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List of Proposals (Japanese)


Atomic and Molecular Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
131 Entanglement of Excited Atom-Pair Produced by the Photo Dissociation HOSAKA Kouichi 2014G108 BL-20A, BL-28B
236 High-Resolution Total Cross Section Measurements for Electron Scattering from Hydrogen Molecule at around the Feshbach Resonances KITAJIMA Masashi 2014G518 BL-20A
317 X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Size-Selected Cerium Oxide Clusters (Japanese) HAYAKAWA Tetsuichiro 2014G091 BL-7A


Surface and Interface

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
34 In situ XAFS Analysis of Tb Doped Alumina Film – Effect of Tb Density - (Japanese) BANDO K. Kyoko 2015G581 BL-9C, BL-12C
37 Evaluation of Band Offset at β-(AlxGa1-x)2O3/β-Ga2O3 Heterointerface (Japanese) HATTORI Mai 2013S2-002, 2015G509 BL-2A
54 In situ Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study on a Two-Dimensional Electronic States at the Anatase-TiO2(001) Surface (Japanese) YUKAWA Ryu 2015S2-005 BL-2A
56 XAFS Analysis of FeOx promoted Ir/SiO2 Catalysts BANDO K. Kyoko 2014P013 BL-9A
73 Characterization of Vanadium Oxide Ultrathin Films on Ag(100) (Japanese) NAKAMURA Takuya 2015G005 BL-3B, BL-13B
74 Structural Analysis of Au-Induced Nanowire Structure Formed on the Ge(001) Surface using Total-Reflection High-Energy Positron Diffraction (Japanese) MOCHIZUKI Izumi 2013G694 SPF-A3
84 Potential-Dependent Structures and Potential-Induced Structure Changes at Pt(111) Single-Crystal Electrode/Sulfuric Acid Interfaces in the Potential Region between Hydrogen Underpotential Deposition and Surface Oxide Formation by In Situ Surface X-Ray Scattering KONDO Toshihiro 2014G124, 2015G121 BL-3A, BL-4C
87 SiO2 Thickness Dependence of Local Valence Electronic States of Ultrathin SiO2 Films Fabricated on Clean Si(110)-16×2 Single Domain Surface (Japanese) KAKIUCHI Takuhiro 2015G011 BL-11D
88 Local Valence Electronic State at SiOx Interface of Ultrathin Hafumium Silicide and Hafumium Dioxide Films Fabricated on Clean Si(110)-16×2 Single Domain Surface (Japanese) KAKIUCHI Takuhiro 2015G011 BL-11D
124 Irradiation Effect of Soft X-Ray to SAM-DNA Double-Layer Immobilized on Inorganic Surface NARITA Ayumi 2013G707 BL-27A
138 Effect of in-Plane Network Structure on Undulation Motion of Lipid Bilayer (Japanese) YAMADA Norifumi 2014G110 BL-15A2
144 PTRF-XAFS Study of Size-Selected Pt7 Cluster Uniformly Deposited on an Al2O3/NiAl(110) Substrate by Lissajour Scanning NISHIMURA Yusaku 2015G104 BL-9A
150 Structure of Calcite {10.4} / Artificial Seawater Interfaces SAKUMA Hiroshi 2014G117 BL-4C
152 Chemical State Analysis of Trace-Level Alkali Metals Sorbed in Micaceous Oxide by Total Reflection X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy BABA Yuji 2014G096 BL-27A
175 Development of Fluorescence Yield Mode Depth Resolved XMCD by Means of Soft X-Ray Camera (Japanese) SAKAMAKI Masako 2013S2-004, 2015PF-12 BL-7A, BL-16A
177 A XAFS Investigation into the Pt Monolayer Deposited from Surface-Limited Redox Reaction YUAN Qiuyi 2015G070 BL-12C, BL-9A, AR-NW10A
203 Observation of Effect of Laser Irradiation on a Pt/Co/Pt Thin Film (Japanese) AMEMIYA Kenta 2013S2-004 BL-9A, BL-16A
204 In-Situ Observation of Cobalt-Phosphate Oxygen Evolution Catalyst by XAFS Using Hard and Soft X-Ray (Japanese) MITSUTOMI Yosuke 2014G539, 2015G629 BL-9A, BL-7A
210 Measurement of Surface Tension by Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray (Japanese) NOGUCHI Daisuke 2015MP004 BL-14C
221 NO Reduction by CO on Ir(111) Surface under Near Ambient Pressure Conditions UEDA Kohei 2015S2-008 BL-13B
227 Interfacial Exchange Coupling in FeCo/MnGa Studied by X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism OKABAYASHI Jun 2015G090 BL-7A
244 Study on the Behavior of the Photoelectrons with Lower Energies in the Ultra Thin Film of Silicon Oxide IMAMURA Motoyasu 2015P010 BL-3B
271 X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure at the Cesium L3 Absorption Edge for Cesium Sorbed in Clay Minerals HONDA Mitsunori 2014G088 BL-27A
273 Transformation of Unsaturated CC Bonds during the Formation of Graphene Nanoribbon on Au(111) (Japanese) ENDO Osamu 2015G562 BL-7A
286 Interfacial Ferromagnetism at the Heterointerface between Perovskite Oxides LaNiO3 and LaMnO3 (Japanese) KITAMURA Miho 2014T002 BL-16A, BL-2A
301 Encrustation of Goethite on Ferrihydrite Surface in Freshwater Sediment KIKUCHI Sakiko 2013G562 BL-12C
308 Determination of the Charge Transfer Path from TCNQ to SrTiO3(001) OZAWA Kenichi 2014G516 BL-3B, BL-13B
318 Investigation of the Depth Profile for PTB7:PC70BM Bulkheterojunction Organic Solar Cell by Uisng X-Ray Photoemittion Spectroscopy (Japanese) SATO Tomoya 2015G141 BL-13B
329 S K-Edge XANES Measurements of Ultra-Thin Layers of Sulfuric Acid Aqueous Solution Spread on Solid Surfaces (Japanese) KIM DaeHyun 2015G601 BL-11B
344 Depth-Resolved XMCD Spectroscopy of Cobalt/h-BN Heterostructure (Japanese) SAKAI Seiji 2015G110 BL-7A
367 Electronic States of MnN Superstructure on Cu(001) Surface (Japanese) NAKATSUJI Kan 2013G682 BL-13B, BL-18A
373 Spontaneous Motion of Oil-Water Interface Induced by the Transition of Surfactant Lamellar Structure Unveiled by Small-Angle Scattering (Japanese) SUMINO Yutaka 2015G571 BL-6A
388 Formation of the Ordered Sumanene Adlayer on Au(111) (Japanese) FUJII Shintaro 2015G002 BL-7A
392 Study of Fe Thickenss Dependence of Fe 2p Soft X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism in MgO/Fe/Au System (Japanese) YAMAMOTO Shingo 2015G556, 2014G637 BL-16A, BL-13A


