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Atomic and Molecular Science

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
1 The Photoelectron Source for the Cold Electron Collision Experiment Utilizing the Penetration Field Method KUROKAWA Manabu 2008G639 20A
2 Positronium Negative Ion Photodetachment Experiment at the KEK-PF Slow Positron Facility NAGASHIMA Yasuyuki 2009G066 SPF



Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
3 Substituent Effect of the Hybrid type PDA Complexes SHIWAKU Hideaki 2007G675 27B
4 Imaging XAFS Study of Uranium Oxide OKAMOTO Yoshihiro 2008G043 27B
5 Conformational Preferences of Short Peptide Fragments HATAKEYAMA Yoshiyuki 2008G052 NW2A
6 Template Synthesis of Precisely Monodisperse Silica Nanoparticles within Self-Assembled Coordination Spheres SUZUKI Kosuke 2008G052 NW2A
7 X-ray Observation of a Transient Hemiaminal Trapped in a Porous Network KAWAMICHI Takehide 2008G052 NW2A
8 Hydrodesulfurization Reaction Mechanism of Ni2P/MCM-41 by Operando Analysis WADA Takahiro 2008G129 9C
9 As(V) Sorption Mechanism in Solution Using Ferrihydrite TOKORO Chiharu 2008G151 9A, 12C
10 The Structure of a Molecularly Imprinted Ru-complex Catalyst with a Molecular Binding Site on a SiO2 Surface MURATSUGU Satoshi 2008G154 NW10A
11 The Structures of SiO2-supported, Unsaturated Ru-complex Catalysts for Aldehyde Oxidation and Alkene Epoxidation MURATSUGU Satoshi 2008G154 NW10A
12 Platinum L3-edge X-ray Absorption Spectra Directly See and Evaluate the Triple Phase Boundary of Replica Pt–C Catalysts in Fuel Cells OKA Kazuki 2008G167 9C, 12C
13 Synthesis and Characterization of Stoichiometric BCN Films by Radiofrequency Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition on Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite NAGANO Masamitsu 2008G502 11A, 27A
14 Separated Observation of Jahn-Teller and Lattice Distortion in Thermal Structural Changes of Copper(II) Complexes (in 2009) AKITSU Takashiro 2008G526 8B
15 Characterizations of Core Level Electronic Structure and Interaction of Ln-M Cyano DMF Complex by Soft-X-ray Spectroscopy (in 2009) AKITSU Takashiro 2008G528 19B
16 Effect of Additional Metal Ion on State of Platinum on MCM-41 TANAKA Masashi 2008G550 7C, 9C
17 EXAFS Analysis for Structure of Active Site for Partial Oxidation of Methane TANAKA Hisanori 2008G558 9C, 12C, NW10A
18 In Situ XAFS Studies on Mn12 Molecular Cluster Batteries YOSHIKAWA Hirofumi 2008G586 9A, 12C
19 EXAFS Analysis of Precursors for RhTe Nanoparticles Evidence for Rh-Te Interaction in the Precursor State NAKAYA Masafumi 2008G604 NW10A
20 Controlling the Formation of Silver Cluster in Silver-ion-exchanged MFI-type Zeolites by Different Treatment Methods TORIGOE Hiroe 2008G616 NW10A
21 Preparation of Pt-Rh Bimetallic Colloidal Nanoparticles by Photochemical Reduction and Alcohol Reduction KIMURA Kana 2008G644 7C,NW10A
22 EXAFS Analysis for Nano HDS Catalysts on Nano-Alumina Support RASHIDI Fereshteh 2008G679 7C, 9C, NW10A
23 The Structure of Ag+, Ca2+ and Y3+ Hydration in Confinement in Nanometer Scale over the Temperature Range of 298 -190 K ITO Kanae 2008G687 9A, NW10A
24 Coordination Structure of PTA-Er Complexes in Methanol YAITA Tsuyoshi 2008G698 27B
25 EXAFS on Molten Terbium Fluoride in Lithium Fluoride and Lithium-calcium Fluoride Mixtures NUMAKURA Masahiko 2009G093 27B
26 XAFS Speciation of Adsorbed Zinc Ion on Allophane in Presence of Humic Acid ITOU Yuuki 2009G112 9A, 9C, 12C
27 XAFS Analysis of Iodine/Iodide in Povidone Iodine KANEKO Takuma 2009G206 9A, NW10A
28 Self-Assembled M24L48 Complex and Their Sharp Structural Switch SUN Qing-Fu 2009G502 NW2A
29 EXAFS on Thorium Fluoride in Molten Lithium Fluoride and Lithium-calcium Fluoride Mixtures NUMAKURA Masahiko 2009G544 27B
30 Role of Copper in the CO2 Photo-reduction to Fuels Using Zn-Cu-Al/Ga Layered Double Hydroxides AHMED Naveed 2009G552 7C, 9C
31 Local Structure Analysis of Thermostable Rh/AlPO4 Catalyst IKEUE Keita 2009G574 NW10A
32 Reentrant Lamellar-onion Transition with Varying Temperature under Shear Flow in a Nonionic Surfactant/Water System TAKAHASHI Ken-ichi 2009G581 15A
33 Structure Determination of Stable and Selective Rhodium Species on TiO2, CeO2, Activated Carbon, and Functionalized SiO2 for Liquid-phase Catalysis WADA Seiki 2009G596 NW10A, 9A
34 XAFS Analyses of Li-Cr-Ni-Mn Based Oxides KOMABA Shinichi 2009G627 7C
35 Physico-chemical Understanding of Polymorphism and Solid-state Dehydration/rehydration Processes for the Pharmaceutical Material Acrinol, by ab initio Powder X-ray Diffraction Analysis and Other Techniques FUJII Kotaro 2009G658 4B2
36 XAFS Study on Mesoporous Cr and Ti Mixed Oxides Prepared by Wall Ion Exchange Method SUH Insuhk 2009G661 7C, 9C
37 Co(II) Oxidation by Biogenic Mn Oxide TANAKA Kazuya 2009G676 12C
38 In-situ EXAFS Study on a Spent CoMo HDS Catalyst during Regeneration at Various Temperatures IWANAMI Yoshimu 2009I005 NW10A
39 Speciation Study of Copper in Stream Sediments OHTA Atsuyuki 2010G121 12C


