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Users' Short Reports
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List of Proposals (Japanese)


Atomic and Molecular Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
126 Comparative Studies on the Doubly Excited States of H2O and H2S in the Photoexcitation HOSAKA Kouichi 2016G001 BL-20A
235 Radiation Damage of Iron(III)-Organic Complexes by Hard and Soft X-Ray Microscopy SAKATA Kohei 2016G632, 2016S2-002 BL-13A, BL-15A1
245 Oxygen Addition to Cerium Oxide Clusters Studied by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy (Japanese) HAYAKAWA Tetsuichiro 2016G183 BL-2B
247 Ultra-Low-Energy Total Cross Sections for Electron Scattering from O2 KITAJIMA Masashi 2016G521 BL-20A
265 XAFS Analysis and PL Site Transition of Ag-Type Zeolite-A (Japanese) YONEYA Rikuto 2016G056 AR-NW10A
271 Test of New Silica Cavity and Gamma-Ray Detection Method for Positronium Laser Cooling (Japanese) ISHIDA Akira 2017P009 SPF-B1


Surface and Interface

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
4 Characterization of PdCuCr Ternary Nanoparticles Constructed within a Basic Resin MORI Kohsuke 2015G025 BL-9C
45 Resonant Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of the Electronic Structure of the VO Film on Ag(100) (Japanese) SUGIZAKI Yuichi 2017G017 BL-3B
47 Ion Desorption from Cesium Chloride and Cesium-adsorbed Soil BABA Yuji 2017G507 BL-27A
53 EXAFS Characterization of In /SiO2 as Methane Activation Catalyst NAGAMATSU Shin-ichi 2016G546 AR-NW10A
65 Control of the Metal-Insulator Transition in VO2Thin Films by K Deposition II (Japanese) SHIGA Daisuke 2015S2-005 BL-2A
81 Co-Ion Valence Dependence of Lamellar Repeat Distance of Anionic Lipid Bilayers and a Novel Working Mechanism of the Electrostatic Double-Layer Interaction (Japanese) HISHIDA Mafumi 2015G604 BL-6A, BL-10C
83 Determination of Real Surface Structure of Pt Alloy Single Crystal Electrodes Enhancing the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (Japanese) HOSHI Nagahiro 2015G636 BL-4C
87 Hydrogen-Induced Two-Dimensional Electronic States at Anatase-TiO2 (001) Surface (Japanese) YUKAWA Ryu 2016G164 BL-2A
96 Local Valence Electronic State of HfSi2 Surface Component on Low-Indexed Si(110) Substrate KAKIUCHI Takuhiro 2017G041 BL-11D
114 Topological Surface State on Kondo Insulator SmB6(111) (Japanese) OHTSUBO Yoshiyuki 2017G537 BL-2A
120 Characterization of Fe-Ni Alloy on a Ceria Support as a Noble-Metal-Free Catalyst MORI Kohsuke 2017G025 BL-9C
148 Magnetic Properties of Magnetic Topological Insulator Heterostructures (Japnese) KUSAKA Shotaro 2017P006 BL-16A
151 Revisit of Pt Deposition via Surface Limited Redox Replacement of Copper UPD Layer on Au(111) by EXAFS YUAN Qiuyi 2017G156 BL-9A, BL-12C
175 Analysis of Adsorption Structure of Oil Model Compounds at Calcite/Salt Water Interfaces (Japanese) SAKUMA Hiroshi 2016G067 BL-4C
195 Structural Analysis of Bilayer-Graphene Intercalation Compounds on SiC by Total-Reflection High-Energy Positron Diffraction (Japanese) ENDO Yukihiro 2016G607 SPF-A3
202 Study on the Behavior of the Photoelectrons with Lower Energies in the Ultra Thin Film of Silicon Oxide IMAMURA Motoyasu 2016G094 BL-3B
219 NiO Thickness Dependence on Magnetic Anisotropy of NiO/Ni/Cu(001) Thin Films (Japanese) AMEMIYA Kenta 2013G157, 2013S2-004, 2016S2-005 BL-7A, BL-12C, BL-16A
220 Mechanism of Laser-Induced Change in Magnetic Anisotropy of Pt/Co/Pt Thin Films by Means of Spatially-Resolved Polarization-Dependent EXAFS (Japanese) AMEMIYA Kenta 2013S2-004, 2016G628 BL-9A, BL-16A
221 Interaction between Bromine and Perylene on Au(111): Doping and Successive Coupling Reaction (Japanese) ENDO Osamu 2017G560 BL-7A
223 Energy Level Alignment at Hetero-Interfaces in Sub-Phthalocyanine Based Solar Cells FOGGIATTO Lira Alexandre 2016G584 BL-3B, BL-13B
259 Surface Characterization of Polycrystalline Hemin IKEURA-SEKIGUCHI Hiromi 2016G198 BL-27A
262 Electronic States of Sn(1x1) Atomic layer at graphene-SiC(0001) interface (Japanese) KOMORI Fumio 2017G575 BL-13B
275 Operando Observation of Cobalt-Carbonate Oxygen Evolution Catalyst (Japanese) HIUE Tomoki 2016G647, 2017G529 BL-9A, BL-7A, BL-16A
282 Adsorbed Structures of Oxygen Species on Pt(111) during Oxygen Reduction Reaction KONDO Toshihiro 2016G588, 2017G126 BL-3A, BL-4C


