Photon Factory Activity Report 2013


Highlights and Facility Report




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HIGHLIGHTS [contents:pdf file (1.4MB)]

1. Materials Science
    1-1. Strain Induced Spontaneous Magnetization in Perovskite Cobalt Oxide [pdf file (391KB)]
    1-2. Charge-Cluster Glass in an Organic Conductor with Triangular Lattice [pdf file (476KB)]
    1-3. Concealed Magnetic Parent Phase in Iron Oxypnictide Superconductor [pdf file (453KB)]
    1-4. Solvent-Dependent Molecular Structure of Ionic Species Directly Measured by Ultrafast X-Ray Solution Scattering [pdf file (1.2MB)]
    1-5. Role of the Free Surface for Orientations in Liquid Crystalline Polymer Films [pdf file (426KB)]
    1-6. Structure of Silicene on a Ag(111) Surface Studied by TRHEPD [pdf file (373KB)]
    1-7. Novel Electronic States of Topological Crystalline Insulators Revealed by ARPES [pdf file (433KB)]
    1-8. Magnetic Structure of the Single-Layer Graphene/Nickel Interface [pdf file (447KB)]
    1-9. Strain Mediated Control of Magnetic Anisotropy in Alternately Layered FeNi Thin Films [pdf file (143KB)]
2. Chemical Science
    2-1. The Specific Deoxidation Behavior of Iron Titanate Catalyst Characterized by the XAFS Technique for the Selective Catalytic Removal of NOx by NH3 [pdf file (988KB)]
    2-2. Atomicity-Precise Non-Magic Number Pt Clusters [pdf file (420KB)]
    2-3. High Catalytic Performance of USY-Supported Manganese Oxides for VOC Control [pdf file (99KB)]
    2-4. Monitoring of Electron Flow in Layered Double Hydroxides to Photoreduce Carbon Dioxide into Fuels [pdf file (515KB)]
3. Earth Science
Stability of Forsterite in the Presence of H2 Fluid under High Pressure and Temperature [pdf file (108KB)]
    3-2. Synchrotron Radiation Study of the Reaction-Deformation Coupling Processes in Earth's Mantle Minerals at High Pressures [pdf file (369KB)]
  4. Life Science
    4-1. Crystal Structures of Innate Immune RNA Receptor TLR8 [pdf file (353KB)]
    4-2. Structural and Functional Mechanism of a New Protein Complex Promoting the Stabilization of Genome during Homologous Recombination [pdf file (459KB)]
    4-3. Crystallographic Study of Bacterial Selenocysteine Formation [pdf file (1.6MB)]
    4-4. Mechanism of Template-Independent RNA Polymerization by tRNA Nucleotidyltransferase [pdf file (943KB)]
    4-5. Molecular Basis of Binding between Novel Human Coronavirus MERS-CoV and its Receptor CD26 [pdf file (564KB)]
    4-6. Sequence-Specific DNA Glycosylase Found in a Restriction-Modification System [pdf file (626KB)]
    4-7. Structural Analysis of Intrinsically Partially Folded EspB from Enterohaemorrhagic E. coli O157:H7 by Combination of CD and SAXS in Conjunction with Protein Dissection Technique [pdf file (547KB)]
    4-8. X-Ray-Induced Nitric Oxide-Mediated Bystander Cell Death Suppresses Spontaneous Mutagenesis in V79 Cells [pdf file (1.7MB)]
  5. Imaging and Optics
      5-1. Zeff Imaging Using X-Ray Interferometer [pdf file (425KB)]
  6. Instrumentation and Methodology
      6-1. Development of a Compact Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscope (STXM) [pdf file (316KB)]
  7. Accelerators
      7-1. Minimization of the Emittance Growth in a Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavity at cERL Injector [pdf file (888KB)]

EXPERIMENTAL FACILITIES [contents:pdf file (501KB)]

  1. Newly Developed Experimental Facilities [pdf file (4.0MB)]
  2. Structural Biology Research Center [pdf file (569KB)]
  3. Condensed Matter Research Center [pdf file (170KB)]
  4. Slow Positron Facility [pdf file (51KB)]
  5. IMSS Instrument R&D Team [pdf file (153KB)]
  6. Summary of Experimental Stations [pdf file (287KB)]

ACCELERATORS [contents:pdf file(393KB)]

  1. Outline of the Accelerators [pdf file (116KB)]
  2. PF Ring [pdf file (904KB)]
  3. PF-AR [pdf file (647KB)]

FUTURE LIGHT SOURCE [contents:pdf file 868KB)]

  1. ERL Project Overview [pdf file (456KB)]
  2. cERL [pdf file (775KB)]

USERS PROGRAM & OUTREACH ACTIVITIES [contents: pdf file (316KB)]

  1. Experimental Proposals [pdf file (604KB)]
  2. Workshops and Seminars [pdf file (31KB)]
  3. Graduate School Education [pdf file (215KB)]
  4. International Collaboration [pdf file (222KB)]
APPENDICES [cover:pdf file (72KB)]
  1. Site and Organization [pdf file (1.0MB)]
  2. Awards [pdf file (28KB)]
  3. Theses [pdf file (28KB)]
  4. Publication List [pdf file (560KB)]


Photon Factory Activity Report 2013
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