Surface and Interface

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
40 Surface-site-selective Study of Si(111)-7×7 Using Auger Photoelectron and Photoelectron Auger-Electron Coincidence Spectroscopy KAKIUCHI Takuhiro 2006S2-002 1C
41 The Determination of the Thickness of the Silicon Oxide Film Using EAL IMAMURA Motoyasu 2006G121 13C
42 Structural Analysis of Cyanide Treated Au Catalysts Under Partial Oxidation Conditions BANDO K. Kyoko 2006G362 NW10A
43 Strain Effect on Electronic States of √3~√3-Ag Structure on the (111) Surface of Si/Ge System MOCHIZUKI Izumi 2007G528, 2009G559 18A
44 Structure Formation of Cationic and Anionic Surfactants at Oil/water Interfaces KITAHATA Hiroyuki 2007G588, 2009G140, 2009G217, 2009G602 4A, 15A
45 In-situ Photoemission Spectroscopic Studies on Al/perovskite Oxides Interfaces Showing Resistive Switching YAMAMOTO Taiki 2008S2-003 2C
46 Annealing Effects of in-depth Profiles in TiN/LaO/HfSiO/SiO2/Si Gate Stack Structure Studied by Angle-resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy from Backside TOYODA Satoshi 2008S2-003 2C
47 Band Diagram of an Alq3/Nb:SrTiO3 Interface Studied by in situ Photoemission Spectroscopy OKABE Takashi 2008S2-003 2C
48 Electrode Dependence of Electronic Structures at Metal/ Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO0.3 Interfaces YASUHARA Ryutaro 2008S2-003 2C
49 Interfacial Reactions for Ru Metal-electrode/HfSiON Gate Stack Structures Studied by Synchrotron-radiation Photoemission Spectroscopy KAMADA Hiroyuki 2008S2-003 2C
50 Potential Profiling in Depth for Perovskite Oxide Heterojunctions Using Photoemission Spectroscopy MINOHARA Makoto 2008S2-003 2C
51 Relationship between Band Alignment and Chemical States upon Annealing in HfSiON/SiON Stacked Films on Si Substrates TANIMURA Tatsuhiko 2008S2-003 2C
52 Metallization of ZnO(10-10) by Hydrogen Adsorption: Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy OZAWA Kenichi 2008G016 11D
53 Residual Order in Thermal Oxide of Fully Strained SiGe Alloy on Si SHIMURA Takayoshi 2008G017 4C
54 XAFS Study on Precursor Dependent Structures of Rh / Alumina Catalysts CHEN Zhiwen 2008G044 NW10A
55 Electronic Band Structure of the √21×√21 Phase Prepared from the Ag/Si(111)-3×1 Surface NAKAMURA Fumitaka 2008G057 18A
56 Direct Spectroscopic Evidence of Spin-dependent Hybridization between Rashba-split Surface States and Quantum-well States HE Ke 2008G100 18A, 19A
57 Rashba Spin Splitting of a Metallic Surface State Band of Pb/Ge(111)-(√3x√3)R30° YAJI Koichiro 2008G101 18A
58 Structural Studies on Electrodeposited Pt Ultra-thin Layers on Au(111) Surface by Resonance Surface X-ray Scattering KONDO Toshihiro 2008G124, 2009G038 4C
59 Site Selective Adsorption of Atomic Deuterium on Boron Nitride Thin Film KOSWATTAGE Rasika Kaveenga 2008G156 13C, 11A
60 Effect of Oxygen Coadsorption on Titanium Silicide Formation on Si(001) OHNO Shin-ya 2008G186 18A
61 XAFS Study of Rh Cocatalyst Loaded on Gallium Oxide SHIMURA Katsuya 2008G510 NW10A
62 Focusing of Soft X-ray for Quick PEEM Measurements HIRAO Norie 2008G532 27A
63 PTRF-XAFS Analysis of Structure of Au11 Cluster on TiO2(110) Surface TAKAKUSAGI Satoru 2008G603 9A
64 Effect of NO Adsorption on the Magnetism and Structure of Ni/Cu(001) Thin Film KOUZAI Shogo 2008G651 7A, 11A
65 Anisotropic Two-dimensional Metallic State on Au Adsorbed Ge(001) Surface NAKATSUJI Kan 2008G663 18A
66 Changes of Chemical Bonding of Diamond-like Carbon Films by Atomic-hydrogen Exposure NAKAZAWA Hideki 2008G673 3B
67 Thermal Desorption of Silicon Oxide Layer on Si(100) Investigated by Si 2p Core-level Photoemission ENTA Yoshiharu 2008G673 3B
68 Pt Skin Layer Thickness of Pt-Co Cathode Catalysts for PEFC HIDAI Shoichi 2008G678 7A
69 Electron Transfer Dynamics in 5’-Guanosine Monophosphate Interfaces Probed by Core-hole Clock Method IKEURA-SEKIGUCHI Hiromi 2008G711 27A
70 Spin-resolved ARPES Study on Ultrathin Bi2Se3 Films SAKAMOTO Yusuke 2009G006 18A, 19A
71 Investigation of CO Oxidation Reaction on Pt(111) by Dispersive NEXAFS KOUSA Yuka 2009G146 16A
72 Development of S K-edge NEXAFS Spectroscopy Using Soft X-ray in the Atmosphere and Solution Conditions HONDA Mitsunori 2009G196 27A
73 Anchoring of Organic Molecules with Silicon Alkoxide on Oxide Surface NARITA Ayumi 2009G553 27A
74 Real-time Observation on Configuration Changes of Silicon Polymer by Soft-X-ray PEEM BABA Yuji 2009G553 27A
75 Self-ordering of Polysilanes on Metal and Semiconductor Surfaces Investigated by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy MANNAN Md. Abdul 2009G553 27A
76 Soft X-ray Spectrometer Using 100-pixel Superconducting Tunnel Junction OHKUBO Masataka 2009G686 11A
77 Structure of Muscovite/Aqueous NaCl Solution Interface Studied by X-ray CTR Scattering Measurements SAKUMA Hiroshi 2009P004 4C