Materials Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
2 Self-Assembling Structure of Two-Component Organogelator (Japanese) TAKENO Hiroyuki 2016G608 BL-6A
3 Electron Correlations, Oxygen Vacancies, or Both? Revisiting a Foundational Paradigm of Strongly-Correlated Electron Systems RÖDEL Tobias 2016G621 BL-2A
15 Characterization of Electrode Reaction of Li Ion Rechargeable Battery using XAFS and LIBS Methods (Japanese) KAWAMATA Toru 2015G634 BL-7C
21 Study on Mechanism of Phase Separation between Stiff Polymers with Different Molecular Width (Japanese) KATO Itsuki 2015G564 BL-6A
22 In-Plane XRD of Cobalt-Doped Manganese Oxide Nanosheets (Japanese) SAKAI Nobuyuki 2014G571 BL-6C
23 Crystal Structure of MoS2 Nanosheets Revealed by In-Plane XRD Analysis (Japanese) SAKAI Nobuyuki 2016G565 BL-6C
33 XANES Evidence on Active Species over MCM-48 Doped with Chromium KATO Yuki 2016G518 BL-9C
36 Photoanodic Properties and Electronic Structures of MTiO3 Films (M = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni) (Japanese) YOSHIMATSU Kohei 2017G596, 2015S2-005 BL-2A
48 Local Thermal Expansions and Lattice Strains in Invar, Elinvar and Stainless Steel Alloys YOKOYAMA Toshihiko 2017G034 BL-9C
64 X-Ray Analysis of the Supramolecular Structure in an Octahedral Metallomesogen (Japanese) YOSHIDA Jun 2016P002 BL-8A, BL-8B
67 Direct Synthesis of Molybdenum Carbide Nanosheets via A Pseudo-Topotactic Solid-State Reaction of Exfoliated Molybdate Nanosheets FUKUDA Katsutoshi 2016G579 BL-6C
68 Electronic and Crystalline Structures in SrCoO3-δ Thin Film Obtained by Ozonization (Japanese) YOKOYAMA Yuichi 2015S2-007, 2015G556, 2017G597 BL-16A, BL-3A
74 Evaluation of Uranium Chemical State in Borosilicate Glasses by using XAFS Measurement (Japanese) NAGAI Takayuki 2017G049 BL-27B
82 X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Primitive Micrometeorites Recovered from Antarctic Surface Snow SHIMIZU Shota 2017G632 BL-3A
86 Analysis of Microstructure of Conjugated Polymers Having Helical and Fiber Structure (Japanese) HAYASHI Hiroki 2017G003 BL-8B
88 Spectral Change in Photoemission Spectra of Anatase TiO2 by Irradiating Synchrotron Radiation (Japanese) AIURA Yoshihiro 2017G694 BL-13B
92 Temperature Dependent Local Structures in an Inver Alloy HOSOKAWA Shinya 2016G674, 2014G691 BL-6C
93 Local Structures in FeSe1-xTex High-Temperature Superconductor HOSOKAWA Shinya 2015G526 BL-6C
99 Structural Variations of Ferroelectric Material (Bi1-xLax)2SiO5 (0 < x < 0.1) YAMAURA Jun-ichi 2016S2-004 BL-8A
115 Investigation of Extended Superconducting Dome in Protect-Annealed Pr1.3-xLa0.7CexCuO4 LIN Chun 2015S2-003, 2016G096 BL-28A
121 Resonant X-Ray Scattering Study on Electronic Hybridization in Unconventional Ordered Phase of PrRu4P12 (Japanese) NAKAO Hironori 2009S2-008, 2012S2-005, 2017G553 BL-11B, BL-4C, BL-3A
128 Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy at the Interface of Ultrathin CoFe2O4/Al2O3 Heterostructures grown on Si Substrate Proved by Angle-Dependent X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism (Japanese) NONAKA Yosuke 2016S2-005 BL-16A
129 EXAFS Analysis of Transition Metal Nano-Particles in Ionic Liquids with Reducing Ability (Japanese) KIMURA Yoshifumi 2017G564 BL-12C
132 Regular Ordering of Spherical Microdomains in a Dewetted Monolayer Film by Thermal Annealing of a Superthin Film of a Triblock Copolymer BAYOMI Rasha Ahmed Hanafy 2018G027 BL-6A
133 Effects of A Liquid-Type Crystallization on Isothermal Crystallization Behaviors of Poly(L-Lactic Acid) as Analyzed by Simultaneous Small- and Wide-Angle X-Ray Scattering Measurements DIEP Pham Thi Ngoc 2018G026 BL-10C
136 Orienting Cylindrical Microdomains in an SEBS Triblock Copolymer / Diluent Sheet by Application of Temperature Gradient YAMANAKA Ryo 2017G527 BL-10C
137 Study on Structural Response of Glassy Spherical Microdomains Upon Uniaxial Stretching of Triblock Copolymer Films TOMITA Shogo 2017G672 BL-6A
141 X-Ray Emission Spectroscopy on La0.05Sr0.95TiO3 (Japanese) AIURA Yoshihiro 2017G058, 2017G694 BL-16A, BL-13B
147 Structural Analysis of High-Tc Candidate Materials LaNdSmNi2O6 (Japanese) UEHARA Masatomo 2016P009 BL-4B2
158 Molecular Orientation Analysis of Pentacenequinone in Films by using NEXAFS (Japanese) YAMADA Kazuto 2013G170 BL-13B
160 Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Study of Tetragonal and Cubic Perovskite-Type PbTiO3 YOSHIASA Akira 2012G540 BL-10A
161 Temperature Dependence of the Pre-edge Features in the XANES Spectra of Tetragonal and Cubic BaTiO3 and PbTiO3 YOSHIASA Akira 2013G542, 2015G505, 2015G506 BL-10A, BL-9C
162 Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Study of Ca2NaCd2V3O12 Garnet YOSHIASA Akira 2016G520 BL-10A
164 Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymer Elastomers Comprising Main-Chain Liquid Crystal Polyesters Attached to Cross-Linked Amorphous Segments at Both Ends TOKITA Masatoshi 2016G612 BL-6A
165 XAFS Analysis of Local Structure near a Ni Atom in Al0.3CrFeCoNi High Entropy Alloys (Japanese) NIKI Junpei 2017G581 BL-9C
171 Study of Local Structure and Photoluminescence of Sm3+ Ions in TiO2 Thin Films II (Japanese) MURAYAMA Mariko 2017G014 BL-9A
176 Electronic States of Layered Perovskite Oxyfluoride Sr2RuO3F2 Thin Films by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Theoretical Calculations CHIKAMATSU Akira 2015G577, 2017G557, 2015S2-005 BL-2A
179 Structural Analysis of Ca2SiO4 Phosphor using Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction (Japanese) WOO Hyun-Joo 2016G138 BL-4B2
181 The Local Structure of (Ce1-xZrx)O2 Solid Solutions NAKAI Ikuo 2015G679 BL-9A, BL-9C, AR-NW10A
182 EXAFS Study on Irradiation-Induced Hardening of Fe Ternary Alloys IWASE Akihiro 2016G037 BL-27B
184 EXAFS Study on Clustering of Fe Atoms Implanted in Silica Glass FUKUDA Kengo 2017G520, 2016G534 BL-27B
