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List of Proposals (Japanese)


Atomic and Molecular Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
89 Influence of the Forward Scattered Electrons in the Attenuation Transmission Method in Electron-Molecule Scattering Experiments KITAJIMA Masashi 2022G529 BL-20A
105 The Study of Vibronic Couplings in Hot-CO2 with the VUV Photoelectron Spectroscopy (Japanese) HOSHINO Masamitsu 2021G607 BL-20A
155 Auger Decays from Highly-Excited Vibrational Sublevels in Core-Ionized N2 Molecules KANEYASU Tatsuo 2016G610, 2018S2-003 BL-2B
203 Ion Desorption by Resonant Core Excitation of Biphenyl Monolayers YOSHIOKA Kakuto 2021G095 BL-2B


Surface and Interface

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
1 Local Structure Analysis of MgB2 Thin Films by XAFS Method (Japanese) TAKAHASHI Hayato 2022G050 BL-11A
33 Operando All-Element XAFS Observations of Nickel Carbonate Electrocatalysts for Water Splitting (Japanese) SAKAI Arisu 2021G518, 2022G609 BL-9A, BL-7A, BL-16A
88 A Study on the Relationship between Bond Distances of Pd Deposited on Au(111) and the Number of Deposited Layers by In-Situ PTRF-XAFS YANG Chenghao 2021G564 AR-NW10A
90 In-Situ PTRF-XAFS Study on Ultrathin Layer Pt on Au(111) DONG Kaiyue 2021G564 BL-12C, AR-NW10A
101 Local Structure Analysis of MgB2 Thin Films by XANES Calculation (Japanese) MIURA Ryutaro 2022G050 BL-11A
110 In situ TREXS Observation of Stainless Steel During the Oxidation Process (Japanese) BANDO K. Kyoko 2021G667 BL-9C
111 Structural Analysis of Perylene Adsorbed on the Metal Surface having Anisotropy and Roughness (Japanese) ENDO Osamu 2021G626 BL-7A, BL-12C
120 Chemical Bonding Structures of SBR/BR Interfaces EJIMA Takeo 2021G628 BL-19A
131 Heavy-Fermion in a Mono-Atomic Layer YbCu2/Cu(111) (Japanese) SUGIHARA Hiroki 2022G513 BL-2A
143 Time- and Depth-Resolved Chemical State Analysis of the Surface-to-Subsurface Oxidation of Cu by Wavelength-Dispersive Soft X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy at Near Ambient Pressure SAKATA Kaoruho 2020G595 BL-16A
145 Observation of Anisotropic Magnetic Moments at Co/Au Interface by Means of Depth-Resolved XMCD (Japanese) AMEMIYA Kenta 2019S2-003 BL-16A
157 Evaluation of Band Offset at β-(ScxGa1-x)2O3/β-Ga2O3 Heterointerface KOREISHI Kazuki 2021G660, 2021G683 BL-2A


