Photon Factory Activity Report 2012


Highlights and Facility Report




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MEMORIALS 2012 [pdf file (1.9MB)]

HIGHLIGHTS [contents:pdf file (1.6MB)]

1. Atomic and Molecular Science
    1-1. Single-Photon K-1 K-1 Double Core Ionization of C2H2n (n=1-3) Sequence Molecules as a Potential New Tool for Chemical Analysis
[pdf file (65KB)]
2. Materials Science
    2-1. Electronic Ferroelectricity with Large Polarization Directed Antiparallel to Molecular Displacement in an Organic Crystal [pdf file (98KB)]
    2-2. Experimental Realization of a Topological Crystalline Insulator in SnTe [pdf file (3.2MB)]
    2-3. Ordered and Foam Structures of Semifluorinated Block Copolymers in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide [pdf file (614KB)]
    2-4. Self-Energy and the Electronic Structure of Correlated Metal SrVO3[pdf file (177KB)]
    2-5. Anisotropic Thermal Expansion and Cooperative Invar/Anti-Invar Effects in MnNi Alloy [pdf file (135KB)]
    2-6. Structural Study of a Purely Organic Single-Component Metal with Symmetric Hydrogen Bond [pdf file (204KB)]
    2-7. X-Ray Photo-Induced Phase Transition Enabled by Impurity Doping in Layered Manganite [pdf file (204KB)]
    2-8. Three-Way Switching in a Multifaceted [CoFe] Chain [pdf file (601KB)]
3. Chemical Science
Real-Time Observation of Molecular Orientation during the Adsorption Process by Means of Wavelength-Dispersive X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy with Polarization Switching [pdf file (1.9MB)]
    3-2. Valence Control of Rh Dopants in SrTiO3 Water-Splitting Photocathodes [pdf file (368KB)]
    3-3. Structural and Electronic Properties of the Triplet State of Ruthenium (II)-tris-2, 2f-bipyridine Observed by Picosecond Time-Resolved Ru K-Edge X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure [pdf file (542KB)]
    3-4. Formation of a Kagome Lattice with Huge Channels by Very Large Spherical Anions [pdf file (1.1MB)]
    3-5. High Entropy State Pt-Ru Anode Catalyst with Completely Random Distribution [pdf file (411 KB)]
    3-6. Alkali-Promoted Pt/TiO2 Opens a New Pathway to Formaldehyde Oxidation at Ambient Temperatures [pdf file (118KB)]
    3-7. Chlorination of Carbon during Thermochemical Behavior of Lead by Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy [pdf file (286KB)]
    3-8. Formation of a Stable Monomeric Zn0 and Zn+ Species in MFI-Type Zeolite: Insight from in-situ XAFS Spectroscopy and DFT Calculation
[pdf file (274KB)]
  4.. Earth Science
    4-1. Superplasticity in Hydrous Melt-Bearing Dunite and its Implications for Shear Localization in the Earthfs Upper Mantle [pdf file (1.4MB)]
  5.. Life Science
      5-1. Crystal Structure of Human Tyrosylprotein Sulfotransferase: Insights into Substrate-Binding and Catalysis of Post-Translational Protein Tyrosine Sulfation [pdf file (2.1MB)]
      5-2. Long-Awaited Structural Information of the Helicobacter pylori CagA Oncoprotein [pdf file (145KB)]
      5-3. Trapping a Whole Protein in a Well-Defined Molecular Capsules [pdf file (613KB)]
      5-4. Rotation Mechanism of V1-ATPase [pdf file (1.5MB)]
      5-5. Mechanistic Insights into the Activation of Rad51-Mediated Strand Exchange from the Structure of a Recombination Activator: the Swi5-Sfr1 Complex [pdf file (352KB)]
      5-6. Fungal Antifreeze Protein Consists of a Unique β-Solenoid Structure [pdf file (368KB)]
      5-7. A Structural Study of IFIT2/ISG54 Suggests its Functional Mechanism on its Anti-Viral Activity and Cellular Functions [pdf file (500KB)]
      5-8. Cooperative Protein Structural Dynamics of Homodimeric Hemoglobin [pdf file (941KB)]
  6. Imaging and Optics
      6-1. X-Ray Waveguiding in Resonance with a Periodic Structure [pdf file (234KB)]
      6-2. Effect of an Ultraflat Substrate on the Epitaxial Growth of Chemical-Vapor-Deposited Diamond [pdf file (265KB)]
  7. Instrumentation and Methodology
      7-1. In situ Removal of Carbon Contamination from the Whole Optics in a Vacuum Ultraviolet and Soft X-Ray Undulator Beamline Using Oxygen Activated by Non-Monochromatized Synchrotron Radiation [pdf file (205KB)]

EXPERIMENTAL FACILITIES [contents:pdf file (1.1MB)]

  1. Newly Developed Experimental Facilities [pdf file (5.8MB)]
  2. Structural Biology Research Center [pdf file (2.6MB)]
  3. Condensed Matter Research Center [pdf file (187KB)]
  4. Slow Positron Facility [pdf file (496KB)]
  5. IMSS Instrument R&D Team [pdf file (306KB)]
  6. Summary of Experimental Stations [pdf file (451KB)]

ACCELERATORS [contents:pdf file(971KB)]

  1. Outline of the Accelerators [pdf file (573KB)]
  2. PF Ring [pdf file (907KB)]
  3. PF-AR [pdf file (1.1MB)]

FUTURE LIGHT SOURCE [contents:pdf file 1.5MB)]

  1. ERL Project Overview [pdf file (60KB)]
  2. 3-GeV ERL Design [pdf file (872KB)]
  3. cERL [pdf file (3.5MB)]

USERS PROGRAM & OUTREACH ACTIVITIES [contents: pdf file (1.4MB)]

  1. Experimental Proposals [pdf file (946KB)]
  2. Workshops and Seminars [pdf file (29KB)]
  3. Graduate School Education [pdf file (195KB)]
  4. International Collaboration [pdf file (245KB)]
  5. Photon Factory Science Advisory Committee (PF-SAC)[pdf file (171KB)]
APPENDICES [cover:pdf file (72KB)]
  1. Site and Organization [pdf file (1.4MB)]
  2. Awards [pdf file (27KB)]
  3. Theses [pdf file (27KB)]
  4. Publication List [pdf file (511KB)]


Photon Factory Activity Report 2012
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