188 Formation of LPSO Structures from Mg85Gd9Zn6 Amorphous Ribbon (Japanese) OKUDA Hiroshi 2017G593 BL-6A
189 Extension of GISAXS Measurements below 1.5 keV Region (Japanese) OKUDA Hiroshi 2016G563 BL-11A, BL-15A2, BL-6A
193 Observation of Behavior of Stacking Faults in SiC Crystal with Ultraviolet Light Irradiation by Synchrotron Topography (Japanese) HARADA Shunta 2017G673 BL-20B
194 Particle Size Dependence of Crystal Structure of Mn3O4 Nanoparticles TAJIRI Takayuki 2017G027 BL-8B
196 Structural Evolution from Iron Sulfide Nanoparticle to Pyrite (Japanese) SANO Yoshinari 2017G679 BL-9C, BL-8A
197 Dodecagonal Quasicrystals in Binary Mixtures of Block Copolymers and Homopolymers TAKAGI Hideaki 2017G546 BL-15A2
205 ARPES Study of Te-Annealed 11-Type Iron-Based Superconductor FeTe1-xSex KOSHIISHI Keisuke 2015S2-003, 2016G096 BL-28A
207 ARPES and XMCD Studies of the van der Waals Ferromagnet Cr2Ge2Te6 SUZUKI Masahiro 2015S2-003, 2016G096, 2016S2-005 BL-16A, BL-28A
209 Changes in Long Period of Polyamide 6 Filament by Heating KIMURA Kai 2017G582 BL-6A
214 Exchange of Tetrapositive Cations into Zeolites for Zeolite-Based Inorganic scintillators. Crystal Structures and Scintillation Properties of Hf4+- and Zr4+-Containing LTA KIM Young Joon 2016G677 BL-5A
215 Voltage-Dependent Magnetic Properties of Co/BiFeO3 Heterostructure: X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Study CHI Zhendong 2016S2-005 BL-16A
216 Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy of L10-Ordered FePt Thin Films Studied by Fe L-Edge Magnetic Field Angle-Dependent X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroicsm IKEDA Keisuke 2016S2-005 BL-16A
217 Crystal Structure Analysis of a New Structure Family of Oxide-Ion Conductor Ca0.8Y2.4Sn0.8O6 by the High-Temperature X-Ray Powder Diffraction (Japanese) FUJII Kotaro 2014G508, 2015G047, 2016G644, 2017G168 BL-4B2
225 Synthesis of PEG Covered CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles and XAFS Spectra (Japanese) KANDA Kouhei 2016G139 BL-9C
231 Angle-Resolved Photoemission Study on (Sr, La)2IrO4 TERASHIMA Kensei 2016G079 BL-28A
240 Development of XAFS/XRD Simultaneous Measurement Technique at High Temperatures KIMIJIMA Ken´ichi 2015S2-002, 2016S2-001 BL-15A1
241 XAS Study of Intercalation Mechanism of Electrode Materials with the Hollandite-Type Structure KIJIMA Norihito 2016G679 BL-9C
242 Structures of Intermediate Region between Lamellar and Onion Phases in a Nonionic Surfactant (C14E5)/Water System SUZUKI Kento 2017G567 BL-15A2
244 X-Ray Diffraction Experiments under High Pressure in Tetragonal Mn Alloys (Japanese) OKADA Hironari 2017G077 BL-18C
252 Observation of Magnetic Depth Profiles for C Cluster Ion Irradiated FeRh Thin Films with Depth-Resolved X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism MATSUI Toshiyuki 2016S2-005 BL-16A
254 XMCD Analysis of Clustered Fe/Cr Multilayer Films (Japanese) IKEDA Yuria 2017G558 BL7A
255 Unoccupied Electronic States of Polydimethylsilane Studied by Resonant Auger Spectroscopy (Japanese) OGAWA Hiroshi 2016G198 BL-27A
256 Influence on Molucular Orientation of DNTT Film on Cupper by Diamine Molecular Adhesion Layers HONYA Keisuke 2017G173 BL-27A, BL-3B, BL-11A, BL-11D, BL-13B
257 Structure and Reaction of Porous Cathode Electrode Material Containing Iron Ion (Japanese) SONOYAMA Noriyuki 2017G118 BL-9C
260 Examination of the Fine Structure of Tin-Niobates by XAFS (Japanese) SAMIZO Akane 2017G685 BL-9C
261 Structure of Bi Sheet in the Nanoparticles (Japanese) ISONO Hayato 2017G104 BL-12C
263 Microstructure Analysis using X-Ray Absorption on Heat-Affected Zone of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel (Japanese) IWATA Keiko 2016G118 BL-27B
264 Soft X-Ray Resonant Scattering on TbNiC2 (Japanese) TABATA Chihiro 2016G660 BL-16A
266 Morphology of Silver Nanoparticles in Silver Citrate Solution Irradiated by Visible Lights (Japanese) TANIMOTO Hisanori 2015G569 BL-10C, BL-15A2
270 Grain Boundary State and Low-Temperature Lattice Parameter of Nanocrystalline Metals (Japanese) TANIMOTO Hisanori 2016G089 BL-8A
273 Chiral Smectic Transition Phases Appearing near the Electric Field-Induced Phase Transition Observed by Resonant Micro-Beam X-Ray Scattering (4) IIDA Atsuo 2016G604 BL-4A
274 Evaluation of the Mn-Doped ZnO Thin Films Fabricated by RF Magnetron Sputtering (Japanese) TAMAMOTO Yuri 2016G530 BL-27B
276 ARPES Study of High ZT Thermoelectric Material SnSe NAGAYAMA Takanobu 2016G157 BL-28A
279 Effects of Air Exposure on the Surface Chemical Composition of CH3NH3PbI3 Single Crystal (Japanese) YAMANAKA Soichiro 2017G700 BL-13B
283 Temperature Dependent O K Resonant X-Ray Emission Spectra of CaCu3Ti4O12 TEZUKA Yasuhisa 2017G706 BL-16A
285 Local Structure around Mn in IV-VI Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor (Sn, Mn)Te and Correlation with Magnetic Properties (Japanese) ISHIKAWA Ryo 2017G600 BL-9A, BL-12C
291 Self-Energy of the High-Tc superconductor Bi2Sri2CaCui2O8+δ in Superconducting States (Japanese) YOSHIDA Teppei 2017G095 BL-28A
292 Evidence for Chiral Crystal Structure of RE3Tr4Sn13 (RE = La and Ce, Tr = Co and Rh) IWASA Kazuaki 2012S2-005, 2015G549, 2016P006 BL-8B, BL-4C, BL-8A, BL-11B
293 Pressure-Induced Phase Transition of Lawsonite into Primitive Lattice OKAMOTO Keitaro 2016G558 BL-10A
295 X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy Analysis of Graphene/YIG Heterostrcuture with Dirac Cone Spin Polarization SAKAI Seiji 2017G030 BL-7A
303 Surface X-Ray Scattering on Pt-skin/Pt3Co(111) Single-Crystal Electrode Highly Activity for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction KOBAYASHI Shun 2017G123 BL-3A, BL-4C
304 Characterization of Ni-Au Nanoparticles Synthesized by Gamma-Ray Irradiation Reduction Method TODA Shintaro 2017G545 BL-27A



