Photon Factory Activity Report 2014


Highlights and Facility Report




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HIGHLIGHTS [contents: pdf file (269KB)] 

1. Materials Science
    1-1. Hydrogen Bonds can Switch Electrical Conductivity and Magnetism [pdf file (1.1MB)]
    1-2. Engineering Artificial Interface Dipoles at Oxide Heterointerfaces [pdf file (316KB)]
    1-3. Structure Determination and Reaction Mechanisms of an Earth Abundant Sodium Battery Electrode [pdf file (348KB)]
    1-4. Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Study on Deformation Mechanism of Highly Stretchable Hydrogels Using Polyrotaxane Cross-linkers [pdf file (371KB)]
    1-5. Structure Determination of the Gold Atomic Chain on Si(111) by Surface X-Ray Diffraction [pdf file (619KB)]
    1-6. Chirality Fingerprinting and Geometrical Determinationof Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes [pdf file (1.9MB)]
    1-7. Two-dimensional Electronic Structure of La and P Co-Doped CaFe2As2 Studied by ARPES [pdf file (487KB)]
    1-8. The Extreme Surface Sensitivity of TRHEPD Demonstrated [pdf file (513KB)]
2. Chemical Science
    2-1. Direct Observation of Gold-Gold Bond Formation in Solution [pdf file (475KB)]
    2-2. Unprecedented Single-Layered Rhodium Nanosheets: Metallene [pdf file (983KB)]
    2-3. Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopic Investigation of Bulk-heterojunction Organic Solar Cell [pdf file (140KB)]
3. Earth and Environmental Science
Comparative Crystal Chemistry of Perovskite-to-Postperovskite Transitions in Germanates under High Pressure [pdf file (291KB)]
    3-2. The Change in the Intermediate-Range Network Structure Plays a Key Role in the Migration of Magma in the Earth’s Upper Mantle [pdf file (1.1MB)]
    3-3. Blocking Effect of Natural Organic Matter on the Adsorption of Cesium in Particulate Matter Recovered from the Pripyat River in Chernobyl [pdf file (588KB)]
  4. Life Science
    4-1. Structures Study of Core Comples Cascade in the CRISPR-Cas Immune System [pdf file (733KB)]
    4-2. Crystal Structure of Marburg Virus GP Bound to a Cross-Reactive Antibody from a Human Survivor [pdf file (463KB)]
    4-3. Crystal Structure of Innate Immune Toll-Like Receptor 9 Recognizing Bacterial CpG DNAn [pdf file (1.3MB)]
    4-4. Complete Snapshots of the Hemoglobin Allosteric Transition in a Single Crystal Form [pdf file (642KB)]
    4-5. Pore Formation Mechanism of Staphylococcal PoreformingToxin [pdf file (1.5MB)]
    4-6. Crystal Structure of PILRα bound with O-Glycan and its Attached Peptide [pdf file (1.3MB)]
    4-7. Structural Basis for the Coevolution of Tomato Mosaic Virus and the Resistance Protein Tm-1 [pdf file (849KB)]
    4-8. Novel Mechanism for DNA Duplex Unwinding by a Single Protein [pdf file (631KB)]
    4-9. Genomic Instability to Risk of Cancer in Normal Human Cells Induced by Low-dose X-Rays [pdf file (238KB)]
  5. Applied Science
      5-1. Storage Performance and Structural Characteristics of Natural Gas Hydrate [pdf file (119KB)]
  6. Imaging
      6-1. Development and Application of Variable-Magnification X-Ray Bragg Optics [pdf file (494KB)]
  7. Instrumentation and Methodology  
      7-1. Development of Fast Scintillation Materials for High-Energy X-Ray Detection [pdf file (208KB)]

FACILITY REPORT [contents: pdf file (832KB)]

  1. Facility Status [pdf file (667KB)]
  2. Operation and Proposals [pdf file (1.5MB)]
  3. Accelerator Updates [pdf file (909KB)]
  4. Research Groups and Beamline Updates [pdf file (3MB)]
  5. cERL [pdf file (1.8MB)]
  6. Graduate School Education [pdf file (487KB)]
  7. Projects [pdf file (774KB)]
  8. International and Domestic Collaboration [pdf file (327KB)]
  9. Workshops and Seminars [pdf file (25KB)]
APPENDICES [cover: pdf file (1.1MB)]
  1. Site and Organization [pdf file (1.7MB)]
  2. Awards [pdf file (38KB)]
  3. Theses [pdf file (29KB)]
  4. Publication List [pdf file (1.2MB)]


Photon Factory Activity Report 2014
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