Materials Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
5 Ordered Structure of Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Random Copolymer Formed under Aqueous Condition (Japanese) INUKAI Mihiro 2020G071 BL-10C
13 Stress Relaxation Properties of Bond Exchangeable Materials in the Presence of Nano-Fillers (Japanese) HAYASHI Mikihiro 2021G020 BL-6A, BL-10C
16 Crystal Structure Analysis of Graphene Oxide by In-Plane XRD (Japanese) SAKAI Nobuyuki 2020G503 BL-6C
18 Chemical State of Geopolymers by XAFS Measurement KURUMISAWA Kiyofumi 2022P001 BL-11A, BL-11B
19 Higher Molecular Weight Fibroin Extracted from Silkworm Cocoon Waste Produced Regenerated Silk Fibers with High Strength and Toughness YAZAWA Kenjiro 2021G006 BL-10C
20 Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Fe1.3Mn0.7O3 Nanoparticles using Soft X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism DAWN Riya 2021G501 BL-16A
21 Study of Electronic and Magnetic Characteristics of CoMn2O4 Nanoparticles using X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism KUMARI Anjana Kamala 2021G501 BL-16A
22 Preparation and Local Structure Analysis of Ce-Doped ZnO Nanoparticles (Japanese) AMANO Hiroki 2021G073 BL-9C
25 Magnetic Evidence of NiCo2O4 using Soft X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism DAWN Riya 2021G501 BL-16A
26 Probing Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Co1.5Fe1.5O4 Nanoparticles using X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism KUMARI Anjana Kamala 2021G501 BL-16A
32 Metallic Bonds and Thermal Vibration in Brass YOKOYAMA Toshihiko 2022G017 BL-9C
37 In Operando X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure on Local Structure and Electronic State of Tungsten Oxide Nanoparticles under Electrochromism TAKAHASHI Mari 2021G032 BL-9C
40 Ferromagnetism Enhancement by Increasing Cxygen Vacancies in Co-Doped ZnO Thin Films (Japanese) UDAGAWA Kota 2021G142 BL-9A, BL-9C, BL-12C
45 XAFS Spectra of Zirconium Oxynitride Thin Films (Japanese) ISHINO Tomoya 2021G595 BL-11A
46 X-Ray Detection Capabilities of PVK-DPA-Based Plastic Scintillators Loaded with Bi2O3 Nanoparticles (Japanese) KOSHIMIZU Masanori 2022G063 BL-14A
53 Surface Proton Conductions of Ce0.8M0.2O2-δ(M=Sm, Gd) Thin Films with Oxygen Defects (Japanese) TIGUCHI Tohru 2020G501 BL-2A
56 Synchrotron Analysis of Simulated Waste Glasses Different in Boron Isotope Ingredient (Japanese) NAGAI Takayuki 2021G600 BL-27A, BL-27B
57 Distorted Helix in Eu-Based Magnetic Semimetal EuZnGe KURUMAJI Takashi 2020G665 BL-3A
58 Effect of Energetic Ion Irradiation on Lattice Structure and Hardness of Double-Phased Zr-Ni Alloy HORI Fuminobu 2022G071 BL-27B
61 Comparison between Conductive and Insulating Cobalt-Ferrite Thin Films with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy Studied by XMCD OKABAYASHI Jun 2021G069 BL-7A
62 Intrinsic Magnetic Proximity Effect at the CoxFe3-xO4/Pt Interface Studied by XMCD OKABAYASHI Jun 2021G069 BL-7A
63 Effect of Magnetic Field on Crystal Structure in Antiferromagnetic NiO Nanoparticles TAJIRI Takayuki 2021G038 BL-8B