No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
7 XAFS Analysis of Carbon-Supported Co Catalysts from Co(Saeln) Complex (Japanese) YOSHII Takeharu 2016G006 BL-9C
31 Uniformity-Evaluation of Polymer Networks by Anomalous Small Angle Scattering (ASAXS) (Japanese) MORISHIMA Ken 2017G100 BL-10C
32 Molecular Structure of Rigid Cyclic Amylose Carbamate Derivatives in Solution (Japanese) TERAO Ken 2015G543, 2013G516, 2011G557, 2010G080 BL-10C, BL-6A
50 Monitoring of Electron Diffusion During High-Pressure CO2 Photoconversion in Layered Double Hydroxides ZHANG Hongwei 2016G577 BL-12C, AR-NW10A
52 Operando XAFS Analysis of a Rhodium-Chromium Oxide Cocatalyst Loaded on a Strontium Titanate Photocatalyst for Water Splitting (Japanese) HISATOMI Takashi 2017G076 AR-NW10A
54 Extracting the Surface States of Pt Films under Electrochemical Environments using Total Reflection Fluorescence X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy WAKISAKA Yuki 2016G035, 2017G628 BL-9A
56 Ligand Exchange Reaction from Cl to Br on the Brust-Schiffrin Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis UEHARA Akihiro 2017G054 BL-27B
58 XAFS Analysis of the Pd Complex Loaded on the Pores of Zeolite Y (Japanese) OKUMURA Kazu 2015G525 AR-NW10A
63 Ratchet-Free Solid-State Inertial Rotation of a Guest Ball in a Tight Tubular Host (Japanese) MATSUNO Taisuke 2017G082 AR-NE3A
91 Powder Crystal X-Ray Structure Analysis of Dioxane Solvate Crystal of Quinine Hydrochloride Obtained by Organic Vapor Exposure (Japanese) NOGAMI Shin 2017G608 BL-4B2
109 Structural Study of Selective Complexation of Sr(II) in Micellar Solution by XAFS Method AKUTSU Kazuhiro 2016G101 BL-27B
125 New Spin State Conversion Mechanism in Multi-Stable Metal Complexes (Japanese) SHIGA Takuya 2016G175 BL-8A
140 Photocatalytic Activity of Anatase and Rutile TiO2 Surfaces and Its Correlation with Lifetime of Photoexcited Carriers OZAWA Kenichi 2015S2-008 BL-13B
142 XAFS Characterization of Ru-MOx Nanoparticles Transformed from a Grafted Ru12M Porphyrin Complex on SiO2 MURATSUGU Satoshi 2016G093, 2014G060 BL-12C, AR-NW10A
143 A XANES Study of Stochastic, Periodic Precipitation in Co-Fe-Based Prussian Blue Analogues in Gels (Japanese) HAYASHI Hisashi 2016G511 BL-9C
144 XAFS Characterization of High-Loaded, Size-Regulated Pt Nanoparticles Prepared from Pt4 Complex and Polymer on Carbon Support MURATSUGU Satoshi 2017G533, 2015G127 BL-12C
168 Promoting Effect of the Interfacial Ni-O-Si Structure on Silica Supported NiO Nanocluster Catalyst for the 1-Phenylethanol Oxidation Reaction SASAKI Takuro 2016G069 BL-9C
169 Vapor-Phase Elemental Mercury Adsorption by Activated Carbon Impregnated with Sulfur and Chlorine (Japanese) TAKAOKA Masaki 2014G176 BL-11B
170 Desorption of Mercury from Activated Carbon used for Air Pollution Control Device (Japanese) TAKAOKA Masaki 2016G021 BL-11B, BL-12C
191 Study on Mo Structure in Simulated Dissolved Solutions of Activated Metal Waste (Japanese) SHIMADA Asako 2017G026 BL-27B
203 XAFS Characterization of Molecularly-Imprinted Ru Porphyrin Complex Catalysts for Cholesterol Epoxidation MURATUGU Satoshi 2016G078, 2014G060, 2014G059 AR-NW10A
224 Discrimination of Polyester Single Fibers for Forensic Investigation by XAFS Technique (Japanese) NISHIWAKI Yoshinori 2017G152 BL-15A1
226 Local Structural Analysis of Rare Earth Complex in the Adsorbents for Extraction Chromatography KATAI Yuya 2016G557 BL-27B
227 Structural Analysis of Waste Generated by Pyroprocess in Iron Phosphate Glass TAJIMI Yuri 2017G081 BL-27B
250 Study on Novel Crystallization Promoters for Fats and Oils by Simultaneous SAXS and WAXS Measurements KANEKO Fumitoshi 2016G076 BL-10C
287 EXAFS Analysis of Cesium in the Sediment at Akagi Onuma NAGAHASHI Takamasa 2016G637 BL-27B
288 XAFS Measurement on Radioactive Waste Simulants in Various Disposal Glasses SHIINA Kei 2017G623 BL-27B


