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Atomic and Molecular Science

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
1 Photon Pair Generation from Multiply Excited States of N2, NO and O2 Excited by Single-photon Absorption ODAGIRI Takeshi 2006G017 20A
2 Total Electron Scattering Cross Section Measurements of Xe Utilizing the Threshold Photoelectrons as an Electron Beam Source KUROKAWA Manabu 2006G233 20A
3 Measurement of Monochromatic Radiation Using a Silicon PIN Photo-Detector KIRIHARA Yoichi 2007G017 14C1
4 K-shell Dependent Bond Dissociation of Core-excited p-fluorobenzyl SAM WADA Shin-ichi 2007G187 7A
5 EXAFS Studies of Uranium Ions in Calcium Chloride Hydrate Melts UEHARA Akihiro 2007G614 27B
6 Photo-dissociation Dynamics of Halogenated Aromatic Molecules NAGAYA Kiyonobu 2007G655 2C



Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
7 A XAFS Study on the Anion Exchange Behavior of Cu-Cl Complexes in HCl Solutions TANIMIZU Masaharu 2002G243 12C
8 Crystal Structure, Electron Density and Covalent Bonding of a Visible Light Responsive Photocatalyst Sm2Ti2S2O4.9 YASHIMA Masatomo 2005G157, 2005G158, 2006G264, 2008G080 4B2, 6C
9 In-situ Energy-Dispersive XAFS Observation of the Transformation of Active Re10 Cluster to Inert Re Monomer in the Direct Phenol Synthesis Process UEMURA Yohei 2005G208 NW2A
10 A Coordinatively Unsaturated Ru Complex Catalyst Supported on SiO2 Active for Aldehyde Selective Oxidation KINOSHITA Mutsuo 2005G209 NW10A, 10B
11 XAFS Structure Analysis of Hydrated Ions in Pores in Nanometer scale YAMAGUCHI Toshio 2005G213 9C, NW10A
12 Structural Studies on Gelation of 12-Hydroxystearic Acid Solution TAKENO Hiroyuki 2006G077 9C
13 EXAFS Measurement of U(VI)-N,N-Di-alkylamides Complexes SUZUKI Shinichi 2006G085 27B
14 Behavior of Monovalent Ion in LiCl-KCl Eutectic Melt OKAMOTO Yoshihiro 2006G090 27B
15 On-reaction, State-selective Vanadium Kβ5,2-selecting XAFS Elucidated Oxidative Dehydrogenation Reaction Mechanism under Visible Light IZUMI Yasuo 2006G097 7C
16 Aragonite-calcite Phase Transition of Pelagic Surface Sediment Revealed by XAFS Technique SHOZUGAWA Katsumi 2006G106 9A, 12C
17 QXAFS Studies on the Structure of Ni2P in MCM-41 during Reaction Conditions KOIKE Yuichiro 2006G109 NW10A, 9C
18 Analysis of Local Structure of Nickel Ions in Ni-MCM-41 Having Different Pore Size TANAKA Masashi 2006G122 9C
19 Direct Observation of the Labile Imine Formation through Single-crystal-to-single-crystal Reactions in the Pores of a Porous Coordination Network HANEDA Tsuyoshi 2006G284 NW2A
20 Endohedral Peptide Coating of a Self-Assembled Spherical Complex to Generate Chirality-Confined Hollows SUZUKI Kosuke 2006G284 NW2A
21 The Cartridge Synthesis of Functional Porous Coordination Networks KAWANO Masaki 2006G284 NW2A
22 Concentration of Metals in Ore-forming Fluid Responsible for Hypothermal Vein-type Tungsten Deposit: Insight from Quantitative Analysis of Fluid Inclusions by Synchrotron X-ray Fluorescence HAYASHI Ken-ichiro 2006G307 4A
23 Experimental Study of the Behavior of Copper and Zinc in a Boiling Hydrothermal System HAYASHI Ken-ichiro 2006G307 4A
24 EXAFS Study of PdII Complexes Bearing Glycosylated Pyridyltriazole Ligands for Inorganic Pharmaceuticals OBATA Makoto 2006G311 NW10A
25 BCN Films Prepared by RF Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition NAGANO Masamitsu 2006G312 11A, 27A
26 XAFS Analysis on Molten Lithium - zirconium Fluorides MATSUURA Haruaki 2006G318 27B
27 XAFS Study on Supported Ruthenium Catalysts for Lignin Gasification in Supercritical Water SHIRAI Masayuki 2006G324 NW10A
28 Determination of the Active Structure of PdTe Catalyst ASAKURA Kiyotaka 2006G336 NW10A
29 Characterization of Lanthanide-incorporated FSM-16 Type Mesoporous Silica IKEUE Keita 2006G344, 2007G613 NW10A, 7C
30 Local Structure Analysis of Lanthanide Oxysulfate Having a Large-capacity Oxygen Storage Property IKEUE Keita 2006G360 11B
31 Effect of Tin Concentration on the Inner Coordination Structure of Rhodium Complexes in HCl Solution NARITA Hirokazu 2007G012 NW10A
32 XAFS Study on Iron(II) Complexes Encapsulated within the Alkali Metal Cation-Exchanged Zeolite Y KONDO Yuichi 2007G031 7C
33 Preparation of Pt/Rh Bimetallic Colloidal Particles Using Borohydride Reduction EINAGA Hisahiro 2007G032 7C, NW10A
34 Structural Requisites for Selective Butanol Synthesis over Rh-Mo/FSM-16 Studied by EXAFS IZUMI Yasuo 2007G061 9A, 9C
35 EXAFS Analysis for Immobilized Metal Ion-containing Ionic Liquids SASAKI Takehiko 2007G151 7C, 9C, NW10A
36 Mesoporous Titania Prepared by Monolayer Grafting of Ti on SBA-15: A Model Support for Studying the Surface Sulfidation of TiO2 in HDS Conditions ? BLANCHARD Juliette 2007G162 9A, NW10A
37 Electronic States and Structures of Mn12 Molecular Cluster Batteries YOSHIKAWA Hirofumi 2007G503 12C
38 Lamellar to Onion Transitions with Increasing Temperature under Shear Flow in a Nonionic Surfactant System Studied by Rheo-SAXS ITO Makiko 2007G566 15A
39 Developments of New In-situ XAFS Cell for Fast Gas Injection UEMURA Yohei 2007G568 NW2A
40 Time-resolved DXAFS Study on Redox Mechanisms of Pd Supported on Al2O3 NIWA Yasuhiro 2007G568 NW2A
41 Can the Photo-catalytic Reactivity of Semiconductor TiO2 be Predicted Based on Local Site Information of Ti K-edge X-ray Absorption? IZUMI Yasuo 2007G576 9A, 9C
42 Study on Fine Structure of Clay-supported Pd Complex Catalysts for Alcohol Oxidation HARA Takayoshi 2007G662 NW10A
43 Mn 3s-2p X-ray Emission Spectra for La1-xSrxMnO3 TAGUCHI Yukihiro 2007G671 2C, 19B
44 Vapor-induced Structural Regeneration of a Vapochromic Platinum Complex KOBAYASHI Atsushi 2007G673 1B
45 Long Axial Cu-N Bond in [Cu(chxn)2][Ni(CN)4]·2H2O AKITSU Takashiro 2007P001 1B
46 In situ XAFS Observation of Reduction of MgxNi1-xO Catalyst KIMURA Masao 2007C001 12C, NW2A


