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List of Proposals (Japanese)


Atomic and Molecular Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
15 Formation of Autoionizing Atomic Fragment in Resonant Double Auger Decay of Core-Excited N2 (Japanese) TANIGUCHI Takuro 2016G610 BL-16A
99 Observation of Charge Bistability in Quasi-one-Dimensional Halogen-Bridged Palladium Complexes by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy (Japanese) YOSHIDA Takefumi 2016P007 AR-NW10A
209 High-Resolution Measurements of Total Cross Section for Low-Energy and Very-Low-Energy Electron Scattering from CH4 KITAJIMA Masashi 2018G516 BL-20A
236 Breaking Space-Inversion Symmetry in the Dissociation of Doubly Excited HD Molecules (Japanese) HOSAKA Kouichi 2018G061 BL-20A


Surface and Interface

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
32 Control of the Metal-Insulator Transition in VO2 Thin Films by K Deposition: III. Emergence of Metallic Monoclinic States (Japanese) SHIGA Daisuke 2015S2-005, 2016G164, 2018S2-004 BL-2A
61 Structure of Stearic Acid on a Calcite Surface: Effects of Solvents (Japanese) SAKUMA Hiroshi 2018G555 BL-4C
78 Strain-Induced Reversible Manipulation of Orbital Magnetic Moments in Ni/Cu Multilayers on Ferroelectric BaTiO3 OKABAYASHI Jun 2017G060 BL-7A
80 Interfacial Exchange Coupling between Co and MnGa Studied by X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism OKABAYASHI Jun 2017G060 BL-7A
120 Metallization of the ZnO Surface by Ethanethiol OZAWA Kenichi 2009S2-007, 2010G044 BL-13A
165 Local Valence Electronic State of HfSi2 Islands on Si(110)-16× 2 Substrate KAKIUCHI Takuhiro 2017G041 BL-11D
179 Quantum Size Effects in C K-NEXAFS of Nano Graphene (Japanese) ENDO Osamu 2017G571 BL-7A
180 Coexistence of Two Types of Spin-Split Bands at the Same Wave Number (Japanese) KOMORI Fumio 2017G575 BL-13B
192 Nb Surface Analysis for High Q and High G Superconducting Cavities (Japanese) KONOMI Taro 2018R-03 BL-8B
195 Evaluation of Interfacial Electronic Structure between the Single Crystal Clean Surface of CH3NH3PbI3 and a Hole Transporting Material (Japanese) IWASHITA Masaki 2017G700 BL-13B
219 XPS Study on the Thermal Stability of Oxygen-Free Pd/Ti Thin Film, a New Nonevaporable Getter (NEG) Coating MIYAZAWA Tetsuya 2016T002 BL-3B
220 Oxygen-Free Palladium/Titanium Coating, a Novel Nonevaporable Getter Coating with an Activation Temperature of 133°C MIYAZAWA Tetsuya 2016T002 BL-13B
221 Improved Pumping Speeds of Oxygen-Free Palladium/Titanium Nonevaporable Getter Coatings and Suppression of Outgassing by Baking under Oxygen MIYAZAWA Tetsuya 2016T002, 2017PF-23 BL-13B
226 Mechanism of Charge Transfer at Heterointerfaces between Perovsktite Transition-Metal Oxides (Japanese) KITAMURA Miho 2014T002, 2015S2-005 BL-2A
228 Effect on Orientation of DNTT on Cu by Triazine-Based Molecular Adhesion HONYA Keisuke 2017G173 BL-13A, BL-27A, BL-11A
230 Quantifying the Structural Effects of Ionic Liquids on Model Cellular Membrane MITRA Saheli 2017-IB-02, 2017-IB-27 BL-18B
234 Photo-Assisted Dry Reforming of Methane over Plasmonic Ni Photocatalysts under Visible Light Irradiation (Japanese) YAMAMOTO Akira 2018G625 BL-12C
259 An in-situ PTRF-XAFS Investigation into Self-Terminated Pt Deposition on Au(111) YUAN Qiuyi 2017G156 BL-12C, BL-9A