High Pressure Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
9 Investigation for the Phase Diagram of β-YbAlB4 Showing Strange Metal Phase (Japanese) TOMITA Takahiro 2015G091 BL-18C
11 In-situ X-Ray Diffraction Studies of the Stability of Methane Hydrate under High Pressure and High Temperature KADOBAYASHI Hirokazu 2016G523 BL-18C
27 High-Pressure Phase Transition of GaP ONO Shigeaki 2015G004 AR-NE1A
44 Structural Measurement of Basaltic Glass up to 12 GPa (Japanese) SAKAMAKI Tatsuya 2017G580 AR-NE5C
90 Search for High-Pressure Structures in Spinel Analogue Compounds: Experiments and DFT Computation (Japanese) YUSA Hitoshi 2017G042 AR-NE1A, BL-18C
106 High Compressibility of Hydride Ion in SrVO2H (Japanese) YAMAMOTO Takafumi 2017G008 AR-NE1A
122 Bulk Modulus of As Based Alkaline-Earth-Filled Skutterudites (Japanese) KAWAMURA Yukihiro 2017G532 BL-18C
138 Pressure-Induced Liquid-to-Liquid Crossover in GeI4 FUCHIZAKI Kazuhiro 2016G186 AR-NE5C
166 In Situ Observation of Layered Rare-Earth Compound DyZn3P3 under High Pressure and High Temperature (Japanese) SEKINE Chihiro 2017G164 AR-NE5C
177 Analysis of Compression Behaviors of Crystalline Structures of Polyimides containing Amide or Ester Linkage in the Main Chain under Very High Pressure (Japanese) FUJIWARA Eisuke 2016G544 BL-10C
208 A Start-Up Study of Deformation Experiments at High-Pressure and -Temperature using D111-Type Guide-Block (Japanese) NISHIHARA Yu 2017PF-02, 2017PF-07 AR-NE7A
239 In situ Deformation Experiments of Coesite at High-Pressure and High-Temperature (Japanese) DOI Shunta 2016G016 AR-NE7A
243 Hydrostatic Pressure Effects on Severely-Strained Nb MITO Masaki 2017G671 BL-8B
272 Structural Stability of Partially Filled Skutterudite Compound LaxRh4Sb12 under High Pressure (Japanese) HAYASHI Junichi 2017G133 BL-18C