64 Study on the Structure Stability of Sodium Borate Hydrates (Japanese) NISHIYASU Wataru 2021G521 BL-8B
65 Characterization of Metal Nanocomposite Synthesized by Ion Implantation into Amorphous SiO2 HORI Fuminobu 2022G039 BL-27A, BL-27B
68 Magnetic Structures at Co/Oxide Interface for Voltage-Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy Effect Studied by XMCD OKABAYASHI Jun 2021G069 BL-7A
71 Various Magnetic Ordering of GdOs2Si2 Studied by Resonant X-Ray Diffraction (Japanese) HAYASHI Hiroaki 2022P007 BL-3A, BL-4C
79 Study on Reaction Mechanisms of Manganese-based Li-Excess Electrode Materials YABUUCHI Naoaki 2021G039 BL-12C
83 Enhancement of Electrical Conductivity and Thermal Stability of Iron- or Tin- Substituted Vanadate Glass and Glass-Ceramics Nanocomposite to be used as a High-Performance Cathode Active Material in Sodium-Ion Batteries IBRAHIM Ahmed 2022G011 BL-9A, BL-12C
87 Correlation between the Hydration States and the Assembly Structure of Surfactant Membranes (Japanese) HISHIDA Mafumi 2021G586 BL6-A, BL-10C
97 Corner-Opened Cage-Silsesquioxane as a Directional Template for Tripodal Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) TANAKA Ryota 2021G569 BL-10C
98 Simultaneous Synchrotron WAXS and SS Measurements, and Analysis of Melting Behavior of Crystallites Obtained by Strain-Induced Crystallization of Vulcanized Natural Rubber (Japanese) YASUI Tomohiro 2020G512 BL-15A2
99 Changes in the Elastomeric Mechanical Properties of Lamellae-Forming Block Copolymer Specimens by Introduction of Kink (Japanese) KOKURYO Yaeko 2021G568 BL-15A2
100 Electronic Structure of the Five-Fold Oxygen-Coordinated Cuprate SmLa1-xSrxCuO4 HORIO Masafumi 2021G092 BL-28A
103 In-Situ XAFS for Reduction of Fe Ions in (Ca, Sr )FeO3-δ by Heating (Japanese) FUJISHIRO Fumito 2021P010 BL-9C
104 Studies on Strain-Induced Crystallization of Vulcanized Natural Rubber ~ Features of Orientation of Crystallites As Formed Upon Planar Elongation ~ (Japanese) TANAKA Ruito 2020G516 BL-10C
106 Formation of Homocrystal with Remarkably High Melting Temperature in PLLA/PDLA Blend Revealed by WAXD MAHMOUD Neimatallah 2020G520 BL-6A
107 Magnetic Ground State Dependent Magnetostriction Effects on Chiral Magnet CrNb3S6 MITO Masaki 2019G533, 2021G534 BL-8B
108 High-Pressure Synthesis and In-Situ Analysis of Physical Properties and Crystal Structure in Superconductors using DAC with Diamond Heater (Japanese) MATSUMOTO Ryo 2022G049 AR-NE1A
121 Effects of Layer Deformation on Mechanical Properties of Glassy Smectic Liquid Crystal Polymer Fibers KAWAHARA Katsuki 2021G040 BL-6A
125 Investigation on Silver Photodiffusion into Amorphous Chalcogenides by Quick XAFS (Japanese) SAKAGUCHI Yoshifumi 2021G540 BL-9A
128 Three-Dimensional Atomic Configurations in a ZnFe2O4 Single Crystal by X-Ray Fluorescence Holography HOSOKAWA Shinya 2019G635 BL-6C
130 Carrier doping by Ni-Site Substitution in High-Tc Candidate Pr4Ni3O8 II (Japanese) MIYATAKE Tomonori 2021P002, 2022G528 BL-9C
133 Hydrothermal Synthesis of Non-Stoichiometric Co-Ga Oxide Nanoparticles XIE Bo 2021G143, 2021G584 BL-9A, BL-12C
135 Evaluation of Orbital Magnetic Moments of FeCo-BaF2 Granular Films with Large Faraday Effect (Japanese) ITO Keita 2021G665 BL-16A
