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List of Proposals (Japanese)


Atomic and Molecular Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
78 Multi-Atom Resonance in Simple Binary Molecules -Comparison between Solid and Aqueous Solution- BABA Yuji 2019G032 BL-27A
177 High-Resolution Measurements of Cross Section for Low-Energy and Very-Low-Energy Electron Scattering from NH3 KITAJIMA Masashi 2018G516 BL-20A
201 Laser Cooling of Positronium (Japanese) ISHIDA Akira 2018G100 SPF-B1
205 Oxidation States of Copper Oxide Cluster Ions Studied by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy (Japanese) HAYAKAWA Tetsuichiro 2018G148 BL-2B


Surface and Interface

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
37 Operando XAFS Observation of Manganese Water Splitting Electrocatalysts Containing Alkali Metal Cations (Japanese) TSUNEKAWA Shun 2018G589, 2019G674 BL-9A, BL-7A, BL-16A
40 The Development of Ultrasoft X-Ray Conversion Electron Yield Ambient Pressure XAFS System (Japanese) SHIMIZU Hiroshi 2018G595 BL-13A
50 Operando AP-XPS Study of the Pt Thin Film H2 Gas Sensor at Working Conditions (Japanese) TOYOSHIMA Ryo 2018S2-005 BL-13B
80 in situ XAFS Analysis of Pt/TiO2 under Methane Oxidation Conditions (Japanese) BANDO K. Kyoko 2019G070 BL-9C, BL-12C, AR-NW10A
103 Change in Surface Properties across the Crystallographic Edge of Anatase TiO2 OZAWA Kenichi 2018S2-005 BL-13B
116 Development of A Facile Low-Temperature Polarization-Dependent Total Reflection Fluorescence XAFS (LT-PTRF-XAFS) CHUN Wang-Jae 2019G054 BL-9C
126 Multi-Atom Resonant Photoemission in Silicon Compounds BABA Yuji 2019G032 BL-27A
129 Surface-Sensitive Chemical Analysis of Ultrathin Hf/Si(557) Film by Photoelectron - Auger-Electron Coincidence Spectroscopy KAKIUCHI Takuhiro 2019G060 BL-11D
134 Adsorption Structure of Porphyrin Dye on Single Crystal Surface of TiO2 Enhancing Incident Photon Current Efficiency (Japanese) HOSHI Nagahiro 2017G521 BL-4C
143 Electronic States of twisted Bilayer Graphene Fabricated by Direct Bonding in a Aigh Vacuum (Japanese) KOMORI Fumio 2017G575 BL-13B
148 Characterization of GaN Surfaces by X-Ray Crystal Truncation Rods Scattering KITAJIMA Yuri 2018G536 BL-4C, BL-14B, BL-20B
150 Possibility of BCLA+PTRF-EXAFS BHARATE Bapurao 2019G554, 2019G555 BL-15A1
151 Development of operando PTRF-XAFS Technique for Elucidating 3D Structure-Activity Relationship in Heterogeneous Catalysis TAKAKUSAGI Satoru 2018G600 BL-9A
186 XAFS Study of K Adsorption on Graphene Oxide (Japanese) ENTANI Shiro 2018G518 BL-27A, BL-27B
192 Change in Adsorption Structure of Stearic Acid on a Calcite Surface in Contact with Salt Solutions (Japanese) SAKUMA Hiroshi 2018G555 BL-4C
209 Observation of Anisotropic Magnetic Moments at Co/Au Interface by Means of Depth-Resolved XMCD (Japanese) AMEMIYA Kenta 2016S2-005, 2019S2-003 BL-16A
216 Perylene and Bromine on Ag(111) (Japanese) ENDO Osamu 2019G621 BL-7A


