pdf file (201KB)]
    2-7. Direct Determination of Fermi Surface Topology on Iron-Chalcogenide Superconductor by Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy [pdf file (184KB)]
    2-8. Fermi Surfaces of the Iron-Pnictide Superconductor BaFe2(As1-xPx)2 and their Nesting Properties Revealed by Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy [pdf file (185KB)]
    2-9. The Process of Formation of Non-Spherical Nanoparticles -Application to Gold Nanorods- [pdf file (213KB)]
3. Chemical and Environmental Science
Local Coordination Structures of SiO2-Supported Coordinatively Unsaturated Ru Complex for Alkene Epoxidation [pdf file (139KB)]
    3-2. Observation of Carbon Chlorinated by Oxychlorination of Ferric Chloride in a Thermal Process [pdf file (75KB)]
    3-3. Irreversible Change of NO/Pt(111) after High-Pressure NO Exposure [pdf file (138KB)]
    3-4. In situ Time-Resolved DXAFS Studies on the Redox Mechanism of PtSn Nanoparticles on γ-Al2O3 [pdf file (266KB)]
    3-5. In situ Studies on the Activation Process of Ni2P/K–USY — Time Resolved QXAFS Combined with Gas Analysis —@ [pdf file (152KB)]
    3-6. EXAFS Study on the Cause of Enrichment of Heavy Rare Earth Elements on Bacterial Cell Surfaces [pdf file (188KB)]
  4.. Earth Science
    4-1. Helium Prevents Compaction of Voids in Silica Glass under High Pressure [pdf file (69KB)]
    4-2. Structural Change in Hydrous Magma in the Earthfs Asthenosphere [pdf file (126KB)]
  5.. Life Science
      5-1. Crystal Structure of Glutamine Transamidosome: Two Enzymes Bound to One Transfer RNA Function Cooperatively for Consecutive Reactions [pdf file (152KB)]
      5-2. Structural Basis of Sugar Recognition of Misfolded Glycoproteins by OS-9 MRH Domain in ER-Associated Degradation [pdf file (284KB)]
      5-3. Structure and Functional Implication of the Nanos Zinc-Finger Domain [pdf file (109KB)]
      5-4. The Crystal Structure of Translation Elongation Factor P (EF-P) Complexed with an Aminoacyl–tRNA Synthetase Paralog, GenX, Reveals that EF-P Functionally Mimics Transfer RNA [pdf file (149KB)]
      5-5. Structural Basis of an ERAD Pathway Mediated by the ER-Resident Disulfide Reductase ERdj5 [pdf file (292KB)]
      5-6. Snapshot Structures of Thiamine-Dependent Dehydration Reaction by Phosphoketolase from Bifidobacterium breve [pdf file (177KB)]
      5-7. Crystal Structure of Glucansucrase from the Dental Caries Pathogen, Streptococcus mutans [pdf file (228KB)]
  6. Imaging and Optics
      6-1. Refraction-Contrast Computed Tomography Using X-Ray Dark Field Imaging Optics: Singe-Shot Acquisition of Angular Deviation from Forward-Diffraction and Diffraction Waves
[pdf file (443KB)]
      6-2. Imaging of Carbon-Paper Gas Diffusion Layer of Fuel Cells Using Phase-Contrast X-Ray Imaging Technique [pdf file (111KB)]
      6-3. Application of X-Ray Image Magnifier and Demagnifier to X-Ray Angle-Resolved Computed Tomography [pdf file (109KB)]
  7. Instrumentation and Methodology
      7-1. First Observation of the Photodetachment of Positronium Negative Ions [pdf file (78KB)]
      7-2. GISAXS Analysis of Nanodots Extended into the Soft X-Ray Region [pdf file (193KB)]
      7-3. Real-Time Observation of Surface Chemical Reaction with 33-ms Time Resolution by means of Wavelength-Dispersive X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy [pdf file 2.2MB)]
      7-4. Quick Measurement of Crystal Truncation Rod Profiles in Simultaneous Multi-Wavelength Dispersive Mode [pdf file (204KB)]

EXPERIMENTAL FACILITIES [contents:pdf file (132KB)]

  1. Newly Developed Experimental Facilities [pdf file (1.1MB)]
  2. Structural Biology Research Center [pdf file (701KB)]
  3. Condensed Matter Research Center [pdf file (366KB)]
  4. The Slow Positron Facility [pdf file (498KB)]
  5. IMSS Instrument R&D Team [pdf file (63KB)]
  6. Summary of Experimental Stations [pdf file (249KB)]

ACCELERATORS [contents:pdf file(321KB)]

  1. Outline of the Accelerators [pdf file (170KB)]
  2. PF Ring [pdf file (1.6MB)]
  3. PF-AR [pdf file (226KB)]
  4. cERL [pdf file (1.8MB)]

FUTURE LIGHT SOURCE [contents:pdf file (82KB)]

  1. The ERL Project [pdf file (1.3MB)]

USERS PROGRAM & OUTREACH ACTIVITIES [contents: pdf file (167KB)]

  1. Experimental Proposals [pdf file (365KB)]
  2. Workshops and Seminars [pdf file 45KB)]
  3. Graduate School Education [pdf file (22KB)]
  4. International Collaboration [pdf file (106KB)]
  5. International Science Advisory Committee (ISAC) [pdf file (16KB)]
APPENDICES [cover:pdf file (228KB)]
  1. Site and Organization [pdf file (311KB)]
  2. Awards [pdf file (23KB)]
  3. Theses [pdf file (19KB)]
  4. Publication List [pdf file (228KB)]

Photon Factory Activity Report 2010
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