Surface and Interface

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
47 Surface Restructuring Process on a Ag/Ge(001) Surface Studied by Photoelectron Spectroscopy NAKATSUJI Kan 2003G166 18A
48 Electron Correlation Effects in Co Nano-islands on a Nitrogen Covered Cu(001) Surface NAKATSUJI Kan 2004G009 7A, 11A
49 Annealing-ambient Dependence of LaAlO3/SiO2/Si Gate Stack Structures Studied by Synchrotron Radiation Photoemission Spectroscopy YASUHARA Ryutaro 2005S2-002 2C
50 Charging and Extra-atomic Relaxation in SiO2 Films on Si Studied by Soft X-ray Synchrotron-radiation Photoemission Spectroscopy TOYODA Satoshi 2005S2-002 2C
51 Hf-silicidation Reactions Due to Vacuum Annealing for A-Si/ HfSiO(N)/ Si Gate Stack Studied by Synchrotron Radiation Photoemission Spectroscopy KAMADA Hiroyuki 2005S2-002 2C
52 Orientation Dependence of Schottky Barrier Height for La0.6Sr0.4MnO3/Nb:SrTiO3 Heterojunctions MINOHARA Makoto 2005S2-002 2C
53 Plane-direction Dependence of the Surface Electronic Structure of SrTiO3 FURUKAWA Yoko 2005S2-002 2C
54 Electronic Properties of Manganese Adsorbates on Si(111) √3X√3-Ag Surface TAKASE Keiko 2005G089 18A
55 Quantum Confinement in Uniform GeSn Alloy Nanodots on a SiO2 Monolayer NAKAYAMA Yasuo 2005G089 18A
56 Observation of Binding Mode of a Sulfur-Containing Compound with Ferrite Nanoparticles NISHIO Kosuke 2005G247 9A
57 A Comparative Study of the Valence Band Structure of the Polar ZnO Surfaces OZAWA Kenichi 2006S2-001 28A
58 Electronic States of V/6H-SiC Contact System by SXFS HIRAI Masaaki 2006G009 19B
59 Surface X-ray Scattering Study on Reconstruction Lifting of Au(111) Single Crystal Surface Induced by Formation of Alkylthiol Self-Assembling Monolayer KONDO Toshihiro 2006G039, 2007G085 4C
60 Lattice Strain at HfO2/SiO2/Si Interface NISHIKAWA Tomohiro 2006G243 15C
61 Observation of X-rays Traveling from End Face of Organic Thin Film HAYASHI Kouichi 2006G278 3C
62 Observation of Lateral Diffusion at Si-SiO2 Interface by PEEM using Synchrotron Radiation HIRAO Norie 2006G310 27A
63 In situ XAFS Analysis of Au/TS-1 Catalysts-Effect of Cyanide Treatment on Structure and Reactivity - BANDO K. Kyoko 2006G362 NW10A
64 Hydrogen Ion Desorption from Amorphous Carbon Films MERA Yutaka 2007G044 13C
65 Ion Desorption from Carbon Nanotubes Induced by Soft X-ray Illumination MERA Yutaka 2007G044 13C
66 Design of Hydrophobic Zeolite Material by Modification Using Triethoxyfluorosilane and its Application as a Support of TiO2 Photocatalyst KUWAHARA Yasutaka 2007G077 7C
67 XAFS Study on Local Structure of Cr-containing Mesoporous Silica Thin Film Having Superhydrophilic Property HORIUCHI Yu 2007G077 7C
68 PTRF-XAFS Study of Structures of Pt Species Deposited on Thiol-terminated Organic Monolayer Formed on Si(111) Surface UOSAKI Kohei 2007G079 12C
69 XAFS Study for Nano Particle of Titanium Oxide SHIRAISHI Youhei 2007G095 9A, 7C
70 Adsorption Behavior of L-cysteine Molecule with ITO Substrates Using Angle-dependent NEXAFS and XPS Techniques HONDA Mitsunori 2007G107 27A
71 Analysis of Interfacial Reactions in Ultra-thin Al2O3/SiO2/Si Films by SR-XPS LAY Thithi 2007G157 13C
72 Angle-resolved Photoemission Study of Ultrathin Bi1-xSbx Films HIRAHARA Toru 2007G578 18A
73 Surface Structure of Au Species on a Hydroxylated TiO2(110) Surface TAKAKUSAGI Satoru 2007G594, 2006G335 9A
74 Development of XANAM SUZUKI Shushi 2007G667 7C


