Photon Factory Activity Report 2006 Part A

Photon Factory Activity Report 2006


Highlights and Facility Report


Cover [pdf file (528KB)]
Member Photo [pdf file (245KB)]
Editorial [pdf file (8KB)]
Contents [pdf file (9KB)]

INTRODUCTION [pdf file (36KB)]

HIGHLIGHTS [contents:pdf file (573KB)]

  1. Atomic and Molecular Science [pdf file (649KB)]
  2. Chemical Science [pdf file (1.1MB)]
  3. Surfaces and Interfaces [pdf file (576KB)]
  4. Electronic Structure of Condenced Matter [pdf file (404KB)]
  5. Nano and Materials Science [pdf file (995KB)]
  6. Environmental and Earth Science [pdf file (637KB)]
  7. Biological Science [pdf file (3.4MB)]
  8. Medical Imaging [pdf file (521KB)]
  9. Applied Science [pdf file (261KB)]
  10. Instrumentation and Methodology [pdf file (516KB)]
  11. Theory [pdf file (254KB)]

EXPERIMENTAL FACILITIES [contents:pdf file (66KB)]

  1. Newly Developed Experimental Facilities [pdf file (1.6MB)]
  2. Newly Developed Experimental Systems [pdf file ( 67KB]
  3. Structural Biology Research Center [pdf file (1.1MB)]
  4. Slow Positron Facility[pdf file (340KB)]
  5. ERATO Non-Equilibrium Dynamics Project [pdf file (64KB)]
  6. Summary of Experimental Stations [pdf file (168KB)]

ACCELERATORS [contents:pdf file 82KB)]

  1. Outline of the Accelerators [pdf file (293KB)]
  2. PF Ring [pdf file (2.8MB)]
  3. PF-AR [pdf file (299KB)]

FUTURE LIGHT SOURCE [contents:pdf file(568KB)]

  1. The ERL Project [pdf file (581KB)]

USERS PROGRAM & OUTREACH ACTIVITIES [contents: pdf file (147KB)]

  1. Experimental Proposals [pdf file (110KB)]
  2. Public Events [pdf file (323KB)]
  3. Workshops and Seminars [pdf file 103 KB)]
  4. Graduate School Education [pdf file (41KB)]
  5. International Collaboration [pdf file (159KB)]
APPENDICES [cover:pdf file (594KB)]
  1. Site and Organization [pdf file (676KB)]
  2. Awards [pdf file(12KB)]

Photon Factory Activity Report 2006
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