Electronic Structure of Condensed Matter

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
78 Estimation of Order Parameter in a Binary Alloy of Cu3Au Type Structure by Using White X-ray Diffraction NAITO Masahiro 2007G644 3C
79 Evaluation of Spin, Orbital and Total Magnetic Moments of Pd3Co by X-ray Magnetic Diffraction SATO Ayako 2007G644 3C
80 Electronic structure of SrVO3 Thin Films under Epitaxial Strain Studied by Angle-resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy AIZAKI Shin-ichi 2008S2-003 2C, 28A
81 Electronically Sharp Ruddlesden-Popper Type Oxide Heterointerfaces MATVEJEFF Mikko 2008S2-003 2C
82 Soft X-ray Angle Resolved Photoemission Study on SrRuO3 Thin Films YOSHIMATSU Kohei 2008S2-003 2C
83 Transport Properties and Chemical State of Fluorine in Anatase TiO2-xFx Epitaxial Thin Films MOHRI Satoru 2008S2-003 2C
84 Electronic States of Picene Thin Film on Au Substrate HIRAI Masaaki 2008G113 19B
85 Initial Stages of Ca Intercalation into Natural Graphite FRIEDLEIN Rainer 2008G133 18A
86 Spin and Orbital Magnetic Form Factor of CeRh3B2 Observed by X-ray Magnetic Diffraction NAGAYASU Ryouta 2008G190, 2006G046 3C
87 Interference Effects on Plasmon Losses in Core-level Photoemission Spectra MIYAGAWA Yoshihiro 2008G194 7A, 16A
88 Photoemission Spectroscopy of Metallic and Semiconducting Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes ISHII Hiroyoshi 2008G630 28A
89 V 3d-2p Soft X-ray Emission Spectrum of CuV2S4 TAGUCHI Yukihiro 2008G705 2C
90 Angle-resolved Photoemission Study of PrFeAsO0.7 NISHI Ichiro 2009S2-005 28A
91 Fermi Surface Evolution of Cobalt Oxide NaxCoO2 Studied by High-resolution Angle-resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy ARAKANE Toshiyuki 2009S2-005, 2008G182 28A
92 Fermi Surface of Iron-based Superconductor Ba(Fe2-xNix)As2 Observed by Angle-resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy IDETA Shin-ichiro 2009S2-005 28A
93 Observation of Three-dimensional Fermi Surfaces in the Iron Pnictides Superconductor BaFe2(As1-xPx)2 YOSHIDA Teppei 2009S2-005 28A
94 High Pressure X-ray Crystal Structure Analysis of FeSe0.5Te0.0.5 HORIGANE Kazumasa 2009S2-008 8A, 8B
95 Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering Study of Magnetic Structures in La1.5Ca0.5CoO4 OKAMOTO Jun 2009S2-008 16A
96 Origin of Abrupt Decrease in Carrier Activation at Heavily Nb-doped Anatase Ti1-xNbxO2+δ Epitaxial Thin Films CHIKAMATSU Akira 2009G085, 2008S2-003 2C
97 Transport Properties and Electronic States of Anatase LixTiO2 Epitaxial Thin Films CHIKAMATSU Akira 2009G085, 2008S2-003 2C
98 Electronic Structure of Anatase TiO2 Film Epitaxially Grown on LaAlO3(100): Angle-resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study EMORI Masato 2009G573 3B
99 Polarization Dependent ARPES Measurements of the Valence Band Structure of Anatase TiO2 SUGITA Mari 2009G573 3B
100 Contour Plot of Soft X-ray Raman Scattering of Ti2O3 TEZUKA Yasuhisa 2009G653 2C
101 Magnetic States of Co and Mn Atoms at the Co2MnGe/MgO Interfaces Studied by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Soft X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Study SINGH Raj Vijay 2009G677, 2008G010 16A