Materials Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
10 Development of Analysis Method for Magnetic Diffraction Image Obtained from Fe/MgO Multilayers (Japanese) FUKASAWA Taichi 2018G659 BL-3C
15 Defect Structure Investigations in Amorphous SiO2 Induced on Swift Heavy Ions by SAXS YOSHIOKA Satoru 2012G710 BL-10C
18 Electronic State of N-doped Titanium Oxide (Japanese) FUNABIKI Haruka 2018P018 BL-11A
22 Identification and Sructures of the X-Ray Induced Luminescence Centers in the Zeolites Zr,X,Cs,Na-LTA, X = Cl, Br, and I LIM Seung Hyeon 2018G551 BL-5A
42 Investigation of Chemical State of Simulated Waste Glasses by using XAFS Measurement (Japanese) NAGAI Takayuki 2019G519 BL-27A, BL-27B
44 Magnetic Reversal in Mn4-xNixN Films Measured via X-Ray Magnetic Dichroism KOMORI Taro 2018P011 BL-16A
45 Electronic Structures of Duble-Perovskite Oxide La2CrMnO6 Films (Japanese) YOSHIMATSU Kohei 2019G545 BL-2A
47 Partial Density of States in Functional Zeolite by Soft X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy HOSOKAWA Shinya 2018G597 BL-13A
48 Perpendicular Orbital and Quadrupole Anisotropies at Fe/MgO Interfaces Detected by X-Ray Magnetic Circular and Linear Dichroisms OKABAYASHI Jun 2019G028 BL-7A
49 Relationship between Degree of Order and Magnetic Moments in Candidate of Spin-Gapless Semiconductor CoFeCrAl Studied by XMCD OKABAYSHI Jun 2019G028 BL-7A
60 Room Temperature Proton Conduction of (111)-Oriented Ce0.9Sm0.1O2-δ Thin Film HIGUCHI Tohru 2018G009 BL-2A
63 Improvement of the Hole Mobility of SnO Epitaxial Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition (Japanese) MINOHARA Makoto 2018G606, 2015S2-005 BL-2A
65 Investigation of Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in Sputter-Deposited Fe/MgO Heterostructures by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy IIDA Yuki 2019G028 BL-7A
72 Resonance Photoemission Spectroscopy Study of SmO Thin Films SAKAMOTO Shoya 2016G096 BL-2A
77 Investigation of Local Structure Existing in Aqueous Solutions for Zeolite Synthesis using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy (Japanese) KODAIRA Tetsuya 2019P001 BL-9C, AR-NW-10A
82 Metal-Insulator Transitions in β-Pyrochlore CsW2O6 Revealed by Photoemission (Japanese) SOMA Takuto 2019G58 BL-2A
93 Time-Resolved SAXS Study on the Structural Change of Polymer-Capped Gold Nanorods Induced by an External Electric Field (Japanese) HINO Kazuyuki 2018G077 BL-6A
94 Establishment of in situ Observation of Crack Initiation and Propagation in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic using Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Computed Tomography WATANABE Toshiki 2019S2002 AR-NW2A
95 Stability of Ce3+ Valence State and Lattice Expansion of CeO2 Induced by High Temperature annealing in Vacuum IWASE Akihiro 2012G081 BL-27A
96 Electronic Structures of Perovskite-Type Strontium Chromium Oxyfluoride Thin Films CHIKAMATSU Akira 2017G557, 2018S2-004, 2019G544 BL-2A
98 Structural Changes and Mechanical Changes in Lipid Bilayers Containing n-Alkanes with Different Length (Japanese) USUDA Hatsuho 2018G136 BL-6A, BL-10C