137 Preparation of Nanocarbons/Polyaniline Composites and Measurements of Synchrotron XRD (Japanese) MIYASHITA Ryo 2021G503 BL-8B
139 Local Structure Analysis of Cr Atoms in Cubic Chromium Oxide Epitaxial Films (Japanese) ONO Shintaro 2022G079 BL-6C
142 X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Study of Iron-Intercalated Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide FexTaS2 with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy: Comparison with FexTiS2 (Japanese) SHIBATA Goro 2019G622, 2021G668 BL-16A
151 Structure Analyses of ZrSnTe, RTeSb with Two Independent Competing Superstructure (Japanese) NOGAMI Yoshio 2021G632 BL-8A
160 Crystal Structure Analysis of Acceptor Doped Sr2TiO4 Proton Conductors YAGI Yutaro 2020G663 BL-4B2
165 Time-Resolved Analysis of Local Structure around Ag in Ag Zeolites-A (Japanese) MEGURO Haruki 2022G052 AR-NW10A
167 Structural Analysis of Eu0.8Sr0.2NiO3 by using Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction (Japanese) AKAHORI Jin 2022G014 BL-4B2
168 Fast Time-Resolved Analysis of Local Structure around Ag in Ag Zeolites-A (Japanese) MEGURO Haruki 2022G051 AR-NW2A
169 On-Lline Structural Analysis of DNA-Ion Complex Films during Uniaxial Stretching (Japanese) SAKURAI Shinichi 2022G623 BL-15A2
172 XAFS Measurements of S-K Absorption Edge of Sulphur Thin Films by Transmission Mode (Japanese) KAWAGUCHI Reo 2020G540 BL-9A
173 Local Structure of Sn Nanoparticles (Japanese) TOKUCHI Shuki 2020G090 AR-NW10A
174 Co 3s→2p1/2 Resonant Soft X-Ray Emission Spectra of EuCoO3 and Sr2CoO3Cl (Japanese) TAGUCHI Yukihiro 2022G128 BL-13A
176 Electronic Structure of Anomalous Metallic Phase in the High-Tc Cuprate Superconductor La1.93Sr0.07CuO4 (Japanese) ISHIDA Tatsuhiro 2022G077 BL-28A
177 Cu 2p-3d Resonant Photoemission Spectroscopy in the High-Tc Cuprate Superconductor La1.85Sr0.15CuO4 (Japanese) ISHIDA Tatsuhiro 2022G105 BL-2A
183 Investigation on Valence State Change of Persistent Phosphors XU Jian 2021G547 BL-9A
186 Evaluation of the Short-Range Order in Amorphous Fe-Sn Thin Films by Synchrotron XAFS Measurement (Japanese) FUJIWARA Kohei 2021V006, 2022G674 BL-9A, AR-NW10A
188 μ-ARPES Study of Topological Line-Nodal Compound CaSb2 CHUANG Chien-Wen 2021S2-001, 2022G652 BL-28A
191 μ-ARPES Imaging of Polar Surface of Kagome Superconductor CsV3Sb5 KATO Takemi 2021S2-001, 2022G652 BL-28A, BL-2A
193 μ-ARPES Study of Kagome Superconductor Cs(V1-xNbx)3Sb5 KATO Takemi 2021S2-001 BL-28A
194 μ-ARPES Study of Charge Density Wave of Kagome Superconductor CsV3Sb5 NAKAYAMA Kosuke 2021S2-001 BL-28A
198 Highly Ordered Microphase-Segregated Nanostructure Based on the Long-Range Order in the Liquid Crystalline Segment of Amphiphilic Diblock Copolymer (Japanese) ASAOKA Sadayuki 2022G541 BL-6A
200 Temperature Dependent Electronic Structure of A-Site Ordered Perovskite CaCu3Ti4O12 SHIMAMURA Masanori 2021G601 BL-7C
202 Long Time CO2 Storage under Ambient Condition in Isolated Voids of a Porous Coordination Network Facilitated by the "Magic Door" Mechanism SHIMADA Terumasa 2021G046 BL-5A