Materials Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
4 Effect of Solvents of Perfluorosulfonic Acid Dispersions on Polymer Nanostructure of Their Casting Membranes SONG Chan-Ho 2017G123 BL-6A
5 Structure of Multi-Component Polymer Thin Film as Revealed by Grazing-Incidence Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Utilizing Anomalous Dispersion (Japanese) HAMAMOTO Hiroki 2016G036 BL-10C
7 Depth-Resolved Analysis of Phase-Separated Structure in Block Copolymer Thin Films by Grazing-Incidence Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Utilizing Tender X-Ray (Japanese) AIKAWA Mayu 2016G022 BL-15A2
9 Inhomogeneous Crystalization of Alkane in a Nano Emulsion Oil Eroplet (Japanese) KAWABATA Youhei 2016G051 BL-6A
11 Iridescent Gel Lamellar Structure of Long-Alkyl Surfactant Aqueous Solution (Japanese) KAWABATA Youhei 2016G052 BL-6A, BL-15A2
12 Structure Analysis of the SmCα* Phase in the Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystals under the Electric Field Observed by Microbeam Resonant X-Ray Scattering (Japanese) TAKANISHI Yoichi 2016G070 BL-4A
14 Strain Mapping in Semiconductor Crystals (Japanese) TAKAHASHI Yumiko 2016G088 BL-14B, BL-3C
19 High-Density 2D Electron System Induced by Oxygen Vacancies in ZnO RÖDEL Chris Tobias 2016G621 BL-2A
26 Electronic State Tracking of Redox-Active Metallo-Supramolecular Polymer Observed by XAFS (Japanese) YOSHIDA Takefumi 2017P016 BL-9A
29 Reaction Mechanisms of Cation-Disordered Rocksalt-Type LiMnO2 YABUUCHI Naoaki 2017G005 BL-9C
48 Lattice Strains in Stainless Steel 316 YOKOYAMA Toshihiko 2017G034 BL-9C, BL-12C
50 Homopolymer Distribution in Block Copolymer / Homopolymer Blend Thin Film revealed by Grazing-incident Anomalous X-Ray Scattering (Japanese) YAMAMOTO Katsuhiro 2018G106 BL-10C, BL-15A2
51 Pressure Dependence of Micro-Phase Separated Structures in Polystyrene-b-Poly (Iso-Butyl Acrylate) System (Japanese) YAMAMOTO Katsuhiro 2018G099 BL-10C
52 In situ QXAFS Analysis for Hydrodeoxygenation of a Bio-Oil Model Compound on Ni2P/MCM-41 YUN Gwang-Nam 2016G573 BL-9C
53 Electronic Structures of Ti2O3 Films (Japanese) YOSHIMATSU Kohei 2017G596, 2015S2-005 BL-2A
57 Structure and Dynamics of a Lipid Bilayer Containing n-Alkanes with Different Length (Japanese) USUDA Hatsuho 2018G136 BL-6A, BL-10C
59 LβbI-Lβb Phase Transition of Anionic Surfactant Membrane Induced by Addition of Hydrophobic Molecules (Japanese) HISHIDA Mafumi 2017G526 BL-6A, BL-10C
60 Evaluation of Uranium Chemical State in Borosilicate Glasses by using XAFS Measurement (Japanese) NAGAI Takayuki 2017G049 BL-27B
62 Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in W-Inserted Fe/MgO Interfaces Studied by X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism IIDA Yuki 2017G060 BL-7A
65 Fatigue Behavior of High-Strength Fiber from Liquid Crystalline Polymer IDO Masayoshi 2017G582 BL-6A
72 Investigation of Mechanism of Electrochemical Reaction in Lithium Ion Battery Uilizing XAFS and LIBS Measurement (Japanese) IMASHUKU Susumu 2017G634 BL-9C
75 Temperature Dependence of the Pre-Edge Features in the XANES Spectra of Tetragonal and Cubic ATiO3 (A = Sr, Ba and Pb) and PbZrO3 YOSHIASA Akira 2013G542, 2015G505, 2015G506 AR-NW10A, BL-9C, BL-10A
79 Temperature-dependent EXAFS Study of Ferro-Orbital Ordered FeV2O4 OKABAYASHI Jun 2017G061 BL-12C
81 Relationship between Degree of Order and Magnetic Moments in Spin-Gapless Semiconductor CoFeMnSi Heusler Alloy Studied by XMCD OKABAYASHI Jun 2017G060 BL-7A
84 Effects of a Strong Gravity on YMnO3 Single Crystal TOKUDA Makoto 2014G534 BL-10A
92 Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in Annealing-Free La/CoFeB/MgO Studied by X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism IIDA Yuki 2017G060 BL-7A
97 Gap States Generated by La-on-Sr Substitutional Ddefects within SrTiO3 (Japanese) AIURA Yoshihiro 2017G685, 2017G058, 2017G694, 2015S2-005 AR-NW10A, BL-16A, BL-2A
100 Structural Evolution from Iron Sulfide Nanoparticle to Pyrite SANO Yoshinari 2018G013, 2017G679 BL-8B, BL-9C
111 X-Ray Diffraction Experiments in Quadrupolar Kondo Candidate PrTi2Al20 and PrV2Al20 OKUYAMA Daisuke 2016G143 BL-8A
112 Particle Size Dependence of Crystal Structure for Nanoparticles of Pperovskite Manganese Oxide TAJIRI Takayuki 2017G027 BL-8B
114 Sub-10 nm Scale Microphase Separation in Star-Block Copolymers Consisting of Maltotriose and Poly(ε-caprolactone) ISONO Takuya 2017G589 BL-6A
123 Anomalous SAXS of Al-Mg Alloys at K Aborption Edge of Mg (Japanese) OKUDA Hiroshi 2016AG060 BL-11A
124 Evolution of LPSO Microstructures in Cast MgYZn Alloys (Japanese) OKUDA Hiroshi 2017G593 BL-6A, BL-9C
128 Fabrication and Electronic States of Sr2IrO4-xF2x Thin Films by Topotactic Fluorination MARUYAMA Takahiro 2017G557, 2018S2-004 BL-2A
133 Transmission Soft X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy by X-Ray Excited Optical luminescence from the substrates (Japanese) HORIBA Koji 2018S2-004 BL-2A