101 Ferromagnetism of V1-xCrxO2 Studied Soft X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism VERMA Kumar Virendra 2019G013 BL-16A
105 Particle Size Dependence of Crystal Structure for Nanoparticles of Perovskite Manganite TbMnO3 TAJIRI Takayuki 2019G039 BL-8B
107 The Effect of the Mn Oxidation State on the Activity of Supported MnOx Nanocluster Catalysts in the 1-Phenylethanol Oxidation Reaction NAKAMURA Kyoko 2018G063 BL-12C
113 Quantitative Evaluation of Analytical Depth in Block Copolymer Thin Film by Tender GISAXS (Japanese) YAMAMOTO Katsuhiro 2018G106 BL-15A2
114 Homopolymer Distribution in Block Copolymer / Homopolymer Blend Thin Film Revealed by Grazing-incident Anomalous X-Ray Scattering (Japanese) YAMAMOTO Katsuhiro 2018G106 BL-10C, BL-15A2
115 Temperature and Pressure Dependence of Microphase Separated Structure in Polystyrene-b-poly(2-ethylhexyl acrylate) (Japanese) YAMAMOTO Katsuhiro 2018G099 BL-10C
117 Co Thickness Dependence of Spin and Crbital Magnetic Moments in W/Co/Pt Heterostructures Studied by X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism CHI Zhendong 2016G066 BL-16A1
118 Relationship between Formation of Kink Structure and Stress-Strain Behavior of an SBS Triblock Copolymer Comprising Lamellar Microdomains Under Uniaxial Stretching (Japanese) TANAKA Ruito 2019G659 BL-15A2
119 Confined and Hidden Crystallization of Poly(ethylene glycol) in Spherulites of Poly(L-lactic acid) in a PLLA/PEG Blend BANPEAN Apisit 2018G027 BL-6A
120 Structural Evolution in Isothermal Crystallization Process of Poly(L-lactic acid) Enhanced by Silk Fibroin Nano-Disc PANDEY Kumar Amit 2017G672 BL-6A
121 Studies on Effects of Coating Process Conditions on Structures and Properties of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Layers Composed of Di- and Tri-Block Copolymers (Japanse) DOI Takahiro 2019G617 BL-6A
122 Morphology Control of Block Copolymer Microdomains by Utilizing Selective Solvent (Japanese) ITO Yuma 2017G527 BL-10C
123 Effects of Loading Amount of Plasticizers on Improved Crystallization of Poly(L-lactic acid) Pham Thi Ngoc DIEP 2018G026 BL-10C
125 Improvement of Hen Egg White Lysozyme Crystal Quality by Control of Dehydration Process KOIZUMI Haruhiko 2018G547 BL-20B
132 Characterisation of Zirconolites Prepared under Different Processing Atmospheres SUN Shikuan 2019G586 BL-27B
137 Phase Transition Behavior of BaTiO3 Observed by X-Ray Fluorescence Holography (Japanese) KAWAMURA Keisuke 2018G058 BL-6C
138 Magnetic Properties of Hexagonal Rare-Earth Ferrite Thin Films (Japanese) YOKOTA Hiroko 2018G017 BL-16A
139 Colloid Concentration Dependence on the Aggregation of Charged Colloids (Japanese) HISHIDA Mafumi 2019G515 BL-6A, BL-10C
146 Local Structure Analysis of W Atoms in CaW0.88Mo0.12O4Solid Solution by -Ray Fluorescence Holography (Japanese) OHTA Miki 2018003 BL-6C
147 Evaluation of Crystal Quality of Thin Protein Crystals by Dynamical Diffraction (Japanese) ABE Marina 2019G103 BL-20B, BL-14B