No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
29 Operando Time-Resolved Soft X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy for Photoexcitation Processes of Metal Complexes in Solutions KUMAKI Fumitoshi 2021G047, 2021PF-S002, 2018S2-003 BL-13A
31 Coordination and Photoisomerizaiton of Azobenzene-Amino Acid Schiff Base Copper(II) Complexes to Lysozyme AKITSU Takashiro 2020P003, 2022G012 BL-5A
67 Microphase-Separated Structures of Oligosaccharide-Based Monodisperse Block Copolymers with Miktoarm Star Architectures (Japanese) ISONO Takuya 2021G531 BL-6A
69 In Situ XAFS Characterization of Cr and Rh-Incorporated Ceria (Cr0.19Rh0.06CeOz) during NO Reduction with CO MURATUGU Satoshi 2017G534, 2019G105 BL-9C, BL-12C, AR-NW10A
70 XAFS Characterization of N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Attached Cr and Rh-Incorporated Ceria (NHC-r-Cr0.19Rh0.06CeOz) MURATUGU Satoshi 2019G105, 2021G110, 2021G113 BL-9C, BL-12C, AR-NW10A
74 Interfacial Structure of Ru(0001) Activating for Oxygen Evolution Reaction (Japanese) JO Ujin 2021G566 BL-3A
77 Fabrication and Characterization of Supramolecular Spheres Composed of Holmium Complexes (Japanese) KOHRI Michinari 2022G574 BL-10C
85 X-Ray Decomposition of Tin (IV) Phthalocyanine Dichloride IZUMI Yudai 2021G042 BL-27A
86 Debye-Waller factor analysis of Co0 site on ZrO2 under UV-visible light irradiation for CO photoconversion OYUMI Tomoki 2022G527 BL-9C, BL-12C, AR-NW10A
112 Structural Analysis of Carbon Supported PtRu Nanoalloy Catalyst (Japanese) HASEGAWA Shingo 2022G033 BL-9C
117 Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of HMNTA as a Model Extractant for MA Recovery (Japanese) MIYAZAKI Yasunori 2021G652 BL-20A
138 Investigation of Stable Ag-Ni-ZrO2 Photocatalyst for Sustainable Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction into Fuels ISHII Rento 2021G546 BL-9C, BL-12C, AR-NW10A
162 Cycle Stability of Stabilized LiFeO2 as the Cathode Material of Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode during Charge-Discharge (Japanese) SONOYAMA Noriyuki 2021G075 BL-9C
164 XAFS Characterization of Co-Doped ZrO2 Catalyst SHROTORI Abhijit 2021G136, 2019P018 BL-9C, AR-NW10A
178 XAS Measurements for Ionic Liquids: Imidazolium Salts XU Haoran 2021P012 BL-7A
179 Structural Analyses of Insoluble Residue (Platinum Group Metals) in High-Level Radioactive Waste SAKASHITA Koki 2020G606 BL-27B
180 XAFS Characterization for Cu-Fe Alloy NRR Electrocatalysts ZHANG Kaichao 2021G646 BL-9C
181 XAFS Characterization for CoWO4@W18O49 Catalyst BAL Rajaram 2022G061 BL-9C
184 Chemical State Characterization of Fine Alloy in Borosilicate Glass YAMAZAKI Koya 2020G606, 2022G618 BL-27B
185 XAFS Characterization of Dissolution Behavior of Fine Alloy in Nitric Acid CHIBA Sayaka 2020G606, 2022G618 BL-27B
195 Penetration Behavior of Cesium and Iodine into Epoxy Coatings FUJINO Daiki 2020G606, 2022G618 BL-27B
196 XAFS Analysis on Manganese in Molten Salt Precipitation Method YAMAMOTO Yuri 2020G606, 2022G618 BL-27B
205 X-Ray Absorption Transition of Graphite Oxide Lithium Capacitor to Elucidate Charge-Discharge Mechanism (Japanese) SEKI Ryuichi 2022G101 BL-6A