135 Phase Morphology and Adhesive Property of Polyrotaxane-Modified Epoxy Adhesive Revealed by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS) Measurement (Japamese) SAMITSU Sadaki 2018G019 BL-6A
141 Chemical Doping to the Specific Ni-Sites in High-Tc Candidate Nd4Ni3O8 (Japanese) MIYATAKE Tomonori 2018G101 BL-4B2
150 X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Study of Iron-Intercalated Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide FexTiS2 (Japanese) SHIBATA Goro 2016S2-005 BL-16A
157 Observation of Stress-Induced Dislocations by Indentation in Protein Crystals (Japanese) SUZUKI Ryo 2017G087 BL-20B
159 Characterisation of Simulant Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown Materials SUN Shi-Kuan 2017G187 BL-27B
163 Studies on Charge/Discharge Mechanisms of O3-Type Layered NaNi1/2Mn1/2O2 Positive Electrode Material for High-Capacity Sodium-Ion Batteries by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy (Japanese) FUJITANI Naoya 2018G673 BL-12C
171 Effect of Local Structure and Sensitization on Photoluminescence of Nd3+ Ions in TiO2 Thin Films with Al Co-Doping (Japanese) MURAYAMA Mariko 2017G014 BL-9A, BL-11A, BL-12C
173 XAFS Analysis of Quinone Family for Organic Energy-Storage Devices (Japanese) NAGAMURA Naoka 2014G616 BL-7A
175 Probing the Antiferromagnetic-Ferromagnetic Phase Transition in GdBaCo2O5.5 Thin Films by Soft X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism ZHANG Yujun 2017G597 BL-16A
178 ARPES Studies of the Inverse Perovskite Ca3PbO: Experimental Confirmation of a Candidate 3D Dirac Fermion System (Japanese) OBATA Yukiko 2015S2-005, 2016S2-004 BL-2A
181 Electronic Structure of Axial Ligand Chain in Chloroaluminum Phthalocyanine IKEURA-SEKIGUCHI Hiromi 2018G073 BL-27A
185 Effect of Cr Substitution in Sr2V1-xCrxFeAsO3 NAKAJIMA Masamichi 2017G643 BL-4C
186 Synthesis of Au Stabilized Cu Nanoparticles by Gamma-Ray Irradiation Reduction Method HORI Fuminobu 2017G545 BL-27A
191 Local Structure Study of A-Site Ordered Perovskite CaCu3Ti4O13 by Means of X-Ray Fluorescence Holography KAMIDE Haruki 2017G705 BL-6C
193 Transmittance Measurement of Thin Films for Radiation Measurement in Fusion Plasmas (Japanese) SANO Ryuichi 2018P013 BL-20A, BL-11B
201 Lamellar Microdomains Formed by ABA Triblock Copolymers Consisting of a Main-Chain Nematic Polyester B-Block and Polystyrene A-Blocks TOKITA Masatoshi 2016G612 BL-6A
204 Hydrostatic Compression Effects on Fifth-Group Element Superconductors Nb and Ta Subjected to High-Pressure Torsion MITO Masaki 2017G671 BL-8B
208 X-Ray Fluorescence Holography of Bi2-xSbxTe3-ySey (Japanese) EGUCHI Ritsuko 2018G592 BL-6C
216 Homogeneity Characterization of Lattice Spacing of Silicon for the Realization of Kilogram and its Application (Japanese) WASEDA Atsushi 2016S2-003 BL-3C
223 A Study on the Order-Order Transition between FCC and HCP Lattice in Spherical Microdomains (Japanese) TAKAGI Hideaki 2018G588 BL-6A, BL-10C
224 A Quasicrystal Structure Observed in a Block Copolymer / Homopolymer Blend (Japanese) TAKAGI Hideaki 2017G546 BL-15A2
225 Structure and Physical Property of Charge-Ordered Insulator (TMTTF)3[TTF(CO2)4H2] (Japanese) NAKANO Yoshiaki 2017S2-001 BL-8A
231 Origin of the Magnetically Dead Layer and Restoration of Magnetism by Annealing in the Spin Filtering Structure MFe2O4 (M = Co, Ni)/Al2O3/Si(111) (Japanese) NONAKA Yosuke 2016S2-005 BL-16A
233 Resonant Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Ca2RuO4 and Ca3Ru2O7 (Japanese) HISHIKAWA Ayuko 2019G122 BL-28A
238 A Dirac Nodal Line in AlB2 Observed by Soft-X-Ray ARPES TAKANE Daichi 2018G653 BL-2A
239 Nodal-Line Fermions Protected by Nonsymmorphic Symmetry in Ta3SiTe6 SATO Takafumi 2018S2-001, 2016G555 BL-28A, BL-2A
240 Scaling up Electronic Spin Qubits by using Robust Three-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework (Japanese) YAMABAYASHI Tsutomu 2016G040 AR-NW2A
241 Structural Dynamics of Substituted Poly(lactic acid) with sec-Butyl Side Chains Revealed by Synchrotron SAXS/WAXD Simultaneous Measurements MARUBAYASHI Hironori 2017G084 BL-6A, BL-10C
245 Structural Determination of the Pmcn Lawsonite above 2 GPa OKAMOTO Keitaro 2018G118 BL-10A
249 Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy Study of Te-Annealed Superconducting FeTe1-xSex KOSHIISHI Keisuke 2015S2-003, 2016G096 BL-28A
251 Analysis for Ordering Process of Aromatic Polyimide Film Stretched during Thermal Imidization Process by in-situ Simultaneous Stress/Strain/Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Measurement (Japanese) ISHIGE Ryohei 2017G693 BL-6A
252 Investigation of Short-Range Ordering in SmFe2 Thin Films (Japanese) TAKAMURA Yota 2018P004 BL-9A
260 Observation of Mechanical Degradation by X-Ray Stroboscopic CT with Talbot Interferometer (Japanese) WU Yanlin 2017G073 BL-14C