152 Structural and Diffusional Phase Transformations in Liquid-Quenched Mg85Y9Zn6 Ribbons below the Bifurcation Temperature (Japanese) OKUDA Hiroshi 2017G593,2019G685 BL-6A, BL-9C, BL-10C
153 Skyrmion Phase on a Frustrated Breathing Kagome Lattice HIRSCHBERGER Max 2015S2-007 BL-3A
165 SAXS Study of Spatial Heterogeneity Free Gel at Different Deformation Conditions (Japanese) LI Xiang 2019G055 BL-6A
172 Resonant X-Ray Scattering Study on Antiferromagnetic Order of UNi4B (Japanese) MURATA Ryoya 2018G671 BL-11B
183 Local Structure Analysis of PEG-Containing Co-Zn Ferrite Ranoparticles for Improved Biocompabibity KODAMA Keita 2019G114 BL-9C
188 Local Structural Analysis of Multiferroic Material Pb(Fe1/2Nb1/2)O3 using X-Ray Fluorescence Holography (Japanese) KIMURA Koji 2018G599 BL-6C
190 Crystal Structure Analysis of Mixed Conductive (La, Ca)FeO3 by using Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Powder Diffraction (Japanese) MURAYAMA Tomoki 2018G094 BL-4B2
196 Cesium Removal and Reductive Effect from Fukushima Weathered Biotite Using Molten NaCl-CaCl2 (Japanese) HONDA Mitsunori 2018G065 BL-27B, BL-27A
200 Inverted Band Structure of Topological Dirac-Semimetal Candidate CaAuAs NAKAYAMA Kosuke 2018G653 BL-2A
202 Bulk and Surface Electronic States of Axion Insulator Candidate EuIn2As2 SATO Takafumi 2018S2-001 BL-28A
204 Temperature Dependent Electronic Structure of SrTiO3 by Means of Resonant X-Ray Raman Scattering TAKAHASHI Mizuki 2019G591 BL-7C
207 Study of TiO2:Sm:Nb for Low-Resistance Rare-Earth Light Emitting Layer LED (Japanese) SATO Kenji 2019G023 BL-9A, BL-12C
208 Identification of the State of Deposition Inert Gas Remaining in Transparent Conductive Films Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering NOMOTO Junichi 2019P003 BL-11B
210 Oxidation and Phase Transition Mechanisms of Magnetite (Japanese) KINEBUCHI Ibuki 2019G115 BL-8B, BL-9C
211 Structure and Physical Property of Halogen-Bonded Organic Conductor (EDO-TTF-Br2) 2ReO4 (Japanese) NAKANO Yoshiaki 2017S2-001 BL-8A
217 Resonant X-Ray Scattering Study on Magnetic Structure of UIr2Ge2 (Japanese) KON Fusako 2018G671 BL-11B
221 Electronic Structure of BaIr2Ge7 Studied by ARPES (Japanese) ISHIDA Tatsuhiro 2018S2-001, 2019G122 BL-28A
223 Observation of Strain Field Induced by Al Ion-Implantation Into Siliconcarbide Crystals. (Japanese) TAKAHASHI Yumiko 2018G008 BL-14B, BL-3C
226 Resonant X-Ray Scattering of Chiral Antiferromagnet EuPtSi (Japanese) TABATA Chihiro 2018G671 BL-3A
227 Electronic Characterization of Tetraaza-Acene on the Pentacene Single Crystal (Japanese) GUNJO Yuki 2018S2-005 BL-13B
230 Pressure-induced Variations in the Crystalline Structures of Polyimides Having Flexible Linkages Analyzed by Synchrotron Wide-Angle X-Ray Diffraction MUTO Koichiro 2018G651 BL-6A, BL-10C
231 X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Condensed Sugar-Phosphates IKEURA-SEKIGUCHI Hiromi 2018G0733 BL-27A
233 Temporal Variation of Local Structure in Luminescent Silver Zeolites (Japanese) OKITA Saya 2018G070 AR-NW10A