High Pressure Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
2 Compressibility of Ar ONO Shigeaki 2021G019, 2019G003 AR-NE1A
36 In-Situ Observation of Shock-Induced Phase Transitions in Zircon-Type Compounds (Japanese) KISHIMURA Hiroaki 2021G045 AR-NW14A
47 Crystal Structure and Electronic States of CeCoSi under High Pressures and Low Temperatures (Japanese) KAWAMURA Yukihiro 2021G545 BL-18C
55 In-Situ X-Ray Observation for the Pressure-Induced Self-Insertion Reaction of IrSb3 under High Pressures and High Temperatures (Japanese) AWAJI Kouta 2021G036 AR-NE5C
122 Trial CAESAR Measurements using MAX80 FUCHIZAKI Kazuhiro 2020G048 AR-NE5C
147 Structures of Halide Double Perovskite Semiconductor Cs2AgInCl6 under High Pressure (Japanese) HATTORI Ryosuke 2021G677 BL-18C


Biological Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
3 Structural Analysis of Hyperthermohilic Multicopper Oxidase Mutant with Enhanced Enzyme Activity (Japanese) SATOMURA Takenori 2019G015 BL-5A
6 Structural Analysis of a Novel β-1,2-Glucosyltransferase (Japanese) KOBAYASHI Kaito 2018G506 BL-5A
7 Spatial Coherence on Soft X-Ray Projection Microscopy SHIINA Tatsuo 2020G049 BL-11A, BL-16A
8 Structural Analysis of D-Serine Dehydrogenase from Thermophile (Japanese) YONEDA Kazunari 2020G502 AR-NE3A
11 Truncated Mutants of the Hemolytic Lectin CEL-III Revealed the Interaction between Protomer in Hemolytic Oligomer (Japanese) GODA Shuichiro 2019G009 BL-6A
12 Elucidation of the Structural Change of Alcohol Dehydrogenase from Sulfurisphaera Tokodaii in Heat Activation (Japanese) GODA Shuichiro 2018G071 BL-10C
14 Time-Resolved X-Ray Crystallography of 8-oxo-DGTP Hydrolysis by E. coli MutT (Japanese) NAKAMURA Teruya 2021G031, 2019G027 BL-1A, BL-17A
15 Structural Study for the Molecular Understanding of Chromosome Assembly and Genome Maintenance (Japanese) HARA Kodai 2021G015 BL-17A
23 Novel Function of Pigeon Iron-Sulfur Protein for the Magnetoreception Predicted by SAXS Analysis with a Permanent Magnetic Device ARAI Shigeki 2020G003, 2022G003 BL-10C
27 X-Ray Structure of Lysoplasmalogen-Specific Phospholipase D from Thermocrispum sp. RD004668 YASUTAKE Yoshiaki 2020G521 BL-1A
28 X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of a Scavenger Receptor Cysteine-Rich Domain (SRCRD) from Salivary Scavenger and Agglutinin (SALSA) ZHANG Changyu 2020G681, 2022G031 AR-NE3A
30 Cycloserine Enantimoers Exhibit Different Inhibition Mechanisms for Type II Cysteine Desulfurase SufS (Japanese) FUJISHIRO Takashi 2022G521 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A
35 Crystal Structure Analysis of Novel Enzyme Derived from Streptomyces (Japanese) MATSUI Takashi 2019G535 BL-1A
38 Structure Study of Human Serum Albumin Complex with Mycophenolic Acid (Japanese) KAWAI Akito 2019G592, 2021G034 BL-17A
39 Structural Analysis of Isatin Hydrolase from Bacillus Smithii (Japanese) YONEDA Kazunari 2022G502 BL-17A
41 Crystal Structure Analysis of the Toxic Conformer-Constrained Amyloid β Complexed with its Specific Antibody (Japanese) IRIE Kazuhiro 2021G016 BL-1A, BL-17A
42 Crystal Structure of Importin-α1 Bound to HIF-1α NLS (Japanese) MATSUURA Yoshiyuki 2018G509, 2020G574 BL-17A
43 Crystal Structure of Importin-α3 Bound to 53BP1 NLS (Japanese) MATSUURA Yoshiyuki 2018G509, 2020G574 BL-17A
48 X-Ray Crystallography for the Drug Discovery Toward a Grain Weight Limiting Enzyme (Japanese) AKABANE Tatsuki 2021G638 BL-17A, BL-1A
49 X-Ray Structure of Clostridium Perfringens Pili Protein B N-Terminal Domain KAMITORI Shigehiro 2022G538 BL-5A
51 Structural Properties of Proteins Embedded in Sugar-Glass and/or Sugar-Rubber HIRAI Mitsuhiro 2019G537 BL-10C
52 Structure of a Multi-Domain Glucosyltransferase Acting on Starch from a Bacterium Rhodothermus Marinus (Japanese) TONOZUKA Takashi 2021G519 AR-NE3A
54 Structural Study of RosC, a Cytochrome P450 Enzyme that Catalyzed Multistep Oxidation Reactions (Japanese) SUZUKI Hironori 2022G076 BL-5A, BL-17A