Materials Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
4 Template Ion Exchange Behaviors of Chromium into FSM-16 and Fine Structure around Chromium Species in the Exchanged Solid EHIRO Takuya 2014G514 BL-9A
5 Investigation of Mineralogical Change of Co during Heating by XAFS toward Co Recovery from Spent LIB (Japanese) TOKORO Chiharu 2013G567 BL-12C, BL-9C
30 Local Structure Analysis of Ammonia Combustion Catalyst (Japanese) HINOKUMA Satoshi 2014G567 BL-9A, AR-NW10A
36 Photoemission and X-Ray Absorption Study on Double-Perovskite Sr2CoRuO6 Films (Japanese) YOSHIMATSU Kohei 2015G508, 2015G509 BL-2A, BL-16A
39 Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Monodispersed Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles HARADA Masafumi 2015G022 BL-9C
42 Variations in Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding Strength of Polyimide (Japanese) FUJIWARA Eisuke 2014G708 BL-10C
47 Structural and Magnetic Properties of Non-Stoichiometric Mn-Poor LaSrMnO3 NAGANUMA Hiroshi 2015G690 BL-16A
50 Investigation of the Specific Structure of As-Prepared Porous Coordination Polymer as the Novel Support for Highly-Reactive Metal Cation-Immobilized Catalyst (Japanese) NISHIMURA Shun 2014P017 BL-8B
52 Synthesis and Catalysis of the Organic Ligand-Capped Nanoparticles (Japanese) NISHIMURA Shun 2013G586 BL-9A, BL-9C
65 Frank-Kasper σ Phase Observed in Block Copolymer / Homopolymer Blends TAKAGI Hideaki 2015G572 BL-15A2
66 Reduction of Dislocation in SiC Crystal by Solution Growth (Japanese) MURAYAMA Kenta 2011G247, 2013G172 BL-15C, BL-3C, BL-20B
68 Investigation of Oxidation States in Oxyhydride SrVO2H Epitaxial Thin Films CHIKAMATSU Akira 2015G577, 2015S2-005 BL-2A
70 Influence of Borosilicate Glass by Neutron Irradiation (Japanese) NAGAI Takayuki 2015G063 BL-27B
71 Effect of κ-Broadening on in situ ARPES Spectra of SrVO3(110) Thin Films (Japanese) MITSUHASHI Taichi 2015S2-005 BL-2A
72 Thickness Dependence of Charge Disproportionation in Orientation-Controlled La1/3Sr2/3FeO3 Thin Films (Japanese) MINOHARA Makoto 2014G009, 2013S2-002, 2015S2-005 BL-4C, BL-7C
76 The State of Metal in Carbon Black ABE Yutaka 2012I008 BL-9A, BL-12C
77 Effect of Temperature and Pressure on the Structural Change of Diatom's Frustule YOKKOOJI Miho 2013G601 BL-8B
79 Electronic States of SrRu0.5Cr0.5O3 Epitaxial Thin Films Investigated by Soft X-Ray Absorption and Photoemission Spectroscopies YAMADA Keisuke 2015G577 BL-2A
80 Phase Transition of Ni3Ta Intermetallic Compound Induced by Energetic Ion Beam KOJIMA Hiroshi 2015G516 BL-27B
83 Pressure Effects in Iron Oxypnictide Superconductor LaFeAsO1-xHx KOBAYASHI Kensuke 2016S2-002 AR-NE1A, BL- 8A
85 Systematic Study of Structural and Magnetic Properties in a New Series of the Spin 1/2 Distorted Diamond Chain Magnets Fujihara Masayoshi 2015P001 BL-8B
89 ARPES Investigation of GaN Electronic States (Japanese) MUKAI Takashi 2014I010 BL-13B
90 Crystal Structure Analyses of Organic Semiconductors for Printed Electronics (Japanese) INOUE Satoru 2014I006 BL-7C, BL-8A, BL-8B
95 X-Ray Topography Verification for Detection and Categorization of Threading Dislocations in 4H-SiC by High Temperature KOH/NaOH Etching, and Mechanical-Processes-Induced Surface Damage Evaluation (Japanese) YAO Yongzhao 2014I002 BL-3C
96 Synthesis and Electronic States of NdNiO3-xFx Thin Films Prepared by Soft-Chemistry Method ONOZUKA Tomoya 2015G577/2015S2-005 BL-2A
105 Evaluation of Polymorphs of Excipients and Porous Structure in Pharmaceutical Tablet using Synchrotron X-Ray CT (Japanese) SANO Syusuke 2014I001 BL-14B
107 Surface Kondo Effect and Non-Trivial Metallic State of the Kondo Insulator YbB12 HAGIWARA Kenta 2015G540 BL-2A
116 Humidity Dependence of Skeleton Structure of Double Network Polymers TOMINAGA Taiki 2014G092 BL-10C
117 Effects of a Humid Atmosphere on the Spiro-OMeTAD Thin Film as an Organic Semiconductor Hole Transporting Layer (Japanese) NAKAYAMA Yasuo 2015G141 BL-13B
121 Effect of Nanoscopic Confinement Size on Bicontinuous Cubic Liquid Crystalline Phases (Japanese) MIWA Yohei 2015G514 BL-6A
122 Structural Investigation on Complexes inside Adsorbent for the Extraction Chromatography (Japanese) WATANABE Sou 2015P003 BL-10C
123 Thickness Dependence of Charge and Magnetic Orderings of La1/3Sr2/3FeO3 Thin Films Measured by Hard and Soft X-Ray (Japanese) YAMAMOTO Kohei 2015G556, 2015S2-007, 2015PF-BL-19B BL-19B, BL-4C
125 Momentum Dependence of the Self-Energy in High Tc Cuprates (Japanese) SHIMONAKA Daiya 2015G144 BL-28A
128 Incommensurate Magnetic Structure in GdRu2Al10 (Japanese) MATSUMURA Takeshi 2014G129 BL-3A
129 Structural Analysis of Ladder Compound Ba6Fe8S15 (Japanese) OHTA Hiroto 2014P018 BL-8A, BL-8B
130 Quantum Spin Liquid State in Ba3ZnRu2O9 with Ru2O9 Dimer Structure (Japanese) TERASAKI Ichiro 2012S2-005 BL-8A, BL-8B
133 Electronic State of Ca2-xSrxRuO4 in Insulating Phase (Japanese) SHIBATA Daisuke 2015G144 BL-28A
137 Resonant X-Ray Scattering of Superconductor Ir1-xPtxTe2 (Japanese) TAKUBO Kou 2015G556, 2015S2-007 BL-4C
140 Study of Alumina Thin Film of Applying a Voltage by using NEXAFS (Japanese) KOBAYASHI Eiichi 2013G648 BL-11A
145 Commensurate Superlattice in Rare-Earth Low-Dimensional Conductor YNiC2 (Japanese) MAEDA Hiroyuki 2014G696 BL-8B
146 Local Structure of Granular Thin Films Containing Transition Metal Nitride Nanoparticle MASUBUCHI Yuji 2015G602 BL-9A, AR-NW10A
147 Synchrotron Diffraction Studies on Single Crystal of Vanadium Spinel Oxide CoV2O4 (Japanese) ISHIBASHI Hiroki 2014G049, 2012S2-005 BL-4C, BL-8B
148 SWAXS Study on Co-Crystallization of Syndiotactic Polystyrene with Some Linear Molecules KANEKO Fumitoshi 2014G570 BL-10C, BL-6A
149 Structure Development of Bio-Based Polyester Derived from Isomannide and Succinic Acid Revealed by Synchrotron WAXD/SAXS Simultaneous Measurements MARUBAYASHI Hironori 2015G076 BL-10C, BL-6A
153 Crystal Structure Analysis of Orthorhombic Perovskite (Sm, Ca)FeO3 by using Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Powder Diffraction (Japanese) HIROTA Yuki 2014G112 BL-4B2
154 The Metal Element Configuration State Analysis of Hair (Japanese) UEDA Seiko 2013I005 BL-9A, BL-12C
155 In situ XAFS Observation of the Reaction of Iron Oxide (Japanese) NOAMI Kengo 2014I011 BL-9C
156 High Temperature Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Study of Tetragonal and Cubic Perovskite-Type BaTiO3 YOSHIASA Akira 2013G542 BL-10A
157 EXAFS and XANES Study on the Zirconium Local Structures in Tektites and Natural Glasses YOSHIASA Akira 2012G526 AR-NW10A
160 Manganite Superlattice System Exhibiting a Large Negative Magnetoresistance Studied by Resonant Soft X-Ray Scattering (Japanese) NAKAO Hironori 2012S2-005, 2015PF-BL-19B, 2015G548 BL-16A, BL-19B
161 Pressure- and Temperature-Induced Structural Changes of Polyiodide Ions Encapsulated in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes KAWASAKI Shinji 2014G513 BL-18C
164 Tetragonal Distortion, B2 Order and Uniaxial Magnetic Anisotropy of the Epitaxial FeCo/Rh/MgO Films (Japanese) INAMI Nobuhito 2015MP004 BL-3A, 7C, 8A
167 Study of Local Structure and Photoluminescence of Sm3+ Ions in TiO2 Thin Films (Japanese) MURAYAMA Mariko 2014G150 BL-27B
170 Electric-Field-Induced Skyrmion Helix Transition in the Multiferroic Cu2OSeO3 Probed by Small Angle Soft X-Ray Scattering (Japanese) OKAMURA Yoshihiro 2015S2-007, 2012S2-005 BL-16A
172 Effects of a Core and an Alkyl Chain Parts of Incorporated Molecules on a Structure and Phase Behaviors of a Phospholipid Bilayer (Japanese) HISHIDA Mafumi 2015G604 BL-6A, BL-10C
173 High Pressure Effects on Isotropic Nd2Fe14B Magnet MITO Masaki 2015G528 BL-8B
174 PXRD Structure Analysis of Dehydration Processes of Carbazochrome Sodium Sulfonate Crystals (Japanese) EGAMI Akiko 2015G660 BL-4B2
182 Isotropic Kink in La0.6Sr0.4MnO3 Thin Films Studied by in Situ Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy HORIBA Koji 2015S2-005 BL-28A, BL-2A
183 Surface Ordering of Electron Degrees of Freedom in LaCoO3 Thin Film YAMASAKI Yuichi 2012S2-005, 2013G733, 2015S2-007 BL-3A, BL-4C, BL-16A
185 Formation of Skyrmion Crystal in FeGe as Probed by Small-Angle Resonant Soft X-Ray Scattering YAMASAKI Yuichi 2011G597, 2012S2-005, 2013G733, 2015S2-007 BL-16A