Electronic Structure of Condensed Matter

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
75 Systematic Tight-binding Analysis of ARPES Spectra of Transition-metal Oxides WADATI Hiroki 2002S2-002, 2005S2-002 1C
76 Polarization Dependent X-ray Raman Scattering of TiO2(100) TEZUKA Yasuhisa 2004G193, 2006G232 7C, 9A, 15B1
77 Coherent and Incoherent Band Dispersions in V 3d Band of SrVO3 Thin Films TAKIZAWA Masaru 2005S2-002 28B
78 Composition Dependence of Valence States in Epitaxial LaCo1-xMnxO3 Thin Films Studied by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy ISHIHARA Toshihiro 2005S2-002 2C
79 Depth Profiling of Chemical States and Charge Density in HfSiON by Photoemission Spectroscopy Using Synchrotron Radiation TANIMURA Tatsuhiko 2005S2-002 2C
80 Effects of Madelung Potentials in the Photoemission spectra of La1-xSrxMnO3 Thin Films WADATI Hiroki 2005S2-002, 2005G101 2C
81 Origin of the Metallic States at Heterointerface between Band Insulators LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Studied by in situ Photoemission Spectroscopy YOSHIMATSU Kouhei 2005S2-002 2C
82 Nuclear Resonant Small-Angle Scattering of Nanoparticles KOBAYASHI Yasuhiro 2005G088 NE3A
83 3D Spin Density and Ordered Orbital of YTiO3 Observed by X-ray Magnetic Diffraction SUZUKI Kosuke 2005G109 3C
84 Angle-resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy Study of La1.6-xNd0.4SrxCuO4 MALAEB Walid 2006S2-001 28A
85 Annealing Effects in Electron-doped Cuprate Nd1.85Ce0.15CuO4 IKEDA Masaki 2006S2-001 28A
86 Doping Evolution of the Electronic Structure in the Single-layer Cuprate Bi2Sr2-xLaxCuO6+δ: Comparison with Other Single-layer Cuprates HASHIMOTO Makoto 2006S2-001 28A
87 Kink Energy in the Trilayer High-Tc Cuprate Superconductor Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+δ IDETA Shin-ichiro 2006S2-001 28A
88 Observation of d-wave-like Gap in the Underdoped High-Tc Superconductor La1.93Sr0.07CuO4 YOSHIDA Teppei 2006S2-001 28A
89 Electronic Structure of the Core/Shell-formed Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Fe-doped ZnO Nano-Particles KATAOKA Takashi 2006G002 18A
90 ARPES Study on Bulk Electronic Structures of Anatase TiO2 SUGITA Mari 2006G026 1C
91 Spin and Orbital Magnetic Form Factor of 4f Compound CeRh3B2 Studied by X-ray Magnetic Diffraction TADENUMA Tatsuki 2006G046 3C
92 Photoemission Spectroscopy of MetalloFullerene Peapods ISHII Hiroyoshi 2006G221 11D
93 Polarization-Dependent Ti K X-ray Absorption and Emission Studies of Ti2O3 Single Crystal MASO Hiroyuki 2007G066 7C, 15B1
94 XAFS Studies of the Local Lattice Structure in La1.85-2xSr0.15+2xCu1-xMnxO4 System ZHANG Changjin 2007G071 13B1
95 Electronic States of Strained √3x√3-Ag Structure Formed on Ge/Si(111) Surfaces MOCHIZUKI Izumi 2007G528 7B, 18A
96 Soft X-ray Raman Scattering of BaTiO2(100) by Means of Improved Spectrometer at BL-2c TEZUKA Yasuhisa 2007G589 2C
97 In-situ Soft X-Ray Photoemission Study of La1-xSrxTiO3 Thin Films ISHIGAMI Keisuke 2007G597 2C
98 Observation of Spin and Orbital Magnetic Form Factor of 3d-4d Alloy of Pd3Co by X-ray Magnetic Diffraction OBA Yoshiaki 2007G644 3C