Biological Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
8 Time-Dependent Analysis of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Nano-Particles using XAFS (Japanese) ARAKI Ayaka 2017G050 BL-9A
16 Structural and Functional Analysis of β-Amino Acid Biosynthetic Enzymes (Japanese) MIYANAGA Akimasa 2016G624 BL-5A
17 Crystal Structure Analysis of Indigo Reductase Involved in the Aidate Fermentation of Japanese Aizome (Indigo Dyeing) (Japanese) YONEDA Kazunari 2016G502, 2017G010 AR-NE3A
20 Structural Analysis of 1,2-β-Oligoglucan Phosphorylase from Lachnoclostridium phytofermentans (Japanese) NAKAJIMA Masahiro 2016G619 AR-NW12A, BL-5A
24 Crystal Structure of the NADP+/Tartrate Complex of L-serine 3-Dehydrogenase from the Hyperthermophilic Archaeon Pyrobaculum calidifontis YONEDA Kazunari 2016G502, 2017G010 BL-5A
26 Structural Analysis of Various Protein Complexes in Chromosome Formation (Japanese) HARA Kodai 2017G015 BL-17A
28 X-Ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography Imaging of Gold Nanoparticles SASAYA Tenta 2016G004 AR-NE7A
29 X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis of Sulfur-Transferring SufS-SufU Complex Involved in Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biogenesis in Bacillus subtilis (Japanese) FUJISHIRO Takashi 2016G519 AR-NE3A
30 Crystal Structure Analysis of Organomercurial Lyase and its Heavy Atom Derivatives (Japanese) KITA Akiko 2017G123 BL-5A
34 Crystal Structure of the Novel Amino-Acid Racemase Isoleucine 2-Epimerase from Lactobacillus buchneri HAYASHI Junji 2017G010 BL-5A, AR-NE3A
35 Structure Study of Human Serum Albumin Complexed with Sodium 4-Phenylbutyrate (Japanese) KAWAI Akito 2015G692, 2016R-024 BL-17A
37 X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis of Plant Type III Polyketide Synthase WONG Piow Chin 2016G507 BL-1A
42 X-ray Microbeam Irradiation on 3D Mammary Cell Culture (Japanese) IMAOKA Tatsuhiko 2017P001 BL-27B
43 Crystal Structure of the Backbone-circularized G-CSF MIYAFUSA Takamitsu 2015G059 AR-NW12A, BL-1A
49 Crystal Structure of Catalytic Subunit of Binary Toxin, CPILE-a (Japanese) YOSHIDA Toru 2017G117 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
55 The Crystal Structure of Microtubule Depolymerizing Kinesin KIF2 in Transitional States OGAWA Tadayuki 2014G026, 2016G095 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A
66 SEC-SAXS Analysis Revealed the Transitional Complex of Microtubule Depolymerizing Kinesin and Tubulin in Solution OGAWA Tadayuki 2014R-48, 2015R-05, 2016R-21 BL-15A2, BL-10C, BL-6A
71 Structural Analysis of Basidiomycete Family 131 Proteins Involved in Biomass Degradation (Japanese) TONOZUKA Takashi 2016G013 AR-NE3A
72 Crystal Structure of a β-Fructofuranosidase from Aspergillus kawachii (Japanese) TONOZUKA Takashi 2016G013 AR-NW12A
73 Structural Study of Unnatural Amino Acid Specific Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases (Japanese) NAKAMURA Akiyoshi 2016G117 BL-1A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A
75 Crystallization Technique of High-Quality Protein Crystals Controlling Surface Free Energy KOIZUMI Haruhiko 2016G673 BL-20B
76 X-Ray Structure Analysis of Fructosyl Peptide Oxidases from Phaeosphaeria nodorum to Elucidate the Residues Responsible for the Oxidative Half-Reaction YOSHIDA Hiromi 2015G534, 2017G610 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A
77 Structure Analysis of Characteristic Enzymes Regarding Phosphate Addition or Release FUJIHASHI Masahiro 2015G645 BL-1A, BL-5A
84 Structure Study on a New Pyrophosphate-Dependent Kinase FUJIHASHI Masahiro 2017G696 BL-1A, BL-5A, AR-NE3A
85 X-Ray Structures of Clostridium perfringens sortase B and its Mutant Form KAMITORI Shigehiro 2016G532 BL-5A
97 Structure of a Cysteine (Hydroxyl) Lyase from Hydrogen Sulfide-Producing Oral Pathogen, Fusobacterium nucleatum KEZUKA Yuichiro 2011G010 AR-NW12A
98 HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Complexed with DNA and ETV-TP, an Anti-HBV Drug YASUTAKE Yoshiaki 2015R-19, 2016R-09, 2017R-15 BL-1A, BL-17A
100 Crystal Structure of IgG-Fc Bound to Aglycosylated FcγRIIIa CAAVEIRO Jose 2016G199 BL-5A
102 Intramolecular H-Bonds Facilitate the Recognition of a Flexible Peptide by an Antibody CAAVEIRO Jose 2013G738, 2014G190 BL-5A, AR-NE3A
103 Crystal Structure of Human Osteomodulin CAAVEIRO Jose 2013G738 BL-5A
105 Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Measurement of Cytochrome P450 BM-3 (Japanese) SUGISHIMA Masakazu 2017R-34 BL-10C
108 Crystal Structure of α-Amylase from Eisenia fetida HIRANO Yu 2017G033 BL-17A
113 The Rotary Mechanism of V-ATPase (Japanese) SUZUKI Kano 2016G048 BL-1A, BL-17A
116 Structural Analysis of the Overlapping Dinucleosome (Japanese) ARIMURA Yasuhiro 2014G556 BL-1A, BL-17A
117 Crystal Structure of the Novel Lesion-Specific Endonuclease from Pyrococcus furiosus (Japanese) MIYAZONO Ken-ichi 2017G536 BL-17A
118 Cofactor Selection Mechanism of SMAD2/3 in TGF-β Signaling (Japanese) MIYAZONO Ken-ichi 2015G033, 2016G650 AR-NE3A
119 Crystallization and X-Ray Diffraction Study of Membrane-Bound, Oligomeric, and Lipid-Raft Associated Protein Stomatin YOKOYAMA Hideshi 2016G559 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
123 Structural Study of Isozymes of Peptidylarginine Deiminases and its Related Proteins in Hair Follicle FUNABASHI Kazumasa 2017G561 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
124 Structural Analyses of a Domain-Swapped Dimer of a Model Protein (Japanese) MAKABE Koki 2017G130 BL-1A, BL-5A, AR-NE3A
127 Crystal Structure of the Xpo1p Nuclear Export Complex Bound to the SxFG/PxFG Repeats of the Nucleoporin Nup42p KOYAMA Masako 2011G585 BL-1A