186 Crystallization Kinetics of Poly(ε-caprolactone) Blocks Confined in Cylindrical Microdomain Structures: Effects of Confinement Size and Molecular Weight KATO Ryota 2014G011 BL-10C
201 X-Ray Magnetic Diffraction Experiments of Multilayers by using PILATUS (Japanese) TAKASHIMA Masahito 2014G594 BL-3C
208 Construction of an Indentation Apparatus for In-Situ Observation of Protein Crystals by X-Ray Digital Topography (Japanese) SUZUKI Ryo 2015G142 BL-20B
213 Effects of Orientation of the Initial BCC Lattice on the Final Cylinder Orientation Upon Coalescence of Non-equilibrium Spherical Microdomains in SEBS Triblock Copolymer (Japanese) TOMITA Shogo 2015G538 BL-6A, BL-10C
214 Time-Resolved Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Studies on Formation Process of Microphase-Separated Structure during Solvent Evaporation from a Block Copolymer Solution (Japanese) OKUMURA Masahiro 2015G591 BL-10C
219 Characterization of Restocked MoO2 Nanosheets Material for High Capacity Lithium-Ion Storage FUKUDA Katsutoshi 2014G704 BL-6C
222 Characterization of GaN Crystals with the X-Ray Topography KITANO Yuko 2014G553 BL-14B, BL-20B
223 Formation of Microvoids during Tensile Deformation of Composite Elastomers INOUE Ryo 2015G620 BL-6A
224 Development of Orientation in GO/Phenolic Resin-Based Carbon Film DEMUKAI Yuji 2015G711 BL-6A
228 Angular-Dependent X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism in Perpendicularly Magnetized Co/Pd Multilayers OKABAYASHI Jun 2015G090 BL-7A
230 Orientation and Relaxation Behaviors of Lamellar Micro-Domains of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate)-b-poly(n-Butyl Acrylate) Thin Film as Revealed by Grazing Incidence Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Utilizing Hard and Tender X-Rays YAMAMOTO Katsuhiro 2014G169 BL-15A2
232 Ionic Conduction and Disordered Structure in Glassy Ionic Conductors USUKI Takeshi 2014G611 AR-NW10A, BL-12C
240 SAXS and Anomalous SAXS Study on Phase-Separated Structure Induced by Addition of Iron Bromide and the Distribution of Iron and Bromine Elements of Polystyrene-b-Poly (2-Vinylpyridine) in THF Solution YAMAMOTO Katsuhiro 2014G036 BL-10C
246 X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism and Cluster-Model Analysis of the Spinel-Type Oxide CoV2O4 NONAKA Yosuke 2014G159, 2014G177, 2013S2-004 BL-16A
250 XAFS Analysis of Pd Loaded on Triphenylphosphine-Zeolite Y (Japanese) OKUMURA Kazu 2015G525 AR-NW10A
252 Structural Analysis of Cellulose Acetate and Zirconium Alkoxide Hybrid Fibers ASAI Hanako 2015P009 BL-12C
253 Structural Studies of 12-Hydroxystearic Acid Gels in Ionic Liquid TAKENO Hiroyuki 2014G648 BL-10C, BL-6A
257 Al Doping Effect and Local Structure Analysis by XAFS Measurement of ZnO;Co Magnetic Nanoparticles (Japanese) HYODO Kuminori 2014G064 BL-9C, BL-12C
260 Determination of Strain Gradient of Bent Crystal by Measuring Rocking Curves II FUKAMACHI Tomoe 2012G606 BL-15C
270 Anisotropic Spin-Density Distribution in La1-xSrxMnO3 Thin Films Probed by Transverse XMCD (Japanese) SHIBATA Goro 2013S2-004 BL-16A
274 Addition of Nonionic Surfactant to Dialkyl Cationic Surfactant Aqueous Solution (Japanese) KAWABATA Youhei 2014G097 BL-6A
275 Pressure-Induced Transition of Lamellar Phase in a Nonionic Surfactant Vesicle (Japanese) KAWABATA Youhei 2014G125 BL-6A
276 Cylindrical Vesicle Formation in a Nonionic Surfactant/Electrolyte/Water System below the Krafft Temperature (Japanese) KAWABATA Youhei 2014G149 BL-6A
277 Novel Periodic Structure in the SmC* Phase between Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Chiral Smectic Phases Observed by Microbeam Resonant X-Ray Scattering (Japanese) TAKANISHI Yoichi 2014G154 BL-4A
278 Study on Fine Structure of Copper Nitride under Pyrolysis Process by using in-situ QXAFS (Japanese) NAKAMURA Takashi 2014G628 BL-9C
282 Deformation of Onions with Long-Range Orientational Order under Shear and Onion-to-Lamellar Transition in a Nonionic Surfactant (C14E5)/Water System KUGIZAKI Shiori 2015G555 BL-15A2
285 Temperature Change in Lattice Constant of Nanocrystalline Gold below Room Temperature (Japanese) TANIMOTO Hisanori 2013G712 BL-8A, BL-8B
287 Ligand 4-X pyridine (X=Cl, Br, I) Dependence in Spin Crossover Complexes: Fe(4-Xpyridine)2[Au(CN)2]2 OKABAYASHI Jun 2014G087 BL-9C
294 Orientation Control of the Inverse Bicontinuous Cubic Phase by using Shear Alone: Effects of Grain-Refinement Processes KIRA Natsume 2015G547 BL-15A2
295 Observation of Spin Structure in CrNb3S6 by Means of Resonant Soft X-Ray Scattering HONDA Takashi 2012S2-005, 2015S2-007, 2015G695 BL-16A
297 The Valence of Co Ions Doped in In2O3 NAKAI Ikuo 2014G610 BL-9C, BL-12C, AR-NW10A
298 The Local Structure of Co-Doped ZnGa2O4 NAKAI Ikuo 2015G071 BL-9C
303 Photocontrol of Electronic State in BiFe0.5Co0.5O3 Thin Film (Japanese) OKIMOTO Yoichi 2014G627 AR-NW14A
304 In situ Observation of Reduction Kinetics of Iron Oxides KIMIJIMA Ken'ichi 2014G707, 2015S2-002 BL-9C
305 XAFS Study of Ag Cocatalyst on Titanate Photocatalyst for Artificial Photosynthesis (Japanese) YAMAMOTO Akira 2014G547 AR-NW10A
306 Observation on the Resonant Soft X-Ray Magnetic Scattering in an Antiferromagnetic Dirac Material EuMnBi2 (Japanese) MASUDA Hidetoshi 2015S2-007, 2015PF-BL-19B, 2012S2-005 BL-19B, BL-3A
310 Fluorescence XAFS Study of Cs Adsorption on Single-Layer Graphene Oxide (Japanese) ENTANI Shiro 2014G624 BL-27A
312 Impact of Annealing on the Electron-Doped Cuprate Superconductors Studied by X-Ray Core-Level Photoemission Spectroscopy HORIO Masafumi 2014G177 BL-2A
313 Study on Structural Change of Thermally-Aged AlCu Binary Alloys by EXAFS MAYUMI Ren 2015G516 BL-27B
319 Time-Resolved SAXS Measurement of Gold Nanorod-Polymer Composites Aligned by an External Electric Field (Japanese) HINO Kazuyuki 2014G538 BL-6A
320 Structure Evolution and Formation of LPSO in MgYZn Rapidly Quenched Alloys (Japanese) OKUDA Hiroshi 2015G519 BL-6A
327 X-Ray Computed Tomography Imaging of Structure Materials using Synchrotron Radiation TAKAHASHI Yumiko 2015S2-002, 2016S2-001 BL-14B, BL-14C
331 SAXS Study on Heterogeneous Structure of Polymer Gels under Deformation (Japanese) MAYUMI Koichi 2015G716 BL-6A
332 Atomic Order Dependence of the Fe 3d Orbital Magnetic Moment in L10-Ordered FePt Thin Films Studied by Fe L-Edge XMCD IKEDA Keisuke 2013S2004 BL-16A
333 Local Structure Analysis of Sr0.95La0.05TiO3 by Means of La K Edge XAFS (Japanese) OZAKI Toru 2015P008 AR-NW10A
334 SAXS Analysis of Mesoporous Thin Films YOKOYAMA Hideaki 2015G073 BL-6A
335 Nanostructure Observation of Block Copolymer Photonic Films Swollen with Nonvolatile Protic Solvent NORO Atsushi 2014G115 BL-15A2
338 Upgrade of Single-Shot Time-Resolved X-Ray Diffraction System using High-Power Nd:Glass Laser ICHIYANAGI Kouhei 2015S2-006 AR-NW14A
339 Resonant Photoemission Spectroscopy of Delafossite Oxide CuFeO2 (Japanese) KATO Ryo 2014G157 BL-28A
343 Photoinduced Structural Dynamics in LaCoO3 Thin Films Investigated by Time-Resolved X-Ray Diffraction (Japanese) FUKAYA Ryo 2015S2-007 AR-NW14A
346 XAFS Measurements for Ba1-xSrxZrO3 Nanoparticles Synthesized in Supercritical Water (Japanese) YOKO Akira 2013G555 BL-9C
353 Structual Analysis of Co-Rich Fe-Co Magnetostrictive Alloys by XAFS (Japanese) SANO Toshiki 2015G535 BL-9C
354 Charge Density Wave and Antiferromagnetic Transition in GdNiC2 SHIMOMURA Susumu 2013G106, 2011G101, 2009G025 BL-3A
355 Collapse Rocess and PL Mechanism of Ag Cluster in Ag Type Zeolite X (Japanese) NAKAMURA Reki 2016G056 NW-10A
365 Chiral Smectic Transition Phases Appearing near the Electric Field-Induced Phase Transition Observed by Resonant Micro-Beam X-Ray Scattering (3) IIDA Atsuo 2014G638 BL-4A
369 Three-Dimensional Observation of Raw Materials of Ironmaking Process using Synchrotron Radiation CT (Japanese) TAKAYAMA Toru 2014I009 BL-14B, BL-14C
378 Electronic Structure Study of CaCu3Ti4O12 by Means of Soft X-Ray Raman Scattering NAKAMOTO Seiya 2015G672 BL-16A
381 Characterization of Natural Diamond Crystals by Means of Step-Scanned X-Ray Limited Topography (Japanese) MIZUNO Kaoru 2013G608 BL-20B
384 Surface Fermi-Arc States in Weyl Semimetal NbP Studied by High-Resolution ARPES SOUMA Seigo 2015S2-003 BL-28A
405 Temperature-Dependent XAFS Study for Square-Planar Hofmann-Type Spin Crossover Complex: Fe(Ethyl Isonicotinate)2Pt(CN)4 SHIINA Hitomi 2014G087 BL-9C