60 Comparison of β-Xylosidases from Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes Reveals Evolutionarily Distinct Xylan Degradation Systems (Japanese) KOJIMA Keisuke 2019G578 BL-5A
66 X-Ray Structure of a Homodimeric L-Ribulose 3-Epimerase from Methylomonas sp. YOSHIDA Hiromi 2021G508, 2019G518 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A
75 Structural and Functional Studies on Enzymes and Transporters in Levoglucosan Metabolism by Bacteria (Japanese) YAMAKAWA Yoshiki 2021G052 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
76 Crystallography of Novel Bacterial Degradation Enzymes for Polysaccharides Containing D-Fructose and D-Arabinose (Japanese) FUKUSHIMA Riku 2022G034 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-10C, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
78 Crystal Structure of a Novel Type of Ornithine δ-Aminotransferase KAWAKAMI Ryushi 2021G143 AR-NW12A
80 Substrate Recognition Mechanism of Hydroxyamidotransferase (Japanese) NAGATA Ryuhei 2020G524 AR-NE3A
81 The Substrate Recognition Mechanism of D-Threonine Aldolase (Japanese) HIRATO Yuki 2020G633 BL-5A, AR-NE3A
82 High-Resolution Structural Studies of NADH-Cytochrome b5 Reductase HIRANO Yu 2013G122, 2017G033 BL-5A
91 Structural Analysis of the C-Terminal Domains of Human GnT-IVa (MGAT4A) and an Insect Ortholog (Japanese) MIYAZAKI Takatsugu 2021G013 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
92 Structural Analysis of Flavobacterium Johnsoniae Glycoside Hydrolases Involved in Degradation of Branched Dextran (Japanese) NAKAMURA Shuntaro 2021G013 BL-5A
93 Structural Analysis of Plant Specific Microtubule Associated Protein (Japanese) HAYASHI Ikuko 2022G534 BL-5
95 Radio-Adaptive Response Induced by the Targeted Cytoplasmic Irradiation in Normal Human Fibroblasts with X-Ray Mcrobeams via Bystander Effects by Gap-Junction Mediated Cell-to-Cell Communication SUZUKI Masao 2021G539 BL-27B
96 Confirmation of Y Substitution for Ca in Photosystem II (Japanese) FUJII Hajime 2022PF-B013 BL-1A
102 Crystal Structures of the Acyltransferase and Esterase Involved in Plant Secondary Metabolism (Japanese) SUE Masayuki 2021G532 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A
116 Structural Biology of a Dormancy Regulatory Protein from M. Tuberculosis (Japanese) KAWANOBE Yuuka 2021G024 BL-5A
118 Interaction of Plant Polyphenol Chlorogenic Acid with Model Biomembranes (Japanese) KUMAGAWA Eri 2018G095 BL-6A
123 Strain-Induced Crystallization of Slide-Ring Gels (Japanese) MAYUMI Koichi 2020G111 BL-10C
126 Structure of Kinesin CENP-E Motor Domain in Complex with an ATP Analogue YOKOYAMA Hideshi 2022G595, 2020G531 BL-17A
127 Structural Basis of the Electron Transfer Mechanism in Heterohexamer-Type Ring-Hydroxylating Oxygenases (Japanese) SUZUKI-MINAKUCHI Chiho 2015G625 BL-5A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
141 Phase Imaging of the Cranial Region of the Larval Lamprey (Japanese) SUZUKI Daichi 2022P009 BL-14C
144 Control of Strain in Subgrains of Protein Crystals by the Introduction of Grown-In Dislocations KOIZUMI Haruhiko 2021G037 BL-20B
152 Observation of Ferritin Iron Cores under Contrast-Matching Conditions (Japanese) KUWATA Takumi 2021G089 BL-10C
153 Crystal Structures of Enzymes Involved in the Biosynthetic Pathways using Amino-Group Carrier Protein, AmCP KUROSAWA Sumire 2021G672 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A
154 Electric Properties of Fluorinated DNA Related Molecules Revealed by XPS (Japanese) ONUMA Sota 2020G019 BL-27A
163 Does Sparse Radiation Exposure Affect Rat Mammary Cell Competition? (Japanese) NISHIMURA Yukiko 2022G543 BL-27B
187 Development of Artificial Lipid Membrane of the Human Skin Stratum Corneum (Japanese) NAKAZAWA Hiromitsu 2017G599 BL-6A
199 Crystallographic Analysis of the Proteins Involved in the CoA Metabolism YOSHIDA Ayako 2021G555 BL-1A, BL-5A, AR-NE3A
201 Characterization of Glucose Isomerase Crystals Grown under Microgravity Conditions with Impurity Proteins (Japanese) SUZUKI Yoshihisa 2022G613 BL-5A