No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
13 Fluctuating Carbonaceous Networks with a Persistent Molecular Shape: A Saddle-Shaped Geodesic Framework of 1,3,5-Trisubstituted Benzene (Phenine) (Japanese) IKEMOTO Koki 2017G082 BL-17A
23 Electronic States of Heterometallic Ln-Pt Complexes Analyzed by XANES (Japanese) YOSHIDA Takefumi 2017P016 BL-9A
25 Unbiased Rotational Motions of an Ellipsoidal Guest in a Tight Yet Pliable Host (Japanese) SUN Zhe 2017G082 AR-NE3A
38 Structural Analysis of the Chiral and Luminescent Metallomesogens (Japanese) YOSHIDA Jun 2017G105 BL-8A, BL-8B
42 Periphery Design of Macrocyclic Materials for Organic Light-Emitting Devices with a Blue Phosphorescent Emitter (Japanese) YOSHII Asami 2017G082 BL-1A
46 Local Structure of Zr(IV) in Nitric Acid Solutions UEHARA Akihiro 2017G054 BL-27B
67 Development of Low-Temperature Polarization-Dependent Total Reflection Fluorescence XAFS (LT-PTRF-XAFS) CHUN(DEN) Wang-Jae 2016G551 BL-9C
70 Operando Observation of Adsorbed Anion on the Cobalt Water Splitting Catalyst (Japanese) YAMADA Kanta 2016G647, 2017G529 BL-9A, BL-7A, BL-16A
73 Dehydration/Hydration Mechanism of Scopolamine Hydrobromide Investigated by SDPD (Japanese) UENO Takuya 2017G608 BL-4B2
83 Disproportionation of Elemental Sulfur in Zeolite. Crystal Structure of Zeolite LTA Containing Two New Ions: Perthiosulfite, S42-, and Trisulfur Cation, S32+ LIM Seung Hyeon 2018G551 BL-5A
93 Molecular Conformation in Dilute Solution and Liquid Crystal Structure of Linear and Star Poly(quinoxaline-2,3-diyl)s (Japanese) TERAO Ken 2017G023, 2013G516 BL-6A, BL-10C
108 Reaction Analysis of Copper Oxide Subnanoparticles using in-situ EXAFS Mmeasurements (Japanese) SONOBE Kazutaka 2017G046 BL-12C, BL-9A, BL-9C
110 XAFS Analysis of Trace Rhodium-Added Cobalt Catalyst for Low-Temperature Partial Oxidation of Methane (Japanese) KOBAYASHI Hirokazu 2017G624 AR-NW10A
118 A Structure Study on Luminescent Vapochromic Sensors for Visualization of Proton Conductivity and Humidity (Japanese) KOBAYASHI Atsushi 2017G528 BL-8B, AR-NW2A
144 Precision Synthesis of Supramolecular Nanosheets (Japanese) SASAKI Norihiko 2018P010 BL-6A
153 X-Ray Absorption of NaTaO3 Photocatalysts Co-Doped with La and Fe Cations (Japanese) SUDRAJAT Hanggara 2018G078 BL-12C, AR-NW10A
154 Pressure-Dependent Powder X-Ray Diffraction Measurements for C2[MnN(CN)4] (C = K, Na) Incorporating Polar Metal Complex Moieties (Japanese) YANAGISAWA Junichi 2017P012 BL-18C
156 EXAFS Analysis for Pt/CeO2 Catalysts Active for Partial Oxidation of Methane BAL Rajaram 2017G190 BL-9C
177 XAFS Analysis Graphite-Supported Palladium Platinum Bimetal Catalysts (Japanese) NAGASAWA Yoshiyuki 2018G057 BL-9C
182 XAFS Characterization of Size-Controlled Pt Nanoparticles Prepared from Pt4 Complex and Popypyrroles for Enhanced Oxygen Reduction Reaction MURATSUGU Satoshi 2017G533 BL-12C
183 XAFS Characterization of the Redox-Active Ceria-Based Mixed Oxides Co-Introduced with the First and Second Series Transition Metals MURATSUGU Satoshi 2017G534 BL-9C, AR-NW10A
184 XAFS Characterization of Pd Complex Immobilized on Mesoporous Silica and its Catalysis for Allylation of Nucleophiles (Japanese) MOTOKURA Ken 2018G042 AR-NW10A
190 Operando XAFS Observation of Electronic States and Structures of Active Sites of Metal Supported Catalysts under Microwave Irradiation (Japanese) TSUBAKI Shuntaro 2018G601 BL-9C, AR-NW10A
196 Combined Synchrotron Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering and Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Studies on Structures of Mechanically Tough Clay-Polymer Blend Hydrogels (Japanese) TAKENO Hiroyuki 2017G132 BL-6A
203 Adsorbed Structure of Iodine Species of CsI Restricted in Cylindrical Pore of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube HIRANO Yuri 2018G076 AR-NW10A
207 Monitoring of Heat via Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance to Convert CO2 over Silver-Zirconium Oxide ZHANG Hongwei 2016G577 BL-9C, BL-12C, AR-NW10A
222 Structure and Reaction of Porous Cathode Electrode Material Containing Iron Ion (Japanese) SONOYAMA Noriyuki 2017G118 BL-9C
227 Synthesis of Re(I) Rings Comprising Different Re(I) Units and Their Light-Harvesting Abilities YAMAZAKI Yasuomi 2016G084 AR-NW2A
237 Gelation of Alginate by CLEX (Japanese) YAMAMOTO Kyoko 2017G572 BL-6A
246 Transformation of Silver Site over TiO2 Effectively used on the Photocathode of Solar Cell URUSHIDATE Kazuki 2018G649 BL-9C, BL-12C, AR-NW10A
247 MX-Type Single Chain Complexes with an Aromatic in-Plane Ligand: Incorporation of Aromatic Interactions for Stabilizing the Chain Structure (Japanese) AFRIN Unjila 2016G040, 2018G083 AR-NW2A
253 Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Analysis for Linear and Corresponding Cyclic Poly(Dimethyl Siloxane)s with Dramatically Different Physical Properties (Japanese) HONDA Satoshi 2017G124 BL-10C
254 Structural Analysis for Development of Minor Actinide Recovery Process using Diglycolamide Extractants OKADA Makoto 2018G573 BL-27B
256 Local Structural Analysis of Fission Products Attached to Reactor Structural Materials KOSHIGOE Koki 2018G567 BL-27B
257 EXAFS Analysis of Temperature Dependence of Cesium Adsorption in the Sediment at Lake Onuma on Mt. Akagi KUMAGAI Naoto 2016G637 BL-27B