Materials Science

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
102 Orbital Dilution Effect in Fe1-xMnxCr2O4 OHTANI Shintaro 2005S2-003, 2006S2-005 1A, 4C
103 Lattice-form-dependent Orbital Shape and Charge Disproportionation in Charge- and Orbital-ordered Manganites OKUYAMA Daisuke 2006S2-005 1A
104 Study on Cu Precipitation Induced by Thermal Annealing in FeCu alloy by Using EXAFS Spectroscopy IWASE Akihiro 2007G058 27B
105 Fddd Phase Boundary of Polystyrene-block-polyisoprene Diblock Copolymer Melts in Polystyrene-rich Region MATSUDA Kuniaki 2007G100 15A
106 Crystallization of Press-drawn Poly(L-lactic acid) KUBOYAMA Keiichi 2007G548 10C
107 A Study on the Electronic Structure of Proton Conducting AIIIBIIIO3 Single Crystal YUGAMI Hiroo 2007G599 19B
108 Structure Analysis of Conducting Nanosheet Crystallites SATO Jun 2007G652, 2009G546 6C
109 XAFS Study of the Local Lattice Distortion in the PLD-fabricated SrZrO3 Thin Films SATA Noriko 2007G676 9C
110 Spatial Inhomogeneity in Injection-molded Polypropylene Investigated with Microcbeam Wide-angle X-ray Diffraction YAMAZOE Kosuke 2007G700 4A
111 Diffraction Study on "Magnetically Tunable Metal-insulator Superlattices" OKUYAMA Daisuke 2008S2-004, 2009S2-003 3A, 4C
112 Epitaxial-strain Effect on Charge and Orbital Order in Pr0.5Ca0.5MnO3 Films OKUYAMA Daisuke 2008S2-004, 2009S2-003 3A, 4C
113 Observation of the Domain Structure near β-Incommensurate-α Phase Transition by X-ray Topography ABE Kohji 2008G026 15B1
114 Microphase Separated Structure in Polystyrebe-b-Polyisoprene thin Film including Selective Solvent for PS YAMAMOTO Katsuhiro 2008G027 9C
115 Crystal Orientation of Poly(ε-caprolactone) Blocks Confined in Crystallized Lamellar Morphology of Poly(ε-caprolactone)-block-Polyethylene Copolymers. 1. Experimental Results HIGA Tomoki 2008G031 10C
116 Crystal Orientation of Poly(ε-caprolactone) Blocks Confined in Crystallized Lamellar Morphology of Poly(ε-caprolactone)-block-Polyethylene Copolymers. 2. Analysis of Experimental Results NAGAKURA Hikaru 2008G031 10C
117 Crystal Orientation of Poly(ε-caprolactone) Homopolymers Confined in Cylindrical Nanodomains. 2. Analysis of Experimental Results KADENA Ken-ichi 2008G031 10C
118 Electronic Structure of (Ga1-xMnxx)2O3 Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors HAYASHI Hiroyuki 2008G060 11A
119 Changes in Small-angle X-ray Scattering Patterns of Carbon Fibers Curing Axial Compression SHIOYA Masatoshi 2008G082 15A
120 Structural Phase Transitions of Spinel Compound (Fe1-xZnx)V2O4 ISHIBASHI Hiroki 2008G119 6C, 4B2
121 Structural Formation Process of Hydrated Solid Gel Structure in a Surfactant Solution KAWABATA Youhei 2008G135 15A, 9C
122 Spectroscopy and XASF Analysis of Co-doped Sulfide Glasses KADONO Kohei 2008G145 7C
123 Structural Analyses of Er3+-doped Ga2S3-GeS2-Sb2S3 Glasses by XAFS KADONO Kohei 2008G145 7C
124 Self-assembling Structures of 12-Hydroxystearic Acid Solutions TAKENO Hiroyuki 2008G148 15A
125 Effect of the Valence State of Rh in Rh/Cr2O3 (core/shell) Cocatalyst with GaN:ZnO Solid Solution on Activity for Visible-light Water Splitting MAEDA Kazuhiko 2008G150 NW10A
126 XAFS Analysis of Bismuth Nanoparticles IKEMOTO Hiroyuki 2008G509 12C
127 In-Situ XAS Study on Initial Growth of CdSe Nanocrystals Using Microfluidic Cell JIANG Yong 2008G514 13B, NW2A
128 Photoluminescence Property of 15R-sialon:Eu2+ Phosphors and Their XANES Spectra KIKKAWA Shinichi 2008G517 9C
129 X-ray Radiation Effect on Structure Formation induced by Radical Copolymerization of Poly(Dimethylsiloxane)-α,ω-Diacrylate and N, N-Dimethylacrylamide YAMAMOTO Katsuhiro 2008G525 9C, 15A
130 Structural Properties of the Organic Superconductor κH-(DMEDO-TSeF)2[Au(CN)4](THF) KAWAMOTO Tadashi 2008G546 1A
131 In-situ Measurement of X-ray Reflectivity of Amorphous Alloy Thin Films YAMAMOTO Tokujiro 2008G569 3C
132 Local Structural Analysis for a Pd40Ni40P20 BMG with Thermally Induced Chemical Short-range Order by Anomalous X-ray Scattering HARUYAMA Osami 2008G573 NW10A
133 Surface Characterization of β-FeSi2 Single Crystals by XPS and XAS YAMAMOTO Hiroyuki 2008G575 13C, 27A
134 An XAFS Study of Sulfur Supersaturated Silicon KOHNO Atsushi 2008G636 9A
135 XAFS Studies on the Oxide Supported Ni Nanocluster Catalysts ICHIKUNI Nobuyuki 2008G638 7C, 9C
136 Ionic Conduction and Local Structure in AgI-As2Se3 Glasses USUKI Takeshi 2008G661 12C, NW10A
137 Soft X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Carbon Alloy Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction NIWA Hideharu 2008G678 7A
138 Shear Effect on Crystallization of Ethyl-POSS Polyethylene / Linear Low Density Polyethylene Blend NOZUE Yoshinobu 2008G699 15A
139 Morphological Changes in a Diblock Copolymer upon Chemical Modification KAWAGUCHI Daisuke 2008G701 15A
140 Electronic Structure of BaPrO3-based Oxides Studied with Soft X-ray Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy YAMAGUCHI Shu 2008G710 19B
141 XAFS Analysis of Lithium Battery Electrode Materials with Tunnel Structure KIJIMA Norihito 2008P108 9A
142 Er-L Edge Resonant Elastic X-ray Scattering Study of Orbital Ordering ErVO3 IKEUCHI Kazuhiko 2009S2-008 4C, 3A
143 Large Negative Magnetoresistance in Superlattice (LaMnO3)2(SrMnO3)2 Studied by a Resonant X-ray Scattering NAKAO Hironori 2009S2-008, 2008S2-004 3A, 4C
144 Fine Structural Changes around Pd in Pd/C Employed for the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Sodium Lactate SUGIYAMA Shigeru 2009G004 NW10A
145 X-ray Absorption and Magnetic Circular Dichroism Study of C60-Co Hybrid Films SAKAI Seiji 2009G010 7A, 27A
146 EXAFS Studies of Thorium(IV) Ion in Concentrated Chloride Hydrate Melts UEHARA Akihiro 2009G019 27B
147 Observation of Magnetic Edge-State in Graphene Nanoribbon Joseph L. V. 2009G022 7A
148 Effect of Oxygen Partial Pressure on the Magnetic Properties of Ba(Fe0.5Mn0.50.5)O3-δ Epitaxial Thin Films MATSUI Toshiyuki 2009G037 27A
149 XAFS Spectroscopic Analysis of Antimony in Various Sized Particles of Dust of MSWI SHIOTA Kenji 2009G044 NW10A
150 Photochemical Synthesis of Ag Particles in Water-in-Ionic Liquid Microemulsions HARADA Masafumi 2009G053 NW10A
151 Coordination of Cu2+ to Ethylenediamine-functional Ligands Densely Packed in Interlayer of Polysilsesquioxane YOSHITAKE Hideaki 2009G054 7C
152 Force Constants of Te Nanoparticles IKIMOTO Hiroyuki 2009G073 NW10A
153 Charaterization of Dislocations in Monoclinic Hen Egg-white Lysozyme Crystals by Synchrotron Monochromatic-beam X-ray Topography SAWAMURA Takuya 2009G099 15B1,15C
154 Size Dependence of Lattice Constants of Bismuth Nanocrystallines MAEKAWA Hitoshi 2009G119 8B
155 XAFS Studies on Chromium Adsorption on Agricultural Low-cost Biowastes SALA F. Luis 2009G184 9A
156 Structural Studies on Metal-insulator Transition in K2Cr8O16 ISOBE Masahiko 2009G200 8A
157 Microdomain Structures in Electrospun Micro-Fibers of Polystyrene-block-polyethylenebutylene-block-polystyrene Triblock Copolymer RUNGSWANG Wonchalerm 2009G504 9C, 10C
158 Synthesis of Silver Particles in Water-in-ionic Liquid Microemulsions HARADA Masafumi 2009G518 15A
159 Preparation and Magnetic Property of BiMnO3 Nanocrystals in Mesoporous Silica TAJIRI Takayuki 2009G529 1B, 8B
160 In situ XAFS Study on Carbon Nanocap Formation by SiC Surface Decomposition MARUYAMA Takahiro 2009G530 7A
161 In-situ Small-angle X-ray Scattering Measurements to Reveal Nano-structure Formation during Solvent Evaporation from a Block Copolymer Solution KIMURA Go 2009G539 9C, 15A
162 Equation of State of Antigorite at High Pressure and Temperature WATANABE Tohru 2009G541 NE5C
163 Three-dimensional Atomic Images of Tl-based Thermoelectric Materials by X-ray Fluorescence Holography HOSOKAWA Shinya 2009G551, 2009G584, 2009G608 6C
164 Simultaneous Measurement of SAXS and Heat Capacity During Isothermal Annealing of Semicrystalline Poly(ethylene oxide) OKA Yukari 2009G580 15A
165 X-ray Fluorescence Holography of Ferromagnetic Semiconductor Ge0.6Mn0.4Te HAPPO Naohisa 2009G584, 2009G551, 2009G608 6C
166 In-situ Valence Band UPS of Lithium Nickel Oxide for Selective Methane Oxidation MIYAZAKI Takafumi 2009G615 7A, 7B
167 Dispersion Analysis of Nano-particles in Polymers by SAXS ZOU DeQing 2009G622 10C
168 High-mobility Solution-processed Organic Thin-film Transistors SOEDA Junji 2009G681 8B
169 XAFS Analysis of the Structure of Ca in Engineered Barrier Materials SAKAMOTO Hiroyuki 2009C011 9A



Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
170 Magnetic Electron-density Distribution in Magnetite Determined by RXMS Difference-fourier Method OKUBE Maki 2008G048, 2009G104, 2009G175 6C, 10A
171 Magnetic Helices in Ba-(TiCo)-Ferrite Determined by the RXMS Method OKUBE Maki 2008G048, 2009G104, 2009G175 6C, 10A
172 Phase Determination of Crystal Structure Factor by Using Measured Rocking Curves NEGISHI Riichirou 2008G055 15C
173 Crystallographic Analysis of D-aspartate Oxidase (DDO) SENDA Miki 2008G056 5A, 17A, NW12A
174 Crystal Structure of Staphylococcus epidermidis TcaR CHANG Yu-Ming 2008G089 NW12A
175 Structure of a Heterotetrameric Geranyl Pyrophosphate Synthase from Mint (Mentha piperita) Reveals Intersubunit Regulation CHANG Tao-Hsin 2008G089 5A
176 Observation of X-ray Mirage Fringes from a Bent Crystal FUKAMACHI Tomoe 2008G545 15C
177 Crystal Structure Analysis of the UCH37 Catalytic Domain NISHIO Kazuya 2008G599 5A, 6A, NE3A, NW12A
178 Atomic Displacement Behavior of Pyrope NAKATSUKA Akihiko 2008G628 10A
179 Siderite, FeCO3 WANG Jun 2009G005 14A
180 Crystallographic Study of the Receptor Binding Domain of the D/C Mosaic Neurotoxin from Clostridium botulinum NUEMKET Nipawan 2009G032 NW12A
181 Crystal Structure and Electron Density Distribution of a Pr2NiO4-Based Mixed Conductor (Pr0.9La0.1)2(Ni0.74Cu0.21Ga0.05)O4+δ YASHIMA Masatomo 2009G072 4B2, 6C
182 Structure and Reaction mechanism of Peroxiredoxin and Xanthine Oxidoreductase MATSUMURA Tomohiro 2009G108, 2009G155, 2009G171 5A, 17A, NW12A, NE3A
183 Investigation of Defect Reduction in Solution-grown SiC with Synchrotron X-ray Topography and Etching Method SEKI Kazuaki 2009G118 15C
184 Dynamic and Thermodynamic Properties of Crystalline Glycine Polymorphs from Multi-Temperature X-ray Diffraction Data AREE Thammarat 2009G135 8B
185 Hydrogen Bond Network Involving Water Molecules in the Crystal of a Protonated Anderson-type Polyoxometalate and the Tetraphenylphosphonium Cation ANDOH Yurie 2009G636 NW2A
186 Crystal Structure and Electron Density Analysis of Monoclinic and Hexagonal Hydroxyapatites YONEHARA Yukihiko 2010G144 4B2,6C