No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
1 Chemical State Analysis of Cerium Oxide under H2 Atmosphere by Means of XAFS-XRD Simultaneous Measurement UKAWA Takashi 2017G516 BL-15A1
7 Retarded Solid-State Rotations of an Oval-Shaped Guest in a Deformed Cylinder with CH-π Arrays (Japanese) MATSUNO Taisuke 2019G051 BL-1A
27 Synthesis of a Hemispherical Geodesic Phenine Framework via a Polygon Assembling Strategy (Japanese) MIO Tatsuru 2019G051 BL-17A
29 An XAFS Study of Cs Adsorption by the Precipitation Bands of Mn-Fe-Based Prussian Blue Analogues Spontaneously Formed in Gel (Japanese) HAYASHI Hisashi 2018G510 BL-9C, BL-12C
32 A Nitrogen-Doped Nanotube Molecule with Atom Vacancy Defects (Japanese) IKEMOTO Koki 2019G051 BL-17A
64 Reduction Property of NiO Species on Metallic Ni Core under CH4 Atmosphere YAMAMOTO Yusaku 2019G649 BL-9C
67 XAFS Analysis on Vanadium Species Dispersed in Transparent Silica Glass YAMAMOTO Yusaku 2015G545 BL-9C
68 Monitoring the Role of Gold Combined with ZrO2 for CO2 Photoconversion Irradiated by Light ZHANG Hongwei 2019G141 AR-NW10A, BL-9C
71 Effects of Photo Cross-Linking of A Domains in ABA Triblock Copolymers on the Thermal Stability of Micro-Phase Separated Structures and the Segmental Dynamics (Japanese) HAYASHI Mikihiro 2019G667 BL-10C, BL-6A
73 Stabilization Mechanism of Soluble Cesium in Fly Ash Using Geopolymer (Japanese) SHIOTA Kenji 2018G090 BL-12C
75 Monitoring of Active Site in BiOCl used on Photocathode at pH 1.0–2.0 HARA Keisuke 2018G649 BL-9C, AR-NW10A
99 Study of Adsorption state of 2-Eyanopyridine Adsorbed on CeO2(111)/Cu(111) (Japanese) ICHIKAWA Rise 2018S2-005 BL-13B
102 Crystal Structure Analysis of Nechanochromic Luminescent Organic Crystal by SDPD (Japanese) UENO Takuya 2017G608 BL-4B2
104 X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Functional Metal-Sulfur site in Inorganic Material (Japanese) YAMAGUCHI Takahide 2018G038 BL-9C
111 Structural Analysis of Novel Perovskite-Type Oxynitride-Hydride using XAFS (Japanese) KITANO Masaaki 2019G503 AR-NW-10A
112 Structural Analysis of Single Pt Atoms on 12CaO·7Al2O3 using XAFS (Japanese) KITANO Masaaki 2019G503 BL-12C
124 NaTaO3 Photocatalysts Doubly Doped with Metal Cations SUDRAJAT Hanggra 2018G078 BL-12C, AR-NW10A
133 Construction of Light and Electric Field Stimulated Switching Molecular Systems Triggered by Proton Transfers (Japanese) SHIGA Takuya 2018G102 BL-8A
141 Porous Molecular Conductor: Electrochemical Fabrication of Through-Space Conduction Pathways among Linear Coordination Polymers (Japanese) QU Liyuan 2017P016, 2018G083 AR-NW10A, AR-NW2A
142 Redox-Activity Control in a Conducting Single-Molecule Magnet Compound SHEN Yongbing 2018G083 AR-NW2A
144 Conductive Zigzag Pd(III)–Br Chain Complex Realized by Multiple-Hydrogen-Bond Approach (Japanese) MIAN Rasel Mohammad 2016P007 AR-NW10A
149 Emergence of Electrical Conductivity in a Flexible Coordination Polymer by using Chemical Reduction (Japanese) FUKU Kentaro 2019G117 BL-12C
163 Single-Pair SAXS for Analyzing a Conformational Ensemble of Heavy Atom-Labeled Small Molecules TAGUCHI Yuya 2017G566 BL-6A, BL-10C, BL-15A2
166 In situ XAFS Study on In/SiO2 Catalyst for Non-Oxidative Coupling of Methane Dynamic Structure Change during the Activation Process KASHABONIA Upendar 2018G615 AR-NW10A
213 Investigation of the Electronic Structure of HONTA for Minor Actinide Recovery (Japanese) MIYAZAKI Yasunori 2019G603 BL-20A
219 Structural Analysis on Complexes of Rare Earths Formed in the Adsorbent Impregnated with NTA Amides Extractant for Recovery of Minor Actinides OKADA Makoto 2018G573 BL-27B
220 Decontamination of Alkali Chloride Baths Containing Nuclear Material by Precipitation and Distillation Techniques IBE Jun-ya 2018G574 BL-27B
222 Microphase-Separated Structure of a Diblock Copolymer Blended with a Random Copolymer HIRAI Hajime 2017G172 BL-6A
224 EXAFS Analysis for Au/La2O3 Catalysts Active for Selective Esterification of Methacrolein to Methyl Methacrylate with Molecular Oxygen BAL Rajaram 2017G190 BL-9C
232 Structure of Metallic Tungsten Nanoparticles on Carbon Support Revealed by XAFS (Japanese) WAKIZAKA Masanori 2017G046 BL-12C, BL-9A, BL-9C