No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
3 Structural Analysis of Precise Platinum Subnanoparticles (Japanese) IMAOKA Takane 2013G568 BL-12C, BL-9A
6 Synthesis of a Ti-Substituted Phosphotungstate and Identification of the Active Oxygen Species of Oxidation Catalysis (Japanese) TAKAHASHI Eri 2013G640 BL-1A
7 Finely Resolved Threshold for the Sharp M12L24/M24L48 Structural Switch in Multi-Component MnL2n Polyhedral Assemblies (Japanese) SATO Sota 2011G522, 2013G640 AR-NE3A
9 Belt-Shaped Cyclonaphthylenes SUN Zhe 2015G097 AR-NE3A
41 12CaO·7Al2O3 Electride Gives High Oxidation Tolerance to Ru Nanoparticles ABE Hitoshi 2013S2-002 AR-NW10A
43 A XANES Study on Spontaneous Multicolor Pattern Formation in Gels Containing FeCl3 and K3[Fe(CN)6] (Japanese) HAYASHI Hisashi 2014G505 BL-9C
53 Synthesis and Structures of π-Extended nCyclo-para-phenylenes (n = 12, 16, 20) Containing n/2 Nitrogen Atoms (Japanese) IKEMOTO Koki 2015G097 BL-17A
69 Analysis of Coordination Structure of Oxovanadium Ion Adsorbed on Surface of Carbon Materials using XAFS (Japanese) MARUYAMA Jun 2014G052 BL-9A, BL-9C, BL-12C
78 An in-situ X-Ray Spectroelectrochemical Measurement of Uranium Ions in Perchlorate Solution UEHARA Akihiro 2015G026 BL-27B
82 Hydrated Structure of Copper Acetate Restricted in Micropore of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube OKAMURA Wakana 2014G027 AR-NW10A
113 Structural Dynamics of Surface Reconstruction on the Au Electrodes (Japanese) NAKAMURA Masashi 2014G073 BL-4C
120 SAXS from Amylopectin in Mixed Solvents of Water/DMSO (Japanese) KAGEYAMA Akane 2015G139 BL-6A
126 Preparation of BiVO4 Typed Photoanode for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting FUKU Kojiro 2014G126 BL-9C
136 XAFS Characterization of Size-Regulated Ru/Ni Nanoclusters Transformed from a Grafted Ru12Ni Complex on SiO2 and SiO2 Matrix Overlayers MURATSUGU Satoshi 2014G060 BL-12C, AR-NW10A
168 Self-Assembly of M30L60 Icosidodecahedron (Japanese) FUJITA Daishi 2015G097 BL-1A
171 Wide-Angle X-Ray Diffraction Analysis for Characteristic Phase Transition Behavior Liquid-Crystalline Polyamide (Japanese) ISHIGE Ryohei 2015G587 BL-10C
176 Angular Dependence of Nb K-Edge XAFS Spectra of Nb Doped TiO2 NAGAMATSU Shin-ichi 2013G551 AR-NW10A
180 Fluctuation for Aqueous Solution of Phosphonium-Based Ionic Liquid, [P4444]CF3COO Near the LCST by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering NITTA Ayako 2014G689 BL-6A
193 Stereoisomerism, Crystal Structures and Dynamics of Belt-Shaped Cyclonaphthylenes SUN Zhe 2015G097 AR-NE3A
211 High S/N Ratio XAFS to Investigate Ultrafast Changes in the Local Electronic States and Structures of WO3 UEMURA Yohei 2015G542 AR-NW14A
226 Temperature-Dependent XAFS Study for Guest Molecule Inserted Spin Crossover Complex: Fe[4-(3-Pentyl)pyridine]2[Au(CN)2]2n Guest UEKI Yusuke 2015G087 BL-9C
235 Interaction between Ni Species and Supporting Material for Ni Catalysts Prepared by Impregnation Method INADA Naruya 2015G544 BL-9C
248 Structural Fluctuation of Supercritical Aqueous Solution of n-Pentane in Entire Concentration Range SHIBUTA Satoshi 2014G688 BL-15A2
249 Dynamic Analysis for Electrode Reaction of Lithium Manganese Oxide Cathode Using Vertically Dispersive XAFS Instrument YAMAGISHI Hirona 2014G542 AR-NW2A
265 Dynamic Chemical State Conversion of SiO2-Supported Ni Catalyst under CO–NO Reaction Conditions by Means of Time-Resolved DXAFS Technique YAMASHITA Shohei 2015G544 AR-NW2A, BL-9C
269 Structure Determination of a Silver-Ethynide and Polyoxometalate Composite Cluster TAMARI Sho 2014G053 AR-NW2A
315 A Study on Reaction Mechanism of Li2MoOi3 as a Positive Electrode Material for Lithium-lon Batteries by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy KUBOTA Kei 2015G150 BL-12C
322 XAFS Study of Uranium Oxides for Evaluation of Simulated Debris OKAMOTO Yoshihiro 2015G084 BL-27B
349 Nondestructive Discrimination of Automotive Aluminum Wheel Fragments using Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (Japanese) NISHIWAKI Yoshinori 2013G056 BL-4A
356 Charge-Discharge Mechanism as a Lithium Ion Battery Anode of Multiple Metal Oxide Nano Size Particle Synthesized using Layered Double Hydroxide (Japanese) SONOYAMA Noriyuki 2015G644 BL-9A, BL-12C
357 Discrimination of Automotive Paint Fragments for Forensic Investigation using Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (Japanese) NISHIWAKI Yoshinori 2014G146 BL-4A
360 In situ QXAFS Analysis for Hydrodeoxygenation of a Bio-Oil Model Compound on Ni2P/MCM-41 YUN Gwang-nam 2014G619 BL-9C
371 EXAFS on Tetravalent Uranium Cations in Molten Lithium Fluoride MATSUURA Haruaki 2015G154 BL-27B
372 Local Structure of Cerium in Fluoride or Oxyfluoride at High Temperature MATSUURA Haruaki 2014G182 BL-27B
374 Upgrade the Time-Resolved XAFS at AR-NW14A for the High-Repetition-Rate Data Acquisition (Japanese) NOZAWA Shunsuke 2014S2-006 AR-NW14A
380 Elemental Depth Profiling using a Thin Wire in Combination with a Poly-Capillary IIDA Atsuo 2014G145 BL-4A
383 Efficient Volcano-Type Dependence of Photocatalytic CO2 Conversion into Methane Using Hydrogen on Reaction Pressure up to 0.80 MPa ZHANG Hongwei 2014G631 AR-NW10A, BL-9A, BL-12C
386 Isolation and Evolution of Labile Sulfur Allotropes via Kinetic Encapsulation in Interactive Porous Networks KITAGAWA Hakuba 2014G008 AR-NW2A
387 Selective Formation of Conductive Network by Radical-Induced Oxidation KOO Young Jin 2014G008 AR-NW2A
396 Influences on Large Polymer Particles on Lamellar Microdomains of Block Copolymer TAMADA Kenta 2014G635 BL-6A