High Pressure Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
17 Structural Measurement of Basaltic Glass up to 12 GPa (Japanese) SAKAMAKI Tatsuya 2017G580 AR-NE5C
20 Dehydration and Deformation Property of Lawsonite : Clarification of Intermediate-Depth Earthquakes (Japanese) SHIRAISHI Rei 2017G158 AR-NE7A
22 P-V-T Equation of State of β-CrOOH SHITO Chikara 2018G023 AR-NE5C
40 Structure of Hydrous Sodium Silicate Melt under Pressures (Japanese) OHASHI Tomonori 2017G580 AR-NE5C
47 Phase Relation in MgSiO3 under Mantle Conditions ONO Shigeaki 2017G515 AR-NE7A
116 Pressure-Induced Phase Separation in Bi50Sb50 Substitutional Alloy (Japanese) OHMURA Ayako 2018G015 AR-NE1A
147 Pressure-Induced Local Symmetry Lowering on Liquid–Liquid Transition of GeI4 and SnI4 FUCHIZAKI Kazuhiro 2016G186 AR-NE5C
213 Powder X-Ray Diffraction Study of CeCoSi under High Pressure at Room Temperature (Japanese) UEDA Ryodai 2018G635 BL-18C


Biological Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
6 Study of Mitochondrial Response for Innercellular-Local Irradiation using Synchrotron X-Ray Microbeam (Japanese) KAMINAGA Kiichi 2012G599, 2013G214, 2015T001 BL-27B
10 Structural Analysis of Keratinase from Arthroderma vanbreuseghemii (Japanese) FURUKAWA Nayuta 2016G514 BL-5A
16 Stabilization of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticle by Phosphate Solution (Japanese) IWHASHI Haruka 2017G050 BL-9A
18 X-Ray Structural Analysis of the Assembly Forms of Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase Fusion Protein and Streptavidin Fusion Protein (Japanese) ARAI Shigeki 2016G510 AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
27 Crystal Structure of Cell Surface Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase from Lactobacillus plantarum: Insight into the Mercury Binding Mechanism (Japanese) YONEDA Kazunari 2018G502, 2017G010 BL-5A, AR-NE3A
28 Mutational Analysis of the Pore Forming Mechanism of Hemolytic Lectin CEL-III (Japanese) GODA Shuichiro 2017G016 BL-6A
30 Crystal Structure of L-Tryptophan Dehydrogenase WAKAMATSU Taisuke 2017G010 AR-NE3A
31 Effect of Trehalose on Protein Structure Stabilization AJITO Satoshi 2017G698 BL-10C
37 X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis of Plant Type III Polyketide Synthase WONG Piow Chin 2017G011 BL-1A
43 Structural Analysis of a Cyanobacteriochrome AnPixJg2 Mutant that can Incorporate Biliverdin (Japanese) MIYAZAKI Takatsugu 2017G051 AR-NW12A
44 Immunoglobulin-like Domains of the Cargo Proteins are Eessential for Protein Stability during Secretion by the Type IX Secretion System (Japanese) SATO Keiko 2017G522 BL-1A
56 X-Ray Structure of Oryza sativa Hexokinase 6 in Complex with β-D-Glucose YOSHIDA Hiromi 2017G610 BL-5A
58 X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of the Glycine Oxidase-like Enzyme Found in the Studies on the Antibiotic BD-12 Biosynthesis by S-SAD Phasing (Japanese) NIIKURA Haruka 2018G153 BL-1A
63 Structural Basis for the Recognition of the 53BP1 Nuclear Localization Signal by Importin-α1 (Japanese) MATSUURA Yoshiyuki 2018G609 BL-17A
66 Structure Study of Human Serum Albumin Complexed with Aripiprazole (Japanese) KAWAI Akito 2017G554 BL-17A
76 Structure of FjDex31A, an α-Glucosidase with Strong Transglucosylation Activity (Japanese) TONOZUKA Takashi 2017G513 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
77 Conformational Change in Domain B of α-Amylase TVA I Mutant Enzyme (Japanese) TONOZUKA Takashi 2016G013 AR-NW12A
89 Structure of a Posphotransacetylase from Porphyromonas gingivalis, a Keystone Pathogen of Periodontitis KEZUKA Yuichiro 2017G675 AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
90 Structure of an Acetate Kinase from Porphyromonas gingivalis, a Keystone Pathogen of Periodontitis KEZUKA Yuichiro 2017G675 AR-NE3A