High Pressure Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
16 B1-B2 Structural Transition in Layered Perovskite Oxyhydrides (Japanese) YAMAMOTO Takafumi 2019G021 AR-NE1A
24 Retention of Filled-Ice Structure of Methane Hydrate up to 134 GPa KADOBAYASHI Hirokazu 2018G524 BL-18C
26 Powder X-Ray Diffraction Study under Pressures and at Low Temperatures using GM Refrigerator (Japanese) UEDA Ryodai 2019G550 BL-18C
33 High-Pressure Behavior of Ar ONO Shigeaki 2019G003 AR-NE1A
36 Rheology of Hexagonal-Close Packed (Hcp) Iron (Japanese) NISHIHARA Yu 2018G024 AR-NE7A
74 High-Pressure X-Ray Diffraction Study on the Phase Transition of Methane Hydrate in Water-Methane-Ammonia System KADOBAYASHI Hirokazu 2018G569 BL-18C
86 Structural Transition of CeCoSi at Room Temperature (Japanese) KAWAMURA Yukihiro 2018G635 BL-18C
178 In situ Observation of Synthesis process for CuInS2 Nanoparticles by Cation Exchange (Japanese) SEKINE Chihiro 2019G090 AR-NE5C


Biological Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
3 X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of the Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase FmoA3 (Japanese) SONE Kaoru 2017G165 BL-1A
4 Effects of Cholesterol Derivative on Membrane Stability of Positively Charged Lipoplexes (Japanese) YONEMOCHI Etsuo 2017G652 BL-10C
6 Studies on Calcium Minerals Containing Phosphate and Magnesium Ions in Living Organisms using XAFSA (Japanese) IWAHASHI Haruka 2017G050 BL-9A
8 Development of Inhibitors against Carbapemases Produced by Multidrug Resistant Bacteria (Japanese) WACHINO Jun-ichi 2017G062 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
9 Structural Determination of the B1 Protein from the Lasso Peptide Biosynthesis Pathway (Japanese) SUMIDA Tomomi 2017G591 AR-NW12A, BL-1A, BL-5A
11 Structural Analysis of Keratinolysis-Related Enzymes from Arthroderma vanbreuseghemii (Japanese) FURUKAWA Nayuta 2018G627 AR-NW12A
12 Crystal Structure of the SH2 Domain of Fer Tyrosine Kinase Bound to a Phosphotyrosine Peptide MATSUURA Yoshiyuki 2016G513 BL-17A
14 Crystal Structures of Unmodified and AGE-Modified Human CRMP2 JIANG Xuguang 2018G143 BL-5A, BL-17A
17 SAXS Analysis of Higher Order Structure of Porcine Protein Disulfide Isomerase-P5 (Japanese) SATO Yuto 2019G113 BL-6A
25 Crystallization and Preliminary X-Ray Analysis of Indigo Reductase from Thermophilic bacillus (Japanese) YONEDA Kazunari 2018G502, 2019G015 AR-NE3A
28 Structures of Reaction Intermediates of Two Distinct Types of Cysteine Desulfurases FUJISHIRO Takashi 2019G505 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
30 Structural Analysis of Kanamycin Biosynthetic Enzymes (Japanese) MIYANAGA Akimasa 2018G507 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
31 X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis of Plant Type III Polyketide Synthase, PECPS WONG Piow Chin 2018G522 BL-1A
41 Crystal Structure of Galactose 1-Phosphate Uridylyltransferase OHSHIDA Tatsuya 2019G015 BL-5A
56 Improvement of Crystallization and Collection of X-Ray Diffraction Data of Kinesin Spindle Protein CENP-E (Japanese) SHIBUYA Asuka 2018G523 BL-17A, BL-1A
57 Structural Analysis of Lys49-Phospholipase A2 Derived from Snake Venom (Japanese). KAMATA Shizuka 2017G595 BL-17A
58 Attempt to Observe the Structure of Schizophyllan Monomer by Small Angle X-Ray Scattering and Molecular Dynamics Simulation MATSUMURA Yoshitaka 2018G526 BL-6A
61 Structure Study of AmpC β-lactamase Isolated from Enterobacter cloacae Ent385 Clinical Strain (Japanese) KAWAI Akito 2017G554 BL-17A
69 Crystal Structure Analysis and Conformational Stabilization in Folded State of Backbone-Circularized Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor (Japanese) SHIBUYA Risa 2019G681 BL-1A, BL-17A
70 Comparison of the Effects of Cholesterol and Two Different Oxysterols on the Structure of Saturated Phosphatidylcholine Bilayer Membranes (Japanese) HOSHINO Tatsuya 2014G690 BL-6A
76 X-Ray Crystallographic Study of TIFA Involved in Innate Immunity (Japanese) NAKAMURA Teruya 2015G041, 2013G090 BL-1A, AR-NE3A
79 Cell Dynamics of Two-Dimensional Cultured Rat Mammary Cells Irradiated with an X- Ray Microbeam (Japanese) NISHIMURA Yukiko 2018G515 BL-27B
85 Crystal Structure of a GH68 Fructosyltransferase from Beijerinckia indica (Japanese) TONOZUKA Takashi 2017G513 BL-17A
87 Crystal Structure Analysis of the Full-Length LTTR-DNA Complex (Japanese) SENDA Miki 2019G071 BL-1A, BL-17A
88 Toughening of Thermoplastic Elastomers via Introduction of Dynamic Bonds NAKAGAWA Shintaro 2019G160 BL-6A
89 Human Hair as a Possible Diagnostic Tissue for Breast Cancer: Correlation between Ca Accumulation in Hair Medulla and Cancer Status Estimated by Pathological Data TORIGATA Masaya 2018G540 BL-11B, BL-4A
90 Chromatid-Type Aberrations Induced by Monoenergetic Soft X Rays with Resonance Energy of Phosphorus K-Shell Absorption Edge SUZUKI Masao 2009G679 BL-27A