High Pressure Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
44 X-Ray Diffraction Study of Filled Skutterudite SrFe4As12 under Pressure KAWAMURA Yukihiro 2015G512 BL-18C
86 Systematic Study of High-Pressure Structural Phase Transitions in Zn-Spinel Compounds (Japanese) YUSA Hitoshi 2015G621 AR-NE1A
101 Zeta-Fe2O3 ONO Shigeaki 2015G004 AR-NE1A
103 Investigation for the Phase Diagram of Fe(Se1-xSx) Showing Two Step Superconducting Transitions (Japanese) TOMITA Takahiro 2015G091 BL-18C
114 Temperature-Pressure Phase Diagram of Heavy Lanthanide Sesquisulfides Ln2S3 (Ln = Yb, Lu) (Japanese) KANAZAWA Masatoshi 2015G031 AR-NE5C
189 X-Ray Diffraction of BiTeBr at High Pressures and Room Temperatures (Japanese) OHMURA Ayako 2014G107 AR-NE1A
205 Structural Analysis of a Layered Oxyfluoride Showing the Pressure-Induced Spin State Transition (Japanese) TSUJIMOTO Yoshihiiro 2014G028 BL-18C
281 Sound Velocity Measurements of Liquid Fe-S at High Pressure: Towards a Consensus on the Pressure and Composition Dependence of Sound Velocity in the Liquid Fe–S System (Japanese) NISHIDA Keisuke 2013G665 AR-NE7A
288 Structural Anomaly of Lanthanide Tetracyanoplatinate under High Pressure (Japanese) TAKEDA Keiki 2015G129 BL-18C
291 Reexamination of the Structure of Liquid SnI4 near the Expected Liquid-to-Liquid Phase Transition Point FUCHIZAKI Kazuhiro 2014G012 AR-NE5C
321 Pressure-Induced Amorphization and Oligomerization of Naphthalene at Room Temperature (Jpanese) SHINOZAKI Ayako 2014G695 BL-18C
328 Phase Transition Mechanism of sH to Filled-Ice Ih of Methane Hydrate under Fixed Pressure Condition KADOBAYASHI Hirokazu 2014G675 BL-18C
336 Low-Temperature Plasticity of Ringwoodite at High Pressure KUBO Tomoaki 2014G680 AR-NE7A