High Pressure Science

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
187 Deformation Experiments on Fayalite Using Deformation Cubic Anvil Press and Monochromatic X-rays SHIRAISHI Rei 2007S2-002 14C2, NE7A
188 X-ray Imaging of Melts and its Application to Earth and Planetary Interior OHTANI Eiji 2007S2-002 14C2, NE7A
189 Pressure-induced Structural Change of Liquid IV-VI Alloys CHIBA Ayano 2007G569 NE5C
190 Structure and Stability of Ni3S under Pressure URAKAWA Satoru 2007G575 NE5C
191 Pressure-induced Structural Change in Liquid Ge-Te Alloys TSUKATANI Tomoya 2008G090 NE5C
192 Estimation of Hydrogen Position in Super Hydrous Phase B, Mg10Si3H4O18, at 1.0 GPa Using Single-crystal Diffraction Data KURIBAYASHI Takahiro 2008G518 10A
193 High-pressure Studies on the Crystal Structure of Iron-based Superconductors TAKAHASHI Hiroki 2008G598 18C
194 In-situ X-ray Observation for the Pressure-induced Self-insertion Reaction of CoSb3 under High Temperatures and High Pressures SEKINE Chihiro 2009G030 NE5C
195 Reinvestigation of High-pressure Phase Sequence in Ytterbium Sesquioxides at Room Temperature YUSA Hitoshi 2009G052 NE1A
196 Pressure-induced Irreversible Isosymmetric Transition of Unfilled Skutterudite Compound CoSb3 MATSUI Kazuki 2009G063 18C
197 Magnetic Transition of Hcp-Fe ONO Shigeaki 2009G508 NE1A
198 X-ray Diffraction Study of Filled Skutterudite BaRu4As12 at High Pressures HAYASHI Junichi 2009G538 18C
199 High-density Amorphous Polymorphs of Zirconium Tungstate ARORA K. Akhilesh 2009G616 NE1A
200 Pressure-induced Amorphization in Vanadium Pentaoxide ARORA K. Akhilesh 2009G616 NE1A
201 Measurement of Shocked Amorphous Materials by Time-resolved Signle-shot X-ray Diffraction ICHIYANAGI Kouhei 2009G644 NW14A