94 Cell-Killing Effect by the Targeted Cytoplasmic Irradiation in Normal Human Fibroblasts with Monochromatic X-Ray Microbeams (2) SUZUKI Masao 2017G695 BL-27B
98 Stability of the Two-Dimensional Lattice of Bacteriorhodopsin Reconstituted in Partially Fluorinated Phosphatidylcholine (F4-DMPC) Bilayers (Japanese) TAKAHASHI Hiroshi 2018G095, 2013G675 BL-6A, BL-10C
102 β-Sheet Flexibility Revealed by Comprehensive Structural Determination from Isomorphous Crystals (Japanese) MAKABE Koki 2017G130 BL-5A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
103 Structural Analysis of β-Glucosidase from Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron (Japanese) NAKAJIMA Masahiro 2016G619 AR-NW12A
104 Analyses of Crystal Structure and the Reaction Mechanism of a Fungal β-1,2-Glucanase belonging a New Glycoside Hydrolase Family (GH162) (Japanese) TANAKA Nobukiyo 2018G506 AR-NW12A
106 Estimation of Solution Conformation of an Intrinsically Flexible Loop of a Protein Molecule using Crystal Contact-Free Space Designed in Protein Cystals (Japanese) BALA Siqin 2017G009 BL-1A
107 Ca Accumulation in Human Hair and Micro-XANES at the Ca-K Absorption Edge to Compare Ca Chemical Forms in Different Regions of Hair TORIGATA Masaya 2016G543, 2018G540 BL-11B, BL-4A, BL-15A1
109 Crystal Structure of α-Amylase II from Eisenia fetida HIRANO Yu 2017G033 BL-5A, BL-17A
113 X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis of Two Prenyltransferases Responsible for Bioactive Terpene Iindole Formation in Cyanobacteria (Japanese) AWAKAWA Takayoshi 2017G020 BL-1A, BL-17A
115 Crystal Structure and Intramolecular Interaction Analyses of Backbone-Circularized Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor (Japanese) SHIBUYA Risa 2017G067 AR-NW12A, BL-1A, BL-5A
119 Structures of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase with HBV-Associated Septuple Mutations in Complex with DNA and ETV-TP YASUTAKE Yoshiaki 2017-R15, 2018-RP31 BL-1A, BL-17A
121 Repair Process of DNA Double Strand Breaks Induced by X-Ray Bystander Effect OJIMA Mitsuaki 2017G072 BL-27B
122 Crystal Structure Analysis of the Antibody that is Specific to the Toxic Conformer of Amyloid Beta (Japanese) IRIE Kazuhiro 2017G007 BL-1A, BL-17A
125 X-Ray Structure of Clostridium perfringens Major Pilin KAMITORI Shigehiro 2018G538 BL-5A
126 Structure Determinations of Kinesin Spindle Protein Eg5 in Complex with its Inhibitors YOKOYAMA Hideshi 2018G523, 2016G559 BL-17A, BL-1A
127 A Novel Strategy for Crystal Structure Determination using Highly-Porous Protein Crystal. (Japanese) MAITA Nobuo 2017G615 AR-NE3A, BL-17A
129 SAXS Study of K170N Mutant of Bence-Jones Protein BIF TIMCHENKO Alexander 2016G682 BL-6A
130 Crystal Structure Analysis of H/D Exchanged Lysozyme (Japanese) UEMURA Takuya 2017G666 BL-17A
134 Structural Study on Atg2 that Mediates Autophagosomal Membrane Expansion OSAWA Takuo 2018RP-12 BL-1A, BL-17A
136 Periodic Structures of Purole Membranes in Polymer Solutions Studied by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering (Japanese) YOKOYAMA Yasunori 2018G657 BL-6A
138 Crystal Structure Analysis of the LTTR-DNA Complex (Japanese) SENDA Miki 2017G114 BL-17A, BL-1A
139 X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of the Insect Glutathione S-Transferase Noppera-bo (Japanese) KOIWAI Kotaro 2018RP-23, 2018G025 BL-1A , BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A
140 Structural Analysis of SET7/9 in Complex with Cyproheptadine and its Derivative NIWA Hideaki 2008S2-001, 2015G595 AR-NW12A, BL-17A
142 Crystal Structure of the Myosin XI Motor (Japanese) SUZUKI Kano 2018G120 BL-1A, BL-17A
143 Structural Basis for Regulation of Malonyl-CoA Decarboxylase (Japanese) MIYAZAKI Takatsugu 2017G051 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