Biological Science

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
10 Crystal Structure of NAD(P)H-Dependent Carbonyl Reductase Specifically Expressed in the Thyroidectomized Chicken Fatty Liver YONEDA Kazunari 2014G502, 2015G001 BL-5A
11 Crystal Structure of the N-Terminal Domain of the Human Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter with a Novel Fold LEE Youngjin 2014G578 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
20 Structural Basis for Nuclear Import of Influenza A Virus Nucleoprotein (Japanese) NAKADA Rhohei 2014G588 BL-1A
24 Crystal Structures of 1-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate Reductoisomerase from Plasmodium falciparum Complexed with Fosmidomycin Analogs UMEDA Tomonobu 2007G025 BL-17A
25 Crystal Structure Analyses of S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine Hydrolase KUSAKABE Yoshio 2008G029 AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
26 Crystal Structure Analyses of Dipeptidyl Peptidase 11 from Porphyromonas gingivalis SAKAMOTO Yasumitsu 2013G152 BL-17A
27 Structural Analysis of Enzymes Involved in the Biosyntheses of Various Polyketides (Japanese) MIYANAGA Akimasa 2014G530 BL-5A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
28 Thermostable NAD(P)H-Dependent Carbonyl Reductase from a Hyperthermophile Aeropyrum pernix K1: Crystallization and Preliminary X-Ray Analysis YONEDA Kazunari 2014G502, 2015G001 AR-NE3A
35 Structural Basis of Artificial O2-Carrier (Japanese) KIHIRA Kiyohito 2014G121 AR-NW12A
46 Crystal Structures of a Large-Conductance Mechanosensitive Channel Captured in Two Different Conformational States LI Jie 2014G179 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
49 Control of Subgrain Formation in Protein Crystals by the Application of an External Electric Field KOIZUMI Haruhiko 2014G601 BL-20B
51 Analysis and Control of Protein Crystallization using Short Solubility Controlling Peptide (SCP) Tags that Change Solubility without Affecting Structure Islam Monirul Mohammad 2015G128 BL-5A, BL-17A
57 Structure of an Enzyme Homologous to α-Glucosidase from Pedobacter Species (Japanese) TONOZUKA Takashi 2014G512 BL-5A, AR-NE3A
58 Crystal Structure of Isomalto-dextranase, a Member of Clan GH-D (Japanese) TONOZUKA Takashi 2014G512 AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
60 Structural Insight into the Interaction between the Host Restriction Factor APOBEC3F and HIV-1 Vif (Japanese) NAKASHIMA Masaaki 2014G559 BL-5A
62 Investigation of Experimental Methods to Synthesize the Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Nano-Particles using XAFS (Japanese) ARAKI Ayaka 2015G112 BL-9A
63 Structural Characterization of Β-Sheet Model Proteins with Amyloid Forming Peptide Sequences (Japanese) MAKABE Koki 2015G016 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
67 X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis of a Novel Pictet-Spenglerase from Actinomycete (Japanese) MORI Takahiro 2014G521 AR-NW12A
75 Structural Analysis of Zona Pellucida Proteins by Small Angle X-Ray Scattering ASAI Naho 2015G030 BL-6A
81 Multiferric Ion-Induced Bovine Lactoferrin as a New Antianemic Material Assembly from Acidic to Neutral pH MATSUMURA Yoshitaka 2014R-36 BL-10C
91 Two Distinctive Binding Modes of Endonuclease Inhibitors to the N-Terminal Region of Influenza Virus Polymerase Acidic Subunit HOSHINO Tyuji 2014G563 BL-5A, AR-NE3A
99 The Structure Factor of Myoglobin Determined by using the Experimental and the Calculated Form Factor IMAMURA Hiroshi 2014G165 BL-10C
100 Solution Structure of Immunoglobulin G under Acidic and Neutral pH Conditions (Japanese) IMAMURA Hiroshi 2015G061 BL-10C
109 Crystallographic Analysis of the Enzymes Involved in Regulation of CoA Metabolism YOSHIDA Ayako 2015G546 AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A, BL-5A, BL-17A
110 Crystallographic Analysis of Enzymes Involved in Fosfomycin Biosynthesis CHO Suhee 2015R-17 AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A, BL-5A, BL-17A
111 Crystal Structures of the Enzymes Involved in Novel lysine Biosynthetic Pathway using Amino-group Carrier Protein TOMTIA Takeo 2015G552 AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A, BL-5A, BL-17A
112 Crystallographic Analysis of Enzymes Involved in Terpenoid Biosynthesis TOMITA Takeo 2014G106 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
115 Synchrotron X-Ray Microbeam-Induced Radiation Responses in Human 3D Skin Models (Japanese) TOMITA Masanori 2014G035 BL-27A, BL-27B
132 Structural Aanalysis of the Nucleosome Containing Ubiquitinated Histones (Japanese) MACHIDA Shinichi 2012G569, 2014G556 BL-1A, BL-17A
141 Crystallography of a Plant Glycan-Degrading Enzyme Having a Novel Catalytic Center (Japanese) MARUYAMA Shun 2014G087 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
142 Maturation Mechanism of a Novel Glycosidase from Bifidobacteria Acting on Human Milk Oligosaccharides (Japanese) YAMADA Chihaya 2015G019 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
143 Crystallography of Novel Glycosidases from Bifidobacteria Acting on Human Glycoconjugates (Japanese) SATO Mayo 2015G020 BL-1A, BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A, AR-NW12A
151 Activation Energy of the Low pH-Induced Lamellar to Bicontinuous Cubic Phase Transition in Biological Lipid Membranes (Japanese) OKA Toshihiko 2014G016 BL-6A
158 X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of C-Terminal Coiled-Coil of Retrograde Transport Regulator, Bicaudal-D1 (Japanese) TERAWAKI Shin-ichi 2013G168 BL-1A, BL-17A
159 Crystal Structure Analysis of Cooperative Oxygen-Binding of the Giant Hemoglobins NUMOTO Nobutaka 2013G623 BL-5A, AR-NW12A, BL-17A
163 Crystal Structure Analysis of Plant Polyketide Cyclcase OAC from Cannabis sativa MATSUI Takashi 2014G504 BL-5A, 17A, NE3A, NW12A
165 Aging of Gelatin Gels Studied by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering (Japanese) MAKI Yasuyuki 2014G651 BL-6A
181 Rational Design of Crystal Contact-Free Space in Protein Crystals for Analyzing Spatial Distribution of Motions within Protein Molecules MATSUOKA Rei 2015G085 BL-1A, AR-NE3A
188 X-Ray Structures of Cytochrome P450 Vdh (CYP107BR1) Inactive Mutants YASUTAKE Yoshiaki 2014G674 BL-17A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
190 Self-Chaperoned Dimerization of P-Cadherin KUDO Shouta 2011G574, 2012G191, 2013G738 BL-5A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
191 In-Cell Enzymology in Heme Oxygenase 1 MORANTE Koldo 2014G190 BL-5A