Biological Science

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
202 Structural Analysis of a Humanized Anti-human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Antibody 528 NAKANISHI Takeshi 2002G147, 2004G169 NW12A, 6A
203 Head-head Interaction of Myosin Crossbridges from Frog Skeletal Muscle Thick Filaments Obtained by X-ray Fiber Diffraction OSHIMA Kanji 2005G310 15A
204 Cooperative DNA-binding and Sequence-recognition Mechanism of Aristaless and Clawless MIYAZONO Ken-ichi 2006G150 NW12A
205 Mutational and Crystallographic Analyses of Thermoplasma acidophilum D-aldohexose Dehydrogenase C-teminal Deletion Mutants NISHIOKA Taiki 2006G165 17A
206 Structural studies of UbcH5b∼ubiquitin Intermediate SAKATA Eri 2006G381 5A
207 Biotic Reduction of U(VI) in the Presence of Citric Acid OHNUKI Toshihiko 2007G522, 2009G609 27B
208 On the Hydration of Metastable Subgel and Highly Crystalline Phases in Dimyristoylphosphatidylglycerol Bilayers KINOSHITA Masanao 2007G656 9C,15A
209 Structural Study of a Cellulase, CcCel6C, from the Basidiomycete, Coprinopsis cinerea LIU Yuan 2008G013 NW12A
210 Crystal Structure Analyses of Mouse S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine Hydrolase ISHIHARA Masaaki 2008G029 NW12A
211 Structural and Thermodynamic Analysis of a pH-sensitive Protein G Mutant WATANABE Hideki 2008G033 6A
212 Insight into the Mechanism for Diterpene Cyclization Revealded by Crystal Structure of CotB2 TOMITA Takeo 2008G086 NW12A, 5A, 6A
213 Effect of Osmotic Stress on Protein Structure HIRAI Mitsuhiro 2008G095 10C
214 Dose Responses of Bystander Cell Death are Modified by Sites of Energy Deposition within Cells Irradiated with a Synchrotron X-ray Microbeam MAEDA Munetoshi 2008G096 27B
215 Influence of Leaf Senescence on Arsenic Species in Pteris vittata Roots HATAYAMA Masayoshi 2008G108 12C
216 Solution Structures of the Artificial Disulfide Bond Introduced Mutants of Staphylococcal Nuclease SAWADA Hiroki 2008G116 10A
217 Killing and Migration of Human Cancer Cells Induced by Bystander Effect after X-ray Microbeam Irradiation on Cell Nucleus MAEZAWA Hiroshi 2008G117 27B
218 Crystal Structure of the C-terminal Peptide-binding Domain of Human Hsp40 Complexed with a C-terminal Octapeptide of Human Hsp70 SUZUKI Hironori 2008G141 5A, 6A, 17A
219 Structural Change Induced by Deamidation and Isomerization of Asparagine as Revealed by the Crystal Structure of Ustilago sphaerogena Ribonuclease U2B NOGUCHI Shuji 2008G141 6A
220 Crystal Strutcture of Modified Human Serum Albumin Complexed with Δ12-Prostaglandin J2 and Myristate ITO Sohei 2008G164 5A
221 Crystal Structure of Ethanolamine Ammonia-lyase Complexed with Coenzyme B12 Analog Adeninylpentylcobalamin and Substrate SHIBATA Naoki 2008G515 17A
222 Mapping of Oxidative Damage in Human Hair with Artificial Oxidation Treatments Using Soft X-ray Contact Microscopy ITO Atsushi 2008G536 11B
223 X-ray Structure of a Protease-resistant Mutant form of Human Galectin-8 YOSHIDA Hiromi 2008G543 5A, 6A, 17A, NW12A
224 Structural Basis for the Cooperative Interplay between the Two Causative Gene Products of Combined Factor V and Factor VIII Deficiency NISHIO Miho 2008G564 5A
225 Analysis of Cu K-edge XANES Spectra in COMMD1 with Multiple Scattering Theory TAKAHASHI Kei 2008G582 12C
226 Structural Study for the Neutrophil-activating Protein from Helicobacter pylori YOKOYAMA Hideshi 2008G587 5A, NW12A, NE3A
227 Crystal Structures of ClpP in Complex with Acyldepsipeptide Antibiotics LEE Byung-Gil 2008G592 NW12A
228 Crystallographic Analysis of Diadenosine 5′‚5′′′-P1,P4-tetraphosphate Phosphorylase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv MORI Shigetarou 2008G610 NW12A
229 Distribution and Speciation of Chromium in Gynura pseudochina (L.) DC. MONGKHONSIN Bodin 2008G633 4A, 12C
230 Cyclodextrin-induced Modulation of the Phase Behaviour of the Dipalmitoylphosphatidylglycerol/cholesterol Mixed Liposome KINOSHITA Masanao 2008G652 15A
231 Crystal Structure of Salt-labile Glutaminase from Bacillus subtilis in the Presence of 4.3 M NaCl YOSHIMUNE Kazuaki 2009G012 6A
232 Crystal Structural Analysis of the Complex of tRNAAsp Mutant and Arginyl-tRNA Synthetase from Pyrococcus horikoshii UCHIKAWA Emiko 2009G017 5A, NE3A
233 Mutant Crystal Structures of Outer Surface Protein A MAKABE Koki 2009G046 NE3A, NW12A
234 Analysis of Conformational Change of Neck-linker of Kinesin Chimeric Protein Fused with GFP Using Small Angle X-ray Solution Scattering TANAKA Keiko 2009G050 15A
235 Effects of High-dose X-ray Irradiation on Stress-resistant Ricrobes and Biochemical Substances NAKAI Ryosuke 2009G101 27B
236 An Allosteric Mechanism to Displace Nuclear Export Cargo from CRM1 and RanGTP by RanBP1 KOYAMA Masako 2009G136 5A
237 XANES Study of Chemical States of I Accumulated by Dactylis glomerata OHNUKI Toshihiko 2009G145 9A, 27B
238 Conformation of Ribosomal Protein S1 from Thermus thermophilus and Its 49 kDa Fragment in the Presence of Nucleotides Studied by SAXS Technique TIMCHENKO Alexander 2009G162 15A
239 Solution Structure of Two Isoforms of Rabbit Elongation Factor eEF1-A Recovered from SAXS Data TIMCHENKO Alexander 2009G162 15A
240 Measurement of Dynamic Fluctuation of Proteins using Small-angle X-ray Scattering SUGIMOTO Yasunobu 2009G305 15A
241 Structure-based Drug Design for Kainate-type Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors, GluK1 and GluK2, from Human Brain UNNO Masaki 2009G501 NE3A, NW12A, 5A, 17A
242 Precise Structural and Functional Analyses of Cytochrome c' Revealed by Quantum Beams and Other Multiple Methods UNNO Masaki 2009G503 NE3A, NW12A, 5A, 17A
243 X-ray Structure of Bacillus pallidus D-arabinose Isomerase YOSHIDA Hiromi 2009G512 5A, NW12A
244 Structure of L-methionine γ-lyase 1 from Entamoeba histolytica KARAKI Tsuyoshi 2009G524 5A, 6A, 17A, NW12A
245 Structural Studies on the Light-harvesting Membrane Protein Complexes and Cytochromes from Thermophilic Photosynthetic Bacteria YU Long-Jiang 2009G525 17A, NW12A, NE3A
246 X-ray Crystallographic Studies of a Novel Histone Demethylase PHF8 YU Lin 2009G532 NE3A, NW12A
247 Crystal Structures of the Enzymes Involved in Lysine Biosynthesis of Thermus thermophilus TOMITA Takeo 2009G540 NW12A, 5A, 6A
248 Regulatory Mechanisms of Enzymes Involved in Amino Acid Metabolism TOMITA Takeo 2009G543 NW12A, NE3A, 5A, 6A
249 X-ray Structural Study on Formation of Ferritin Iron Core and its Iron(II) Auto-oxidation in the Presence of Phosphate INOKO Yoji 2009G571 10C
250 Crystallography of Enzymes in the Unique Sugar Metabolism of Bifidobacteria HIDAKA Masafumi 2009G590 5A, 6A, 17A, NE3A, NW12A
251 Fbs2: Component of SCF Complex for Protein Quality Control KAWAMURA Takashi 2009G601 5A
252 X-ray Crystallographic Analysis of Runx1-CBFbeta-Ets1-DNA Complex Assembled on the Enhancer of T Cell Receptor Alpha Chain Gene SHIINA Masaaki 2009G633 5A, 17A, NW12A
253 Biological Effects of Targeted Cell Nuclear Irradiation with Monochromatic X-ray Microbeams SUZUKI Masao 2009G640 27B
254 X-Ray Structure Analysis of Aeropyrum pernix Threonyl-tRNA Synthetase Lacking a cis-editing Domain SHIMIZU Satoru 2009G670 NW12A, 5A, 17A, NE3A
255 Small-angle X-ray Scattering of Anisotropic Gel of Alginate MAKI Yasuyuki 2009G672 15A