97 Structures of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase with HBV-Associated Triple Mutations in Complex with Chirally-Distinct Nucleoside Analogues, ETV-TP and 3TC-TP YASUTAKE Yoshiaki 2017-R15, 2018-RP31 BL-1A, BL-17A
100 X-Ray Structure of Arthrobacter globiformis M30 Ketose 3-Epimerase YOSHIDA Hiromi 2019G518 AR-NE3A, BL-5A
106 X-Ray Diffraction Experiment for Joint X-Ray/Neutron Structure Determination of CuNIR FUKUDA Yohta 2019G104 AR-NE3A
108 Structural Analysis of MMOB1620 Composing the Motor of Mycoplasma mobile (Japanese) SATO Hiroki 2019G666 BL-10C
109 Study on the Reaction Mechanism of Lachrymatory Factor Synthases from Allium Species (Japanese) SATO Yuta 2018G043 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
127 Structures of Major Pilins in Clostridium perfringens Demonstrate Dynamic Conformational Change KAMITORI Shigehiro 2018G538 BL-5A
131 Structural Analysis of Nucleic Acid-Encapsulated Nanocarriers Composed of Self-Degrading Lipid-like Substances (Japanese) YONEMOCHI Etsuo 2019G118 BL-10C
135 Structural Biology of Human TRPV1 Channel Intracellular Domain toward Elucidation of Redox Mechanism TANAKA Miki 2016G508 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
136 Structure-Based Analysis of Base Excision Mechanism of DNA Oxidative Damage Repair Enzyme, hOGG1 (Japanese) KOMURO Saki 2019G512 BL-5A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
140 Molecular Evolution of Myoglobin upon Land-to-Sea Transition of Whales Traced by the Structure Factor of Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering IMAMURA Hiroshi 2018G130 BL-10C
145 Structural Analysis of PI5P4K-Uucleotide Complexes to Unveil the Evolution of the Intra Cellular GTP Sensor (Japanese) TAKEUCHI Koh 2019G063 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A2, AR-NE3A
154 Structure and Function Analysis of α-Ketoglutarate Dependent Dioxygenase Involved in the Biosynthesis of Fungal Meroterpenoids (Japanese) MORI Takahiro 2018G001 BL-1A
155 Pb Speciation of Biological and Environmental Samples in Kabwe, Zambia (Japanese) NAKAYAMA Shouta 2019G088 BL-12C
156 Structural Analysis of the Helicobacter pylori CagA-intracellular Target Complex Involved in Gastric Carcinogenesis (Japanese) NAGASE Lisa 2019G081 BL-1A, BL-17A
162 Structural Study on Atg8-receptor Complexes that Mediate ER-Phagy YAMASAKI Akinori 2019RP-19 BL-1A, AR-NE3A
164 Structural Analysis of the Substrate Binding Protein of a Hydrazide Transporter (Japanese) SHIMAMURA Kaho 2017G065 BL-1A, BL-5A
167 High Resolution Crystal Structure Analyses of the Complexes of CD28 Family Molecules and Signaling Proteins NUMOTO Nobutaka 2016G638 BL-1A, AR-NW12A
168 Crystal Structure Analysis of the Substrate-Binding Complexes of PET Degrading Enzyme Cut190 NUMOTO Nobutaka 2017G514 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A
170 Structural Analysis of Silkworm Sucrose Hydrolase Belonging to GH13 Family (Japanese) MIYAZAKI Takatsugu 2019G097 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
173 Structural Analysis of Enterococcus faecalis GH31 α-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase (Japanese) MIYAZAKI Takatsugu 2019G097 BL-5A
175 The Response of Cells to DNA Damage and Cell Proliferation Depends on the Size of the X-Irradiated Cell Population OJIMA Mitsuaki 2019G030 BL-27B
179 Recognition of Antigens by Nanobodies from Structural and Energetic Viewpoints CAAVEIRO Jose 2013G738, 2014G190 AR-NW12A, BL-5A
184 Crystal Structure of Fab Fragment of Anti-Osteocalcin Antibody KTM219 with the Addition of Fluorophore TAMRA YAZAKI Shuma 2016G617, 2018G636 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A
187 The Substrate Recognition Mechanism of Lysine Hydroxylase and Lysine Oxidase (Japanese) MIYAMOTO Toshiya 2018G520 BL-5A
194 Ligand Bound Structure for Class IB Terpene Synthase (Japanese) FUJIHASHI Masahiro 2019G530 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A
197 Crystallographic Analysis of the Enzymes Involved in Regulation of CoA Metabolism YOSHIDA Ayako 2019G546 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
198 Crystal Structures of Enzymes Involved in Novel Lysine Biosynthetic Pathway Using Amino-Group Carrier Protein TOMITA Takeo 2019G548 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
199 Crystallographic Analysis of Enzymes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Natural Products Possessing Complicated Chemical Structures TOMITA Takeo 2018G047 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
215 Electrostatic Potentials around the Proteins Crystallized by Ammonium Sulfate Preferably HOSHINO Tyuji 2018G613 BL-17A
225 Analysis of Extracellular Vesicles on X-Rays Irradiated Cancer Cells (Japanese) OHARA Maki 2018G684 BL-27B