192 S-SAD Phasing Trials of Human Afamin HIRAI Hidenori 2015G043 BL-1A
196 X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of the Highly Acidic Thioredoxin from an Extreme Halophile Halobacterium sp. NRC-1 ARAI Shigeki 2014G562 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A
197 Structural Study of Human Prefoldin Involved in Protein Folding AIKAWA Yoshiki 2013G659 BL-1A, AR-NE3A
198 Crystal Structure Analysis of [NiFe] Hydrogenase Maturation Proteins WATANABE Satoshi 2014G093 BL-1A, AR-NE3A
202 X-Ray Structure of Fungus-Derived FAD Glucose Dehydrogenase YOSHIDA Hiromi 2015G534 BL-5A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
206 Crystallization and Characterization of the Metal-Substituted Light-Harvesting-Reaction Center Core Complexes KAWAKAMI T. 2013G519 BL-1A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A
209 Structural Analysis of the Partner Protein of Lipid-Raft Protein Stomatin (Japanese) YOKOYAMA Hideshi 2014G517 BL-1A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A
215 Crystal Structure of Thermostable NADP+-Dependent Meso-Diaminopimelate Dehydrogenase from Ureibacillus thermojphaericus AKITA Hironaga 2015G001 AR-NE3A
216 Structure of Peptidylarginine Deiminase Type 1; the First Example of a Monomeric Isozyme of PAD UNNO Masaki 2015G527 BL-5A, AR-NE3A, BL-10C
217 An Evaluation of Deuterated Protein by Temperature Refinement (Japanese) UEMURA Takuya 2015G023 BL-17A
218 High Cholesterol Concentration Inhibits the Binding and Insertion of Chlorzoxazone (Muscle Relaxant Agent) to Phospholipid Bilayer Membranes (Japanese) YAMADA Ayumi 2014G690 BL-10C, BL-6A
225 Cell-Killing Effect by the Targeted Cytoplasmic Irradiation for Normal Human Fibroblasts with Monochromatic X-Ray Microbeams SUZUKI Masao 2015G065 BL-27B
229 Structural Analyses of Actinohivin with Glucan for Development of HIV Preventer (Japanese) TSUNODA Masaru 2014G144 AR-NW12A, BL-5A
231 Structural Insight into Photoactivation of an Adenylate Cyclase from a Photosynthetic Cyanobacterium (Japanese) OHKI Mio 2014G014, 2016G014 BL-1A, BL-17A
234 Structural Insight into Nylon-Oligomer Degrading Enzymes for Industrial Use (Japanese) SHIBATA Naoki 2014G188 BL-17A
237 Structural Basis of WFA Iectin for Binding-Specificity Toward Cancer-Specific Sugar Chains (Japanese) KUBOTA Tomomi 2013G626 AR-NW12A
241 Crystal Structure of the HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Q151M Mutant NAKAMURA Akiyoshi 2015R-19 BL-17A
242 Structural Study of Bacterial Thermophilic Rhodopsin (Japanese) MIZUTANI Kenji 2014G171 BL-1A
243 Crystallographic Studies of Innate Immune Receptors (Japanese) OHTO Umeharu 2015G079 AR-NE3A
247 Development of Resonant X-Ray Scattering Method of Metallo-Proteins in Solutions HIRAI Mitsuhiro 2014G657 BL-10C, BL-15A2
254 Structural Study of Hydrazide Metabolic System in Bacteria (Japanese) AKIYAMA Tomonori 2015G044 BL-17A, BL-1A
255 Crystal Structure Analysis of the Complex of ADP-Ribosylating C3 Exoenzyme with RhoA (Japanese) TSUGE Hideaki 2015G017 BL-5A, AR-NW12A
259 X-Ray Structure of SeMet Derivative of Clostridium perfringens Autolysin Catalytic Domain KAMITORI Shigehiro 2014G537 AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A, BL-5A
261 Structural Insights Into Recognition of Hydrolyzed Carbapenems and Inhibitors by Subclass B3 Metallo-β-lactamase SMB-1 WACHINO Jun-ichi 2014G536 AR-NW12A
263 The Rotary Mechanism of V-ATPase (Japanese) SUZUKI Kano 2015R37 BL-1A
283 Structural Analysis of β-glucosidase from Listeria innocua (Japanese) NAKAJIMA Masahiro 2014G509 AR-NW12A, BL-5A
284 Structural Analysis of a Nucleoid-Associated Protein TurB in Pseudomonas putida (Japanese) SUZUKI-MINAKUCHI Chiho 2011G595 BL-5A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
299 Crystal Structures of PPARγ/17-oxoDHA and PPARα/17-oxoDHA (Japanese) EGAWA Daichi 2015G717 AR-NW12A
302 Repair Process of DNA Double Strand Breaks Induced by X-Ray Bystander Effect OJIMA Mitsuaki 2015G074 BL-27B
307 Crystal Structure Analysis of the Quormone-Receptor Complex that Controls the Expression of Virulence Factor in the Pathogen Enterococcus faecalis (Japanese) NAGATA Koji 2014G172 AR-NE3A
311 Hybrid Structural Analysis of the Tup1-Cyc8 Corepressor Complex (Japanese) MATSUMURA Hiroyoshi 2014G685 BL-10C
314 Crystallographic Analysis of Diadenosine Tetraphosphate Phosphorylase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv Complexed with ADP MORI Shigetarou 2014G596 AR-NW12A, BL-5A, BL-17A
323 Mechanisms of ATP Dependent Remodeling of Thin Filaments Organization in Vertebrate Smooth Muscle (Japanese) WATANABE Masaru 2013G719 BL-6A
324 Functional and Structural Analysis of Human Y-Box Binding Protein YB-1 using Calorimetric, Spectroscopic and Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (Japanese) NAGATOISHI Satoru 2013G706 BL-6A, BL-10C
325 Recognition of Phosphorothioate DNA by Transcription Factor SATB1 AKUTSU Yukie 2013G657 AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
330 Evaluation of Liposomal Doxorubicin as a Drug-Trapping Agent YONEMOCHI Etsuo 2014P012,2015G651 BL-6A
340 X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of the Insect Steroidogenic Regulator Noppera-bo (Japanese) NIWA Ryusuke 2015R-57 BL-5A, BL-1A, BL-17A
348 Structural Study of the Atg101-Atg13 Complex Essential for Autophagy Initiation SUZUKI Hironori 2013G543 BL-10C
350 Crystal Structures of Human SIRT2 in Complex with Acyl-Peptide and Acyl-ADP Ribose (Japanese) KUDO Norio 2013G674 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A, AR-NE3A
364 Crystal Structure Analysis of Human Drug Metabolizing Enzyme CYP2C9 Complexed with Medicinal Compound Losartan ADACHI Motoyasu 2013G597 BL-5A, BL-17A, AR-NW12A
366 Screening Procedure for Imaging of Ca Content and Oxidative Damage at the Local Areas from Root to Tip in Human Hair ITO Atsushi 2014G709 BL-11B, BL-4A,
368 Structure Analysis of Drug Target Protein CK2 by High Resolution X-Ray and Neutron Crystallography ADACHI Motoyasu 2014G645 BL-5A, BL-17A
394 Structure and Function of Plant Proteins Having a Family GH19 Chitin's Fold (Japanese) OHNUMA Takayuki 2014G658 BL-17A
395 Structure-Function Analysis of POMGnT1 Involved in Muscular Dystrophy (Japanese) KUWABARA Naoyuki 2014G700 BL-17A, BL-1A, AR-NE3A
397 Crystal Structure Analysis of CagA Phosphorylated EPIYA Peptide–SHP2-SH2 Domain Complex (Japanese) SENDA Miki 2014G676 BL-1A, BL-17A, AR-NE3A
399 X-Ray Crystallography of Cutinase, a Useful Enzyme for Degrading Biotically Refractory Polyesters (Japanese) MIYAKAWA Takuya 2013G658 BL-17A, AR-NW12A