Medical Applications

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
256 Stable Chemical Forms of Stored Gold Nanorods in Tissues CHEN Chunying 2008G189 11B, 12C
257 Identification of Microvascular Coronary Spasm using Synchrotron Radiation Microangiography MATSUSHITA Shonosuke 2008G565 NE5A
258 Evaluation of Revascularization by Arteriole/Capillary Ratio Using Synchrotron Radiation Coronary Angiography IMAZURU Tomohiro 2008G566 NE5A
259 Unexpected Vasodilation due to Cold Exposure Assessed by Synchrotron Radiation Micro-Angiography SATO Fujio 2008G566 NE5A
260 Various Aspects of Cigarette Smoke Induced Vasoconstriction of Peripheral Arteries Assessed by Synchrotron Radiation Micro-angiography AKISHIMA Shinji 2008G566 NE5A
261 An Experimental Study to Measure the MTF of Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Systems Using Synchrotron Radiation KIMURA Chisato 2009P104 14C


Applied Science

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
262 Chlorine Behavior during Formation of Chlorinated Aromatic Compounds in a Thermal Process Promoted by Oxychlorination of Ferric Chloride FUJIMORI Takashi 2007G069 9A, 11B
263 Observation of Two-dimensional Distribution of Lattice Inclination and Strain in Strained Si Wafers by Synchrotron X-ray Topography SHIMURA Takayoshi 2008G017 15C
264 Roles of Iron in Metal-Phthalocyanine Based Carbon Alloy Catalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells Investigated by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy SAITO Makoto 2008G678 7A
265 An XAFS Analysis of Co-precipitated Selenate on Mg-bearing Minerals OPISO Einstine 2009G128 12C
266 G-GIXS Approach to Characterize Nano-structure of the Titanium Surface after Chemical Treatments (III) KIMURA Masao 2009C002 6C


Instrumentation and Technique

Page Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
267 Performance of Hard X-ray Polarimeter for Off-axis Injection GUNJI Shuichi 2006G290 14A
268 Magnetic Compton Scattering as Spin-specific Magnetic Hysteresis Measurement Tool AGUI Akane 2007G206 NE1A1
269 High-definition Blur-corrected Image in Soft X-ray Projection CT Microscopy SHIINA Tatsuo 2008G098 11A
270 30-picoradian Stabilization of Optical Components for X-ray Interferometric Imaging YONEYAMA Akio 2009S2-006 14C
271 Particle Statistics in Synchrotron Powder Diffractometry IDA Takashi 2009G131 4B2
272 Measurements of X-ray Induced Current in Organic Photodiodes TAKADA Eiji 2009G191 14C1
273 The Energy Response Function of the Flat-panel Detector TANI Kotaro 2009G191 14C1
274 Tritium Measurement by Using a Photo-stimulable Phospher BaFBr(I):Eu2+ Plate OHUCHI Hiroko 2009G191 14C1


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