Medical Applications

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
62 Relationship between Physiological Umbilical Herniation and Liver Morphogenesis during the Human Embryonic Period (Japanese) KANAHASHI Toru 2019G542 BL-14C
185 Observation of Tongue Cicatricle Tissue in the Phase Contrast Image using Synchrotron Radiation (Japanese) KONO Tetsuro 2018G126 BL-14B
228 Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (SR-XRF) of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Deciduous Teeth YASUMITSU-LOVELL Kahoko 2018G593 BL-4A


Industrial Application

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
20 B Κ-Edge XANES Analysis of Tribofilms Formed on Metal Surfaces by CVTF Ccontaining Boron Additive IWANAMI Yoshimu 2019C211 BL-7A
35 XAFS Analysis of Mg-Doped GaN (Japanese) ISOMURA Noritake 2019L007 BL-16A


Instrumentation and Technique

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
38 Attempt to Generate X-Ray Beam Carrying Orbital Angular Momentum (Japanese) NAKAO Hironori 2017G559 BL-16A, BL-13A
83 Stimulated Emission Depletion Phenomenon in Luminescence of Ce: LSO Excited by Soft X-Rays (Japanese) EJIMA Takeo 2018G072 BL-11D
92 Micro-Scale Scanning Microscopy Measurement using High-Precision XYZ Translator (Japanese) AIURA Yoshihiro 2018S2-005 BL-13B
128 A Brand-New 6-6 Assembly for a Cubic-Type of Multianvil Apparatus FUCHIZAKI Kazuhiro 2018G583 AR-NE5C
130 Calibration of a CCD-Based Energy Monitor for High Power Soft X-Ray Lasers DINH Thanh-Hung 2017G638 BL-11D
161 Surface Elemental Imaging of Ge Quantum Dots on a Si Surface by XANAM SUZUKI Shushi 2018G066 BL-7C
171 Development and Evaluation of Organic Semiconductor Radiation Detector for Medical Radiation Imaging (Japanese) TAKADA Eiji 2019G576 BL-14A
181 Diffraction and Focusing of Coherent Soft X-Rays (Japanese) HOSHINO Tetsuya 2016G595, 2018G552 BL-11D
189 Visualization of Thermal Propagation in Biomedical Sample using X-Ray Thermography (Japanese) YONEYAMA Akio 2016G578 BL-14C
195 Sample Observation by Talbot Optics Installed Soft X-Ray Projection Microscopy SHIINA Tatsuo 2018G129 BL-11A, BL-16A
212 X-Ray Differential Phase Imaging using Foucault Knife-Edge and Diffuser Plate WATANABE Norio 2018G641 BL-3C
214 Development of Soft X-Ray Spectro-Microscope with Wolter Mirror WATANABE Norio 2018G640 BL-11D



No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
19 Transmission Curve Measurement of the Vacuum Window Installed in the X-Ray Astronomy Satellite (Japanese) MIDOOKA Takuya 2018G509 BL-7C, BL-11B
157 X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Dark Inclusions in a Meteorite from Asteroid 4 Vesta TAKAHASHI Miki 2019G610 BL-3A
191 Homogeneity Characterization of Lattice Spacing and Lattice Comparison for Silicon Crystals by the Self-Referenced Lattice Comparator (Japanese) WASEDA Atsushi 2019G092 BL-3C
237 Enrichment Mechanisms of Antimony and Arsenic in Marine Ferromanganese Oxides: Insights from the Structural Similarity QIN Haibo 2018G089, 2018G575 BL-4A, BL-12C, BL-15A
238 Speciation and Isotope Ratios of Fe in Biomass Burning Aerosols and Anthropogenic Aerosols KURISU Minako 2018G575, 2018S1001, 2019G093 BL-4A, BL-12C, BL-13A, BL-19A


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