135 Crystallographic Studies of Innate Immune Receptors (Japanese) OHTO Umeharu 2017G057 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A
139 Crystallographic Analysis of Apo- and Ligand-Binding Forms of the B-Cell Inhibitory Co-Receptor CD72 NUMOTO Nobutaka 2015G075 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A
149 X-Ray Crystallography and SAXS Analysis of Calaxin, a Ca2+-Dependent Regulator of Flagellar Motility MIYAKAWA Takuya 2010G640, 2013G654, 2016R-56 BL-17A, AR-NW12A, BL-10C
150 The Catalytic Mechanism of Ergothionase (Japanese) OKAZAKI Sayoko 2016G566 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
154 Decrease in Radiation Damage of Porcine PDI-P5 by DTT (Japanese) OHTA Satoshi 2017G097 BL-6A
155 Crystallographic Analysis of Extracellular Fragments of Mammalian Plexin-A1 TANAKA Tsubasa 2017G517 BL-17A
156 X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of Enzymes Involved in Biodegradable Polymer Biosynthesis (Japanese) NAKAMURA Akira 2015G618 BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
157 X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of Enzymes Involved in Catechol Biosynthesis (Japanese) NAKAMURA Akira 2016G053 AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A, BL-5A, BL-17A
167 X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis of Novel P450 from Actinomyces (Japanese) MORI Takahiro 2016G501 BL-1A
173 Longitudinal Variation of Ca Content in Medulla of Human Hair from Breast Cancer Patients ITO Atsushi 2016G543 BL-11B, BL-4A
174 Repair Process of DNA Double Strand Breaks Induced by X-ray Bystander Effect OJIMA Mitsuaki 2017G072 BL-27B
180 Small Angle X-Ray Scattering of an Artificial Four Helix Bundle Protein IMAMURA Hiroshi 2016G032 BL-10C
185 Crystal Structure of the N-Terminal Deletion Mutant of Diadenosine Polyphosphate Phosphorylase from Mycobacterium avium (Japanese) MORI Shigetarou 2014G596, 2016G564 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
186 X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of the Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor DOCK7 (Japanese) NIINO Mutsuko 2015G616 BL-17A, BL-1A, AR-NE3A
190 Formation of Chain-like Arrays of Ammonium Sulfate Ions in Protein Crystallization HOSHINO Tyuji 2016G554 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
199 Towards the Structural Studies on Vacuolar ATPase from T, Thermophilus (Japanese) IWATA Momi 2017G172 AR-NE3A, BL-1A
200 X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of the Insect Gutathione S-Transferase Noppera-Bo (Japanese) KOIWAI Kotaro 2015R-57 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A
201 Structural Study of a Mitophagy Receptor Atg32 (Japanese) SUZUKI Hironori 2017R-17 BL-1A
204 Cell-Killing Effect by the Targeted Cytoplasmic Irradiation in Normal Human Fibroblasts with Monochromatic X-Ray Microbeams (2) SUZUKI Masao 2017G695 BL-27B
206 Observation of Dynamical Diffraction Effect in Protein Crystals (Japanese) SUZUKI Ryo 2017G087 BL-20B
210 Crystallographic Analysis of the Enzymes Involved in Regulation of CoA Metabolism SUZUKI Tomohiro 2015G546 AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A, BL-5A, BL-17A
211 Crystal Structures of the Enzymes Involved in Novel Lysine Biosynthetic Pathway using Amino-Group Carrier Protein TOMITA Takeo 2015G552 AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A, BL-5A, BL-17A
212 Crystallographic Analysis of Enzymes Involved in Terpenoid Biosynthesis TOMITA Takeo 2016G162 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
213 X-Ray Crystallographical Analysis of the Human Neuraminidase (Japanese) KOIWAI Kotaro 2016G167 BL-1A
218 Periodic Structural Formation Mechanisms of Purple Membranes in Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Solution Studied by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering (Japanese) YOKOYAMA Yasunori 2016G668 BL-6A
230 Fine Structural Change from Eccentric Contraction Detected by X-Ray Diffraction (Japanese) NAKAHARA Naoya 2015G708 BL-6A
233 Structure of Archaeal Homolog of Proteasome-Assembly Chaperone PbaA (Japanese) SATOH Tadashi 2016G038 AR-NW12A
237 Structual Analysis of A Single Crystal Hydroxyapatite (Japanese) NARUSAWA Hideaki 2016P008 BL-8B
238 Encapsulation of Proteinous Guest into Hollow Protein Crystal (Japanese) HASHIMOTO Tsubasa 2016G092 BL-1A
258 Crystal Structure of Hetero-Trimeric Core of LUBAC, a Unique Ubiquitin Ligase for Linear Ubiquitination TOKUNAGA Akira 2015G703, 2016G170 BL-1A, BL-17A
281 Structure of a Two-Domain Family GH19 Chitinase Allergen from Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) Pollen TAKASHIMA Tomoya 2016G636 BL-17A
284 Structural Analysis of Cyanobacterial Enzymes for Alkane Biosynthesis (Japanese) KUDO Hisashi 2017G653 BL-10C
289 Distribution of Zinc And/or Cadmium Treatments in Gynura pseudochina (L.) DC. Biomass MONGKHONSIN Bodin 2014G716 BL- 4A, BL-12C, AR-NW10A
294 Structural Analysis of HGF to Understand its Activation Mechanism (Japanese) ARIMORI Takao 2017G052 BL-1A
297 Mechanisms of ATP Dependent Thin Filament-Remodeling of Smooth Muscle during Actin-Myosin Interaction (Japanese) WATANABE Masaru 2015G599 BL-6A
300 Crystallography of Bifidobacterial Enzymes for Degradation of plant β-Arabinofuranose-Containing Glycans (Japanese) SAWANO Kota 2016G083 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR- NW12A
301 Crystallography of Enzymes for Synthesis and Degradation of Novel Cyclic Glucans (Japanese) KOHNO Masaki 2017G088 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
302 Elucidation of Whole Structure of Bifidobacterial β-Helix Type Human Milk Oligosaccharide-Degrading Enzyme and its Maturation Mechanism (Japanese) YAMADA Chihaya 2017G089 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A