Medical Applications

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
31 Multi-Pinhole Type Fluorescent X-Ray Computed Tomography SASAYA Tenta 2014G002 AR-NE7A
48 The Movement of Visual Organs during Craniofacial Development (Japanese) TAKAKUWA Tetsuya 2015G574 BL-14C
375 Estimation of Metal Erosion from Dental Orthodontic Appliances in the Oral Cavity Using SR-XRF (Japanese) UO Motohiro 2014G017 BL-4A, BL-9A, BL-12C, BL-15A1
379 Relationship Between Optical Conditions and Size-Effect of Refraction Angel Resolution in X-Ray DEI Method (Japanese) OKAMOTO Hiroyuki 2014G101 BL-14B


Industrial Application

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
22 Analysis of Lithium Reaction Distribution in Cross Sectional Electrode using X-Ray Micro-Beam HIRANO Tatsumi 2014G031 BL-15A1
64 Strain Mapping in Ion-Implanted SiC Crystals by Grazing Incidence Topography (Japanese) TAKAHASHI Yumiko 2014G095 BL-14B, BL-3C, BL-20B
92 Evaluation of Mechanical-Process-Induced Surface Damages in SiC Wafer by using X-Ray Topography (Japanese) HORIMOTO Sanaki 2014I012 BL-3C


Instrumentation and Technique

No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
93 Characterization of New EUV Optical Elements (Japanese) ICHIMARU Satoshi 2014I008 BL-11D
94 Evaluation of X-Ray Gratings for Talbot Interferometry at BL-14C of Photon Factory (Japanese) TSUGITA Tomoaki 2014I004 BL-14C
134 Development of Stroboscopic X-Ray Phase Tomography (Japanese) TAKANO Hidekazu 2015G088 BL-14C
200 Application of a Two-Dimensional Detector PILATUS for X-Ray Magnetic Diffraction Experiments (Japanese) KATO Kohei 2014G594 BL-3C
266 Development of SOI Pixel Detetor for X-Ray Imaging MIYOSHI Toshinobu 2015G649 BL-14A, BL-14B, BL-14C
326 Development of X-Ray Multiple Image Radiography HIRANO Keiichi 2015S2-002, 2016S2-001 BL-14B
337 Data Analysis Methods of Force Spectra for XANAM SUZUKI Shushi 2014G114 BL-7C
351 Cr/Sc/Mo Multilayer Reflectors for Water Window Condenser Application HATANO Tadashi 2015G667 BL-11D
363 Improved Iteration Procedure with Noise Reduction on Image Correction for Soft X-Ray Projection Microscopy SHIINA Tatsuo 2014G148 BL-11A, BL-16A
370 Heat Load Testing of Wideband Multilayer Gratings in the Multi-keV Region IMAZONO Takashi 2014G531 BL-11B, BL-11D
377 Improved Iteration Procedure with Noise Reduction on Image Correction for Soft X-Ray Projection Microscopy SHIINA Tatsuo 2014G148 BL-11A, BL-16A
385 Development of Soft X-Ray XAFS Apparatus Utilizing Superconducting Detector (Japanese) SHIKI Shigetomo 2013G642, 2015G678 BL-11A
390 Diffraction Efficiency of a 2400-Lines/mm Flat-Field Grating for Spectroscopy of Highly Charged Ion Plasma Emission in Soft X-Ray Spectral Region from 1 to 10 nm DINH Thanh-Hung 2015G667 BL-11D
391 Measurement of Spectral Response of the CCD Camera for Spectroscopy of Highly Charged Ion Plasma Emission in Soft X-Ray Spectral Region from 1 to 10 nm DINH Thanh-Hung 2015G667 BL-11D
400 Development of a Fast X-Ray Scintillation Detector with a Si-APD Photosensor KISHIMOTO Shunji 2014G084 BL-14A
401 Development of Scintillators with Sub-Nanosecond or Nanosecond Decay for High-Energy X-Ray Detection (Japanese) KISHIMOTO Shunji 2014G085 BL-14A, AR-NE7A
402 Development of a Sub-Nanosecond X-Ray Detector System with a Si-APD Pixelated Array KISHIMOTO Shunji 2014G090 BL-14A



No. Title First Author Proposal No. Beamline
32 Speciation of Chlorine in Pyrophillite Gopolymer with CsCl or SrCl2 (Japanese) SHIOTA Kenji 2014G176 BL-11B
45 Desulphurization of Coal Soluble using Ionic Liquids SUGAWARA Katsuyasu 2014P014 BL-11B
102 X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Micrometeorites Recovered from Antarctic Surface Snow OIKE Rina 2015G639 BL-3A
195 Structural Characterization of Bile Salt Based Mixed Micelles: Morphological Changes in Bile Salt-Based Micelles With Ratio of Monoolein and Oleic Acid (Japanese) AIZAWA Hideki 2014G511 BL-6A
264 Training of Synchrotron Radiation Science for Graduate Students at BL20A (Japanese) KOUCHI Noriyuki 2015R-35 BL-20A
300 Carbon Speciation in Sea Spray Aerosol by Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscope with Near-Edge X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (STXM/NEXAFS) Spectroscopy SAKATA Kohei 2013S2-003 BL-13A
347 Behavior of Insoluble Residue (Mo) in the Fused Glass NAKADA Masami 2015G630 BL-27B
389 Evaluation of Silicon Crystals for the Determination of Avogadro Constant (Japanese) WASEDA Atsushi 2012S2-004 BL-3C
398 Structural Variance Associated with New Phase Transition of Confined Cyclohexane (Japanese) TATSUMI Soichi 2014P005 BL-8A


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