149 X-Ray Diffraction Experiments for Drug Target Protein of Human Casein Kinase II SHIBAZAKI Chie 2016G516 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
158 Low-pH-Induced Lamellar to Bicontinuous Primitive Cubic Phase Transition in Biomembranes (Japanese) OKA Toshihiko 2016G058 BL-6A
160 Crystallography of Enzymes for Synthesis and Degradation of Novel Cyclic Glucans (Japanese) KOHNO Masaki 2017G088 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
161 Elucidation of Whole Structure of Bifidobacterial β-Helix Type Human Milk Oligosaccharide-Degrading Enzyme and its Maturation Mechanism (Japanese) YAMADA Chihaya 2017G089 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
162 Study on the Reaction Mechanism of Lachrymatory Factor Synthases from Allium Species (Japanese) SATO Yuta 2018G043 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
168 Crystallographic Analysis of the Enzymes Involved in Regulation of CoA Metabolism YOSHIDA Ayako 2018G573 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
169 Crystal Structures of Enzymes Involved in Novel Lysine Biosynthetic Pathway using Amino-Group Carrier Protein TOMITA Takeo 2018G574 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
170 Crystallographic Analysis of Enzymes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Natural Products Possessing Complicated Chemical Structures TOMITA Takeo 2018G047 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
172 Revealing Intra Cellular GTP Sensing Mechanism via Structural Analysis of PI5P4K Complexes (Japanese) TAKEUCHI Koh 2017G147 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A
176 Structural Analysis of the H. pylori Cag A-Target Complexes Involved in Gastric Carcinogenesis (Japanese) NAGASE Lisa 2017G115 BL-1A, BL-17A
187 Anisotropic Distribution of Ammonium Sulfate Ions in Protein Crystallization HOSHINO Tyuji 2018G613 BL-5A
188 X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis of Pseudoglycosyltransferase VldE WONG Piow Chin 2017G538 BL-1A
189 Aglycosylation does not Induce the Open Structure of Fc Region of Immunoglobulin G Proven by Solution Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (Japanese) IMAMURA Hiroshi 2017G068 BL-10C
194 Structural Basis for Enhanced Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Activity by DOCK7 Mutant (Japanese) NIINO Mutsuko 2017G547 BL-17A
197 Structure Biology of [NiFe] Hydrogenase Maturation Proteins KWON Sunghark 2016G018 BL-1A
199 SAXD Reveals Binding Mode of Anesthetic Molecules in Raft-Like ordered Membranes (Japanese) KINOSHITA Masanao 2016G192 BL-6A, BL-10C
200 Structural Basis of the Oxygen Dissociation Mechanism of the Giant Hemoglobin in the Presence of the Allosteric Effectors NUMOTO Nobutaka 2016G012 BL-1A, BL-17A
202 Radiation Effect on Spermatogenesis of Ex Vivo Mouse Testis Exposed to Slit-X-Ray-Microbeam (Japanese) FUKUNAGA Hisanori 2017G565 BL-27B
206 Observation System of Cell Dynamics of Three-Dimensional Cultured Rat Mammary Cell Colonies Irradiated with an X-Ray Microbeam (Japanese) NISHIMURA Yukiko 2018G515 BL-27B
210 Structural Analysis of the Nucleosome Containing Cancer-Associated Histone Mutant H2B E76K (Japanese) TANAKA Hiroki 2014G556 BL-1A
232 Influence on Immune Checkpoint Factors by X-Rays in Cancer Cells (Japanese) OHARA Maki 2018G684 BL-27B
235 SAXS Analysis of the Complex Structure of Cyanobacterial Enzymes for Alkane Biosynthesis (Japanese) CHANG Mari 2017G653 BL-10C
242 Structure of the Hemolytic Toxin FraE Helps to Clarify the Evolution of Actinoporins CAAVEIRO Jose 2014G190 BL-5A
243 Structure-Based Discovery of Inhibitors of Human DJ-1, a Parkinson's Disease Associated Protein CAAVEIRO Jose 2013G738, 2014G190, 2016G199 BL-5A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
261 Talbot Optics Installation on Soft X-Ray Projection Microscopy SHIINA Tatsuo 2018G129 BL-11A