Materials Science

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
99 Spin Form Factors of Sm in SmAl2 ADACHI Hiromichi 2000S2-002 3C3
100 Band Discontinuity at the Interface of Rutile Ti1-xCoxO2-δ/p-GaN Heteroepitaxial Structure Studied by Synchrotron-radiation Photoelectron Spectroscopy HIROSE Yasushi 2005S2-002, 2007G169, 2007G598 2C
101 Electronic Structure of Carbon Alloy Cathode Catalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells NIWA Hideharu 2005S2-002 2C
102 Alignment of Crystalline Domains by Magnetic Field in spinel FeV2O4 KATSUFUJI Takuro 2005S2-003 4C, 3A
103 Orbital Ordering in Room Temperature Ferromagnet Sr3YCo4O10.5 Studied by a Resonant X-ray Scattering NAKAO Hironori 2005S2-003 4C, 3A
104 Spin-lattice Coupling in Multiferroic MnWO4 TANIGUCHI Kouji 2005S2-003 3A
105 EXAFS Characterization of LaNi5, LaCo5 and their Hydrides ASADA Kaku 2005G025 9A,12C
106 Synthesis of Pt/Ru Bimetallic Nanoparticles in High-temperature and High-pressure Fluids UEJI Masaki 2005G033 7C, 9A, NW10A
107 Analysis of Crystal Structure and Phase Transition of Ba2-xLaxIn2O5+α by Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction at High Temperatures HASHIMOTO Takuya 2005G128 3A, 6C
108 Analysis of Structural Phase Transition of New Oxide Ion Conductor, Ba2In2O5 -Significance of Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction at High Temperatures- HASHIMOTO Takuya 2005G128 3A, 6C
109 Energy Spectrum of ATS Scattering with Dipole-quadrupole Transition Process in Magnetite, Fe3O4 KOKUBUN Jun 2005G141 4C
110 Crystal Structure of Perovskite-type La0.6Sr0.4Co0.8Fe0.2O3-δ at a 1010oC YAMAMOTO Shinji 2005G157, 2006G263, 2006G264, 2005G158 4B2, 6C
111 Proton Ordering in Ferroelectric Anilate Salts with a Proton Sponge KUMAI Reiji 2006S2-005 1A
112 Structure Analysis of Base Oils under High Pressure Using X-Ray Diffraction NEMOTO Kazuaki 2006G032 NE5C
113 Initial Stage of Composite Structure and Ionic Conduction in Hydrophilic Polymer KAWAGUCHI Akio 2006G067 15A
114 Characteristic Melting Behavior Observed in Crystalline-amorphous Diblock Copolymers TONAMI Keiko 2006G078 10C
115 Crystallization Behavior of a Double Crystalline Block Copolymer SAKURAI Takuya 2006G078 10C
116 Spontaneous Morphological Change from Thin Film to Nanodots in Metallic Alloy Films Examined by GISAXS OKUDA Hiroshi 2006G084 15A
117 XPS and NEXAFS Studies of C60-Co Films with Giant Tunnel Magnetoresistance SAKAI Seiji 2006G089 7A, 27A, 27B
118 Fracture Toughness of PET Fibers, PET Films and CNT/PET Composite Films SHIOYA Masatoshi 2006G091 15A
119 Characterization of Pt-Ni Bimetallic Catalyst for Oxidative Steam Reforming of Methane YOSHIDA Kaori 2006G095 9C, 12C, NW10A
120 XAFS Studies on SixMn1-x Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors YE Jian 2006G127 13B1
121 Nanocrystalline Lu2O3:Tb Studied by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy QI Zeming 2006G132 12C
122 A Study of Electron Momentum Density Distributions in Polyethylene Polypropylene and Polybutene MATSUKURA Ryota 2006G237 NE1A1
123 Structural Properties of the Incommensurate Organic Conductor (MDT-TS)(I3)0.407 KAWAMOTO Tadashi 2006G248 1B, 4C
124 X-ray Diffraction of Bismuth Nanoparticles IKEMOTO Hiroyuki 2006G272 1B
125 Interference Fringe in Bragg-(Bragg)m-Laue Case HIRANO Kenji 2006G274 15C
126 Impurity Effect on Orbital Ordering Studied by Resonant X-ray Scattering MURAKAMI Youichi 2006G277 3A, 4C
127 UODT Phase Behavior of Weakly Segregated Block Copolymer Polystyrene-block-poly(iso-butyl acrylate) YAMAMOTO Katsuhiro 2006G317 9C, 15A
128 in situ XAFS Analysis of Ru Cocatalyst Deposited on SrTiO3:Rh Photocatalyst KATO Hideki 2006G326 NW10A
129 Analysis of Local Structures of Pt-based Alloy Nanoparticles Coated with Silica Layers upon Formation of Nanoscale Carbon NAKAGAWA Keizo 2006G343 9C
130 A Small-angle X-ray Scattering Study of Dialysis-induced Curdlan Gel DOBASHI Toshiaki 2007G002 15A
131 XAFS Evidence on Redox-nature of Palladium in Pd-Mg3V2O3 Catalysts SUGIYAMA Shigeru 2007G007 NW10A
132 XAFS Study of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Coated with Ti-containing Mesoporous Silica KONDO Yuichi 2007G031 7C
133 Mechanism of Rattling in Filled Skutterudite Compounds RFe4Sb12(R=Pr, Nd) and RRu4Sb12(R=Ce, Pr, Nd) Studied by XAFS OMORI Yusuke 2007G036 9C
134 Local Structure Change of Phase Transition in FeRh ITOGA Tatsunori 2007G037 NW10A
135 XAFS Studies on In1-xGaxSb Mixed Crystal HOSOKAWA Shinya 2007G039 9A, NW10A
136 Real-time Observation of Photo-induced Nanostructural Change in Photofunctional Block Copolymers NAGANO Shusaku 2007G047 15A
137 XAFS Study on PtRu/C Catalyst Synthesized by Electron-beam Irradiation NITANI Hiroaki 2007G051 12C
138 Study of High Energy Ion-irradiation Effects in CeO2 by Using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy OHNO Hirotaka 2007G058 27A
139 X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism of La1-xCaxCoO3 (X ≤ 0.35) KATSURAGAWA Hiroyuki 2007G062 6C
140 Time-resolved SAXS Studies Coupling with Pressure Jump Technique on Self-assembled Formation Process in Surfactant Solutions KAWABATA Youhei 2007G066 15A
141 EXAFS Analysis of Activity Site for Glycerol Hydrogenolysis Reaction KOSO Shuichi 2007G070 9C, 12C, NW10A
142 Magnetic Origin in Ba(Fe1-xZrx)O3-δ Single-āÉrystal Films on SrTiO3 Substrates MATSUI Toshiyuki 2007G072 27A
143 In-situ Observation of Formation of Ag Particles in Tween20/Water/Ionic Liquid Microemulsions HARADA Masafumi 2007G094 NW10A
144 EXAFS Analysis of Biogenic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Obtained from a Water Purification Tank FUJII Tatsuo 2007G112 12C
145 Digital Topographic System for Characterizing Imperfection in Protein Crystals MUKOBAYASHI Yu 2007G150 15B1
146 Structural Study of P3HT and P3HT:PCBM Thin Films by Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction SAKURAI Takeaki 2007G182 4C
147 Local Structure of Codoped Agx-Zn0.92Co0.08O Nanostructure Studied by XAFS YAN Wensheng 2007G211 12C
148 X-ray Absorption Study of ZnO and Al-doped ZnO Films SAKAMAKI Masako 2007G214 11A
149 Synthesis of Silver Particles in Tween20/Water/Ionic Liquid Microemulsions HARADA Masafumi 2007G508 15A
150 Structural Analysis of Ti50Ni44Fe6 Single Crystal by X-ray Fluorescence Holography HU Wen 2007G514, 2007G573 6C
151 Nanophase-separated Structures of AB Block Copolymer / C Homopolymer Blends with Hydrogen Bonding Interaction TAKANO Atsushi 2007G524 15A
152 Local Structure of Bi ions in Bi Doped Silica Glasses Analyzed by XAFS OKURA Takashi 2007G541 12C, 7C
153 XMCD Study on Co-Pt Films with Giant Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy GOTO Tomohiro 2007G542 NE1B
154 Small-angle X-ray Scattering Characterization on Lamellar Microdomains Comprising Binary Blends of Anti-symmetric Diblock Coplymers SAKURAI Shinichi 2007G546 9C, 10C
155 Correlation between Transparency and Thermal Fluctuation of Electron Density in Miscible Polymer Blends KUBOYAMA Keiichi 2007G548 10C
156 Local Structure of Perovskite-type (A,Eu)Ta(O,N)3 (A=Ca,La) Oxynitrides KIKKAWA Shinichi 2007G554 9C
157 Local Structures of Defective Fluorite- and Pyrochrore-type R-tantalate Oxynitride (R= Nd, Y) KIKKAWA Shinichi 2007G555 9C
158 Applied Field Dependence of Compton Profiles in Fe/MgO Multilayers SAKURAI Hiroshi 2007G572 NE1A1
159 X-ray Fluorescence Holography of In1-xGaxSb Mixed Crystal HOSOKAWA Shinya 2007G573 6C
160 Orbital Ordering in TbVO3 Studied by a Resonant X-ray Scattering BIZEN Daisuke 2007G582 4C, 3A
161 L3 Edge XANES of Ce in Amorphous CexRu100-x LI Yingjie 2007G587 9A
162 Determination of Lamellar Twisting Manner in PCL/PVB with Microbeam WAXD SHINOHARA Yuya 2007G609 4A
163 Magnetic Orientation of Microdomains in Amorphous Block Copolymers SAKURAI Shinichi 2007G615 9C, 15A
164 Local Structural Study of Mg0.06Zn0.94O Film by Polarized XAFS YAMADA Tsutomu 2007G619 11A
165 Local Structural Study around In Atom in m-In0.06Ga0.94N by EXAFS MIYANAGA Takafumi 2007G620 NW10A
166 XAFS Study of Spinel Zinc Titanium Oxynitride as a Photocatalyst with Visible Light Activity HISATOMI Takashi 2007G624 9A
167 EXAFS Study of Tellurium Nanoparticles GOYO Akimichi 2007G626 NW10A
168 Observation on Morphology, Electronic Structure, and Molecular Orientation at Nanometer Scale for Phthalocyanine Thin Films by SR-excited PEEM BABA Yuji 2007G629 27A
169 Oriented Film Growth Using Two-dimensional Metal Oxide Nanosheet as Seed Layer SHIBATA Tatsuo 2007G652 6C
170 XAFS Study on the CuMn-spinel Derived Catalyst for the Steam Reforming of Dimethyl Ether ICHIKUNI Nobuyuki 2007G687 7C
171 EXAFS of Typical n-type Semiconductor Si:As for Clarifying Real Local Structure around As HAYASHI Kouichi 2007U001 12C
172 μGISAXS and μXRR Experimental Set-up for Thin Film Characterization TAKADA Kazuhiro 2007C011 4A
173 Structural Deformation Behavior of Ethylene-α-olefin Copolymer SENO Shuichiro 2007C022 15A
174 Quick XAFS Measurements for Ag Clusters in Zeolite 4A SHIGENO Tomo 2008G159 NW10A



Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
175 Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Stardust Particles and Related Extraterrestrial Samples NAKAMURA Tomoki 2005G125, 2007G604 9C, 3A
176 X-ray Diffuse Scattering from Protein Crystals Caused by the Lattice Defects KAWAMURA Kenji 2005G161 10A
177 In-phase Interference Fringe in Laue Case and its Dispersion Surface NEGISHI Riichirou 2006G041 15C
178 Structural Analysis of CrtM, an Enzyme Involved in Staphyloxanthin Formation in Staphylococcus aureus, as a New Drug Target for Antibiotic Therapy LIU Chia-I 2006G156 5A, 6A, NW12A
179 Crystal Structure of High Pressure Phase of MgAl2O4 Synthesized at Conditions of 2200 K and 41.8 GPa KUDOH Yasuhiro 2006G254 10A
180 Compressibility of Fluorine End Member Super Hydrous Phase B, Mg10Si3F4O14, up to 7.4 GPa KURIBAYASHI Takahiro 2006G262 10A
181 Crystal Structural Change in Ce0.5Zr0.5O2 Solid Solution through Synchrotron Powder Diffraction Data WAKITA Takahiro 2006G264, 2008G084, 2006G263, 2005G158 4B2, 6C
182 Dynamic and Thermodynamic Properties of Crystalline Glycine Polymorphs from Multi-Temperature X-ray Diffraction Data AREE Thammarat 2007G005 1B
183 X-ray Thermal Diffuse Scattering Study of CdTe to Examine Elastic Constants under High Pressure OHTSU Daisuke 2007G020 10A
184 Structure-based Analysis of Anti-ciguatoxin MAb 10C9Fab Recognition Mechanism for Poiy-cyclic Ethers UI Mihoko 2007G022 NW12A, 5A, 6A
185 Mn4O4 Heterocubane Cluster in LiMn2O4 TATEISHI Kenji 2007G027 14A
186 Rhombohedral Modification of Sr and Ti Co-doped LaAlO3 ISHIZAWA Nobuo 2007G028 14A
187 Site Occupancy in BaTiMnFe10O19 Hexaferrite NAKANISHI Taiki 2007G062 10A, 6C
188 X-ray Crystal Structure Analysis of A. suum Complex II Aimed for Anti-parasitic Drugs SHIMIZU Hironari 2007G210 5A, NW12A