Medical Applications

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
51 Mechanism of Formation of Lipid / Gene Nanocomplex in Solution (Japanese) YONEMOCHI Etsuo 2017G652 BL-10C
110 Morphogenesis of Thoracic Cage during Human Embryonic Period (Japanese) TAKAKUWA Tetsuya 2017G688 BL-14C
153 Small Animal Tumor Visualized by Three-Dimensional Phase-Contrast X-Ray Computed Tomography LWIN Thet Thet 2017G171 BL-14C


Industrial Application

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
5 Chemical State Mapping of Iron in Heterogeneous Reduction of Iron-Ore Sinters KIMURA Masao 2014G707, 2015S2-002, 2016S2-001 BL-15A1
229 XAFS Analysis of Adsorbed Additive Layer Formed at Metal/Lubricant Interface (Japanese) HIRAYAMA Tomoko 2017G691 AR-NW10A
280 Low Temperature X-Ray Diffraction to Investigate the Origin of the Strain Irreversibility Cliff in Nb3Sb Practical Superconductor (Japanese) MACHIYA Shutaro 2017G160 BL-4C


Instrumentation and Technique

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
10 High-Diffraction-Efficiency Wide-Acceptance-Angle Laminar-Type Diffraction Gratings Overcoated with Oxide Films for Boron-K Emission Spectroscopic Measurements KOIKE Masato 2016G144 BL-11D
13 Development of SOI Pixel Detector for X-Ray Imaging MIYOSHI Toshinobu 2015G649 BL-14B
59 Development and Application of Variable-Magnification X-Ray Bragg Magnifier HIRANO Keiichi 2014G021 BL-3C, BL-14B
60 Development and Application of Variable-Magnification X-Ray Bragg Optics HIRANO Keiichi 2016G050 BL-3C, BL-14B
61 Applications of X-Ray Magnifier and Demagnifier to X-Ray Laminography (Japanese) HIRANO Keiichi 2013G054 BL-3C, BL-14B
62 In situ Observation of Crack Initiation and Propagation in CFRP using a Newly-Developed XAFS-CT WATANABE Toshiki 2016S2-001 AR-NW2A
70 Measurement of Quantum Efficiency of Back-Illuminated Imaging Device with Pixel Size 1.4 × 1.4 μm2 EJIMA Takeo 2016G672 BL-11D
130 X-Ray Irradiation Experiments to Evaluate Properties of Organic Semiconductor Radiation Detectors (Japanese) TAKADA Eiji 2017G542 BL-14A
145 Dynamic Observation using X-Ray Stroboscopic Phase CT (Japanese) WU Yanlin 2017G073 BL-14C
172 Feasibility Study of X-Ray Thermography using X-Ray Interferometric Imaging (Japanese) YONEYAMA Akio 2016G578 BL-14C
286 Evaluation of Second Order Light of BL-11D, the Photon Factory around a Wavelength of 13.5 nm using La/C Multilayer Mirrors HATANO Tadashi 2017G638 BL-11D
290 Measurements of 2D Force Map on Ni Nanoparticles on HOPG for XANAM Imaging SUZUKI Shushi 2016G109 BL-7C
296 Measurement of Beam Coherency at BL11A for Soft X-Ray Projection Microscopy SHIINA Tatsuo 2016G098 BL-11A



No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
1 Clarification of the Oxygen Fugacity during the Martian Crustal Formation Based on XAFS (Japanese) NAKADA Ryoichi 2015G137 BL-4A, BL-12C, BL-15A1
131 Investigation of Production Techniques of Ancient Orient Copper-Red Glass and Yellow-Opaque Glass by Nondestructive XRF/XANES Analyses (Japanese) ABE Yoshinari 2016G112 BL-9C, BL-4A
248 Training of Synchrotron Radiation Science for Graduate Students at BL20A (Japanese) KOUCHI Noriyuki 2017R-08 BL-20A
249 Local Chemical Structure Analysis of Toxic Elements in Organic Sediments (Japanese) HARA Junko 2017P004 BL-9A, BL-12C
278 Behavior of Zinc in the Sediments on Majuro Atoll ITO Lisa 2016G632 BL-12C


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