Medical Applications

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
136 Study for the Transdermal Absorption Properties of Isostearyl Glyceryl Ether Formulation (Japanese) NAKAZAWA Hiromitsu 2022G001, 2023G078 BL-6A
175 Influence of Glycan Agents on Protein Crystallization with Ammonium Sulfate HOSHINO Tyuji 2022G642 BL-17A
204 High-Resolution Mouse Brain Perfusion Imaging by Multi-Pinhole Based X-Ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography ZENIYA Tsutomu 2022G018 AR-NE7A


Industrial Application

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
10 Characterization for Tetrahedral Amorphous-Carbon DLC Films (Japanese) NISHIJIMA Masahhiko 2021L005 BL-7A
156 C-Edge XAFS Analysis of Low-Friction Surfaces (Japanese) HIRAYAMA Tomoko 2022P002 BL-7A
158 XRD Analysis of Oil Film under High Pressure Sliding Condition (Japanese) HIRAYAMA Tomoko 2022G678 BL-18C
159 XAFS Analysis of Boundary Layers at Interface of Metal Substrate and Lubricant (Japanese) HIRAYAMA Tomoko 2022G097 AR-NW10A


Instrumentation and Technique

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
44 Rigorous 3D Cross-Sectional Profiling using Wavelength Dependence of Soft X-Ray Diffraction (Japanese) HOSHINO Tetsuya 2022G594 BL-11D
84 Development of Micro-X-Ray CT System at BL-14B using Parallel Bean Geometry (Japanese) YONEYAMA Akio 2022PF-G002 BL-14B
119 Development and Evaluation of Micro-Spectrometer for SX Excited Fluorescence EJIMA Takeo 2020G130 BL-11D
140 Development of Microfluidic Devices for In Situ Diffraction Data Acquisition GHOSH Swagatha 2022G575 AR-NW12A
149 Improvement of X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Apparatus utilizing 200-Pixel Superconducting Detector (Japanese) SHIKI Shigetomo 2021G666 BL-11A
170 A Wide-Angle Drivable and High-Precision Sample Goniometer (Japanese) AIURA Yoshihiro 2021S2-003 BL-13B
197 Operando Measurement of Transmission Soft X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy on Li-Ion Battery Structure by X-Ray Excited Optical Luminescence (Japanese) KITAMURA Miho 2021G644, 2021G603 BL-2B



No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
34 X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis of Fungal Indole Prenyltransferase with β-Carbolines NAKASHIMA Yu 2020G538 BL-1A
73 Structural Study on Low Symmetry Cassiterite KANAZAWA Kazuki 2021G528 BL-10A


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