High Pressure Science

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
189 New High Phase of Manganese Carbonate ONO Shigeaki 2005G122 13A
190 Pressure-induced Phase Transition of BaCO3 ONO Shigeaki 2005G122 13A
191 Structure of Liquid Copper Halides under Pressure HIGAKI Takuya 2006G036 NE5C
192 Pressure-induced Structural Changes in MgSiO3 Glass YAMADA Akihiro 2006G037 NE5C
193 Dehydration Kinetics of Serpentine under High Pressure and High Temperature INOUE Toru 2006G038 NE5C
194 Time-resolved 2DXRD Observations of Rain Nucleation and Growth during the Coesite-stishovite Transformation KUBO Tomoaki 2006G250 14C2
195 Phase Transition of ZnF2 under High Pressure and High Temperature KUSABA Keiji 2006G257 NE5C
196 Hydrostatic Pressure Effects on Structural and Electronic Properties of Inorganic-organic Quantum Dot Crystal (CH3NH3)4PbI6·2H2O MATSUISHI Kiyoto 2006G271 18C
197 High-pressure Structural Changes in a Low-Z Hydride LiBH4 NAKANO Satoshi 2006G275 18C, 13A
198 Density Measurements of Liquid FeS at High Pressure Using X-ray Absorption Image NISHIDA Keisuke 2007S2-002 14C2
199 Viscosity of NaAlSi2O6 Melt at High Pressure SUZUKI Akio 2007S2-002 14C2
200 In-situ X-ray Observations for Crystallization of TSb3 (T=Co, Rh and Ir) under High Temperatures and High Pressures SEKINE Chihiro 2007G083 NE5C
201 Powder X-ray Diffraction Analysis and Bulk Modulus of Bis(Dimethylglyoximato)Palladium(II) and Bis(1,2-Diphenylglyoximato)Palladium(II) under High Pressure TAKEDA Keiki 2007G104 18C
202 X-ray Diffraction Study of Filled Skutterudite Superconductors at High Pressures HAYASHI Junichi 2007G121 18C
203 SAXS Measurement of Mixture of Pentane-H2O MURAI Hiromi 2007G520 15A
204 Structure of Liquid Ge-Te Alloys under Pressure NAKAMURA Junpei 2007G569 NE5C
205 Structure of Liquid SnSe under Pressure TAKAHASHI Ryota 2007G569 NE5C