Medical Applications

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
95 Evaluation of Copper Accumulation in the Liver of Chronic Bile Stasis by Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray MATSUURA Akihiro 2018G644 BL-4A
152 Multi-Pinhole Based X-Ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography: Imaging Experiments using Rat Head Phantoms ARAKI Keishi 2018G004 AR-NE7A
166 Synthesis of PEG Covered Zn0.2Fe2.8O4 Nanoparticles and XAFS Spectra (Japanese) KANDA Kouhei 2018V005 BL-9C


Industrial Application

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
91 Soft-Xray XAFS Round-Robin Experiments Planned by the Photon-Beam Platform (Japanese) BAN Hiroshi 2018WV002 BL-16A


Instrumentation and Technique

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
2 X-Ray Irradiation Experiments to Evaluate Properties of Organic Semiconductor Radiation Detectors (Japanese) TAKADA Eiji 2017G542 BL-14A
69 Total Luminescence Yield of Some Scintillators in the Photon Energy Region from 300 eV to 1.3 keV EJIMA Takeo 2018G072 BL-11D
82 Diffraction Efficiency Measurements of Laminar-Type Diffraction Gratings Overcoated with Lanthanum Series Layers for Boron-K Emission Spectroscopy HATANO Tadashi 2018G012 BL-11D
101 Evaluation of Energy Dependence and Efficiency Distribution of Organic Semiconductor Radiation Detector (Japanese) TAKADA Eiji 2017G542 BL-14A
117 Feasibility Study of 3D X-Ray Thermography using X-Ray Interferometric Imaging (Japanese) YONEYAMA Akio 2016G578 BL-14C
244 Fabrication of Cr/Sc/Mo Multilayer Illuminator for Water Window Soft X-Ray Microscopes with Bi Plasma Sources HATANO Tadashi 2017G638 BL-11D
248 Detecting X-Ray Induced Change in the Tip-Surface Force on Ge by XANAM SUZUKI Shushi 2018G066 BL-7C



No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
96 X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Primitive Micrometeorites Recovered from Antarctic Surface Snow SHIMIZU Shota 2017G632 BL-3A


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