Biological Science

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
206 Structural Study of the Replication Initiator Protein RepE of the F-plasmid NAKAMURA Akira 2003G131 NW12A
207 X-ray Crystallography of Uridine-diphospho-N-acetylglucosamine Pyrophosphorylase from Candida albicans and Catalytic Reaction Mechanism MARUYAMA Daisuke 2004G165 5A, 6A, NW12A
208 X-ray Crystallography of N-Acetylglucosamine-phosphate Mutase, a Member of the α-D-Phosphohexomutase Superfamily NISHITANI Yuichi 2004G165 5A, 6A, NW12A
209 Refolding of a Mutant, A45G, of Src SH3 at pH 3 JIN Xianju 2004G184 15A
210 Crystal Structure of Ba-Doped α-Tricalcium Phosphate (Ca1-xBax)3(PO4)2 YASHIMA Masatomo 2004G256, 2005G158, 2006G264, 2008G080 4B2, 6C
211 The Bilayer Morphology and the Subgel Phase Formation of Anionic Phospholipid, Dimyristoylphosphatidylglycerol KINOSHITA Masanao 2005G301, 2007G656 15A
212 Molecular Mechanism of Amyloidogenesis of α-synuclein KAMIYOSHIHARA Tomoaki 2005G302 15A
213 Time-resolved X-ray Solution Scattering Study for Nucleation and Growth of Iron Core in Ferritin Cavity INOKO Yoji 2005G306 10C
214 Different Orientation of Myosin Crossbridges around the Thick Filament between Non- and Full-overlapped Skeletal Muscles Obtained by X-ray Fiber Diffraction OSHIMA Kanji 2005G310 15A
215 Conformational Changes of Smooth Muscle Heavy Mero Myosin Related to Regulatory Mechanism SUGIMOTO Yasunobu 2005G311 15A
216 Nuclear Forward Scattering (NFS) on Iron-Sulfur Proteins GUO Yisong 2006G024 NE3A
217 The Interaction Analysis between an Antibody and its Antigen by Using a Phage display: The Case of an Anti-lysozyme Antibody, HyHEL-10 NAKANISHI Takeshi 2006G144 NW12A
218 Bisphosphonates Target Multiple Sites in Both Cis- and Trans-prenyltransferases GUO Rey-Ting 2006G156 5A, 6A
219 Crystallographic Analysis of Sugar Phosphorylases Belonging to Novel Families HIDAKA Masafumi 2006G158 5A, 6A, 17A, NW12A
220 Crystal Structure Determination of SoxR Protein in Oxidative Response Regulation System WATANABE Satoshi 2006G163 NW12A
221 Crystal Structure of Human Fyn Tyrosine Kinase Complexed with Staurosposine KINOSHITA Takayoshi 2006G179 NW12A
222 Fresnel Diffraction Correction of Blurred image by Phase-considered Iteration Procedure in Soft X-ray Projection CT Microscopy SHIINA Tatsuo 2006G205 11A
223 Structural Study of the Discriminative DNA-recognition Mechanism by a Bacterial Transcription Factor ITOU Hiroshi 2006G366 6A, 17A, NW12A
224 Crystal Structures of Sodium-bound Annexin A4 ARII Yasuhiro 2006G367 6A
225 Tertiary Structure of Calmodulin Predicted by Bioinformatics: Experimental Verification by SAXS, 3 HAYASHI Nobuhiro 2006G397 10C
226 Structural Study on Human Origin Crystallin by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering SUGIYAMA Masaaki 2006G403 10C
227 XANES Measurements of Cysteine and its Oxidation Products at the S-K Absorption Ddge and Their Application to the Oxidative State in Human Hair Using Soft X-ray Contact Microscopy ITO Atsushi 2006G409 11B
228 Structure of SUVs of Lipid Mixtures Composed of Glycosphingolipid, Cholesterol and Phospholipid Depending on Lipid Molar Ratio and Salt Concentration ONAI Teruaki 2006G410 10C
229 SAXS Analyses of S100A3: Masking Effect of Arg-51 on its Homotetramerization KIZAWA Kenji 2007G003 10C
230 Crystal Structures of HA1 Subcomponent of Clostridium botulinum type C Progenitor Toxin in Complexes with Sugars NAKAMURA Toshio 2007G010 6A
231 Determination of Overall Structure of Salt-tolerant Glutaminase from Micrococcus luteus K-3 YOSHIMUNE Kazuaki 2007G015 6A, NW12A
232 Elucidating the Structural Features of the Signaling Molecule Reelin by X-ray Crystallography YASUI Norihisa 2007G033 5A, 6A, NW12A
233 Crystal Structure Analysis of Enzymes Involved in Biosynthesis of Marihuana Compounds TAMADA Taro 2007G041 5A, NW12A
234 Structure Biology of Thermophilic F1-ATPase SHIRAKIHARA Yasuo 2007G045 6A
235 Crystallographic Analysis of Novel Sugar Metabolic Enzymes from Bifidobacteria SUZUKI Ryuichiro 2007G050 5A, 6A, 17A, NW12A
236 Structural Study of a Membrane-bound Protease Specific for Stomatin YOKOYAMA Hideshi 2007G052 6A
237 Improvement of Capsular Polysaccharide Synthesizing Enzyme Crystal Quality Based on Differential Scanning Calorimetry Data MIYAFUSA Takamitsu 2007G059 6A, 17A, NW12A
238 Crystal Structure of Zinc Binding Domain of ClpX in Complex with SspB-tail PARK Young Eun 2007G060 NW12A
239 Structures and Reaction Mechanisms of Heme Oxygenases UNNO Masaki 2007G515, 2007G516 6A, 17A, NW12A
240 Oxidation States Change of Ce(III) by Microorganism in the Presence of Mn(II) OHNUKI Toshihiko 2007G522 27A, 27B
241 Crystallographic Analyses of Enzymes Involved in Lysine Biosynthetic Pathway of Thermus thermophilus TOMITA Takeo 2007G530 5A, 6A, 17A, NW12A
242 Mechanism of Feedback Inhibition of Aspartate Kinases YOSHIDA Ayako 2007G531 5A, 6A, 17A, NW12A
243 A Novel Structure of Calmodulin Complexed with a Binding Domain Peptide from HIV-1 Genome Products IZUMI Yoshinobu 2007G545 10C
244 Structural Studies on the Light-harvesting Membrane Protein Complexes and Cytochromes from Thermophilic Photosynthetic Bacteria HIRANO Yu 2007G585 5A, 6A, 17A, NW12A
245 X-ray Crystallographic Aanalysis of Runx1-CBFβ-Ets1-DNA Complex Assembled on the enhancer of T Cell Receptor Alpha Chain Ggene SHIINA Masaaki 2007G637 5A, 17A, NW12A
246 Comparative Analysis of Solution Structure of Ttwo Isoforms of Rabbit Elongation Factor eEF1-A by SAXS Technique TIMCHENKO Alexander 2007G645 15A
247 Study of Complex Formation between Calmodulin and Two Isoforms of Rabbit Elongation Factor eEF1-A by SAXS Method TIMCHENKO Alexander 2007G645 15A
248 Crystallographic Analysis of Cytochrome P450 MoxA from Nonomuraea recticatena (CYP105) YASUTAKE Yoshiaki 2007G650 6A
249 Subunit Architecture of Silkworm Small Heat Shock Protein and its Temperature-dependent Change FUJISAWA Tetsuro 2007G665 10C


Medical Applications

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
250 Biomedical Applications of Fast Phase-contrast X-ray Imaging System - in vivo Observations of Blood Flow in Rat Liver and Tumor Implanted in Nude Mouse- YONEYAMA Akio 2005S2-001 14C1
251 Sex Difference of Arterial Response to Cold Exposure SATO Fujio 2006G400 NE5A
252 Daily Circle of Calcium Concentration in Hair Observed by X-ray Fluorescence Analysis CHIKAWA Jun-ichi 2006G408 4A
253 FXCT Imaging for Biomedical Research in Cardiac Disease TAKEDA Tohoru 2007G643 NE5A


Applied Science

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
254 Optical Properties of Ti Film for EUV Attenuated Phase Shift Mask MATSUO Tadashi 2005G120 12A
255 Analysis of Cultural Heritage by Synchrotron Radiation and Visible Light-near Infrared Spectroscopy TOQUE Arre Jay 2006G110 4A
256 Local Structure Study of Undoped T' Cuprate Superconductors OYANAGI Hiroyuki 2006G118, 2006G119 13B1
257 Study of Moss as Air Pollution Monitor by SRXRF MicroprobeTtechnique ZHANG Yuanxun 2007G504 4A
258 Observation of Transformation of Calcite to Gypsum in Mineral Aerosols by Ca K-edge X-ray Absorption Near-edge Structure (XANES) TAKAHASHI Yoshio 2007G669 9A
259 Selective Detection of Fe and Mn Species at Mineral Surfaces in Weathered Granite by Conversion Electron Yield X-ray Absorption Fine Structure TAKAHASHI Yoshio 2007G670 4A, 12C
260 G-GIXS Approach to Characterize Nano-structure of the Titanium Surface KIMURA Masao 2007C001 6C
261 X-ray Reflectivity Study on [FeCo/Pd]n Super-Lattice Films AWAJI Naoki 2007C007 18B
262 In situ EXAFS Study of Spent Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst during Regeneration Process IWANAMI Yoshimu 2007C008 NW10A
263 EXAFS Study on Ca Compounds in Tribofilm Generated from Belt-drive Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid KONNO Souichirou 2007C009 9A


Instrumentation and Technique

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
264 Sensitivity of X-ray Phase Imaging by Talbot Interferometry MOMOSE Atsushi 2005G022 14C1
265 Development of a New Multigrid-type MicroStrip Gas Chamber FUJITA Kaoru 2005G167, 2007U003 14A
266 Absolute Sensitivity of the VUV Spectrograph for Plasma Diagnostics YOSHIKAWA Masayuki 2006G022 11C
267 Absolute Measurement for Intensity of Soft X-ray Using Cryogenic Radiometer KATO Masahiro 2006G217 11B
268 Performance Verification of An Imaging Polarimeter with a Transmission Multi Layer KITAMOTO Shunji 2006G240 12A
269 Energy Response of Imaging Plate to photons from 10 to 60 keV SUZUKI Chihiro 2007G017 14C1
270 Quick X-Ray Reflectometory in Simultaneous Multiwavelength Dispersive Mode MATSUSHITA Tadashi 2007G043 NW2A
271 Evaluation of 10-cm Grating Fabricated for X-ray Talbot Interferometer MOMOSE Atsushi 2007G089 14C1
272 Statistical Properties of Observed X-ray Intensities Affected by Counting Loss IDA Takashi 2007G093 4B2
273 A Apparatus for the Simultaneous Determination of the X-ray Absorption Factor Especially for Offset-setting during SAXS Measurement TANAKA Eiichi 2007G520 15A
274 Scanning X-ray Differential Phase Contrast Imaging with Double Wedge Absorber MUKAIDE Taihei 2007C011 4A


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